• Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10 (Estimated Platinum Difficulty Rating Thread)
  • Offline trophies: 38 (25, 7, 5, 1)
  • Online trophies: N/A
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 15 - 25 hours (Mostly dependent on prior experience) (Estimated Time to Platinum Thread)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 3 - 7 “full” playthroughs (Normal or Hard playthrough, Normal and Hard time attack, 0 - 4 more playthroughs for misc and stamina/health leveling)
  • Number of missable trophies: 4 (Speed Demon, Last Man Standing, Seeking Salvation, Dormin’s Rage)
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Must do Speedrun on Hard, all time attacks must be completed on Normal and Hard.


Shadow of the Colossus on PS4 is a from the ground up remake of the original PS2 game, done by Bluepoint games (who also did the PS3 remaster). This release features vastly improved graphics and other improvements, most notably a tweaked control scheme that is slightly more modernized, as well as fixing the issues with the game introduced in the PS3 version that made it more difficult than intended.

The trophy list is mostly similar to the PS3 version, with a few things removed. Overall the game is much easier due to the fixes, like no endless shaking so Hard Time Attack is much easier. Anyone who has already done the platinum on the PS3 version will have no trouble here, nor if you’ve just spent a lot of time playing the game on PS2/PS3 and know what to do already.


Step 0: Play the game blind (Optional)

If you haven’t played this game before, I would highly recommend doing a playthrough of the game without looking up anything about it or looking up where to go or what to do. A very large part of the game experience is finding out where to go and what to do by yourself for the first time, so it’s good to experience that on your own.

Step 1: Playthrough on Normal

You could do this on Hard and do the speedrun if you wanted to as it’s very reasonable, but that’s totally up to personal preference. This playthrough (if you didn’t do a blind playthrough) will just be playing through the game and unlocking New Game+.

In this step you will earn:
Bearer of the Curse
Valley of the Wanderer
The Mammoth
Wake the Knight
Land of the Gravestones
Riding the Wind
Tomb of the Giant
Waves of Lightning
Scaler of the Colosseum
Lurker of the Cave
Mystery in the Sand
Guardian and the Pit
Thunder of the Lake
Signs amidst the Storm
Shield of the Colossus
Valley of the Fallen
Last of the Colossus

Step 2: Hard/Normal Time Attack

Now that you’ve finished the game once you can go into New Game+ from the main menu, which allows you to do time attack challenges to unlock extra items. You can do these both without doing another playthrough, as the game allows you to start NG+ on whichever difficulty you want and whenever you want from the option on the main menu.

In this step you will earn:
Speed King
Resist the Wrist
Skilled Warrior

Step 3: Cleanup Trophies/Extra playthroughs

Now that you’ve done all of time attack you’ve done the hardest stuff in the game. The remaining step is to clean up the remaining misc trophies and play through through the game more to max your health/stamina, which is the longest thing to do. Aside from the Speedrun trophy if you didn’t do that, everything else can be done on Easy difficulty.

In this step you will earn:
The Horned Boy
Intrepid Mortal
Speed Demon
Grounded Scaler
Reach the Gate
Last Man Standing
Dormin's Rage
Seeking Salvation
Trick Rider
Fruit of the Garden
Sword of Her Majesty
Paint the Target
Fruit of the Land
The Past that Defines Thee
Five-Lined Skink
Animals of the Land
Boon of the Nomad
Trick Arrow Skills

[PST would like to thank Gage for this Roadmap]

Shadow of the Colossus Trophy Guide

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38 trophies ( 25  13  )

  • Acquired All Trophies

    Platinum trophy, awarded for earning all other trophies.

  • Obtain All Time Attack Items Together as One Set

    This trophy is awarded for getting all Time Attack Items together on a single save, which is possible because the game is set up slightly different than originally. Once you finish the game once you can select New Game+ from the main menu and do it on whichever save you want. So to get all items on the same save you choose New Game+ on one save on Normal or Hard and get all items, then once you’re done save and go back to the main menu and select New Game+ on the same save again on the opposite difficulty from before. You will still keep all the items you got from the prior difficulty, then can do the Time Attacks on the new difficulty and get all the remaining items.

    Time attacks are started by pressing in front of the statues in the shrine. Items are awarded for every two colossi you defeat on each difficulty, and appear in the shallow pool in the back of the shrine. You need to go and pick up each one with to count as you having the item, and the trophy will be awarded once you have picked up all 16 items.

    If you have done Time Attack on PS3 this trophy will give you no issues. Bluepoint fixed most of the problems present in the PS3 version, such as the endless shaking some Colossi do, so overall it is easier and basically all the Colossi can be done without any special tricks (such as Number 3). Times have also been altered in some, with some being reduced and some being increased, though the reductions were mostly on the longest ones before and the increases were on some of the harder ones (again, Number 3).

    NOTE: There is an exploit you can use to get all the hard time attack items, without actually doing hard time attack. If you do all normal time attack times, but don't pick up the items from the pool, you can choose to start NG+ on hard and all the items will still be in the pool, but will be the Hard Time Attack versions. You can pick these all up, then start NG+ on normal again and do the Normal Time Attack times again to spawn the normal items. This allows you to get all items without having to do Hard Time Attack at all. Thank you to iahaleem for this tip.

    Time Attack Times:
    First number is Normal difficulty, second number is Hard difficulty

    1. Valus - 2:30/2:45
    2. Quadratus - 3:30/4:30
    3. Gaius - 6:00/6:30
    4. Phaedra - 5:00/6:15
    5. Avion - 5:00/4:15
    6. Barba - 3:30/6:00
    7. Hydrus - 9:00/7:30
    8. Kuromori - 6:00/7:00
    9. Basaran - 5:30/5:45
    10. Dirge - 5:30/5:45
    11. Celosia - 4:30/4:15
    12. Pelagia - 8:30/9:30
    13. Phalanx - 12:00/10:15
    14. Cenobia - 9:00/8:15
    15. Argus - 7:30/10:00
    16. Malus - 9:45/10:45

    Most of the times can be beaten just by playing each fight normally like you would do in a Normal/Hard playthrough, as most of the times are very reasonable (or way higher than necessary). The times that are higher on Hard are typically Colossi that have extra damage points, and the ones that are lower are ones that don’t have extra damage points.

    For a written explanation of each colossus fight, you can check each trophy for beating the individual Colossus at the bottom of the guide. For a video explanation, you can view one of the below linked videos/playlists for Hard Time Attack playthroughs.

    Harry94_ - Single Video: Hard Time Attack
    Powerpyx - Playlist: Hard Time Attack
    PS4Trophies - Playlist: Hard Time Attack
    Gaming Instincts - Playlist: Hard Time Attack

  • Max Out Wander's Health and Stamina Bars

    Wander’s health and stamina increases when you kill each of the Colossi in a normal playthrough, or health when you pick up fruit and stamina when you pick up white lizard tales. It does not increase from killing colossi in Time Attack (as health and stamina are set to lowest possible for fight) or in reminisce mode.

    Maxing out his stats requires quite a bit of kills and pickups. For your first playthrough it would be recommended to pick up any fruit and lizards you come across, just for a little bit of extra. Fruit more so than lizards as it takes longer to max your health just from kills and lizards give a tiny tick of stamina. It will require about 40 - 50 fruit and 4 - 7~ playthroughs worth of kills to max stats. The amount given from kills is the same on all difficulties so for the fastest time you should do this on Easy difficulty once you have all time attack items so you can just one-shot damage points with the Queen’s Sword. There is also a max amount of health and stamina you can gain from fruit and lizards, so if you see your bars and they aren’t going up anymore from picking them up you can stop getting them as they won’t add anymore.

    Depending on how you want to grind this you can do either full playthroughs of the game killing each colossi, or continually restarting NG+ from the main menu after killing the first few colossi. Doing full playthroughs is less boring, but just redoing the first few is much faster, as you can get through the first 2 in sub 10 minutes.

    Once you have max stats your health and stamina will be about a third of the way across the screen, with Stamina being slightly farther out than Health.

  • Complete Hard Mode Under 5:41:28 s

    This trophy is earned for completing a Hard difficulty playthrough in under the time of 5 hours, 41 minutes, 28 seconds, which was one of the initial public speedrun times of the PS2 game. This time is very easy to beat, if you’ve played the game before it’s very easy to do this just first playthrough on Hard, where it would take about 4 hours if you remember exactly where to go. If you wait until you have all Time Attack items it’s extremely easy, and can be done in sub 2 hours when you can one shot all damage points on the Colossi with the Queen’s Sword.

    There isn’t a specific timer you can use to track this if you’ve already been playing the game on hard. There is a stat in the pause menu for Total Time spend on each difficulty, but if you do Hard Time Attack first time spent in that counts towards the Hard total. If you’re doing that, start a new playthrough with New Game+ from the start menu then just play through the game. As long as when you finish the game the Fastest Play Through stat is below the required time you will get the trophy.

  • Complete the Game on any Difficulty

    Self explanatory, once you finish the game for the first time and the credits have finished you will be awarded this trophy.

  • Pray at All Shrines


    This trophy is awarded for praying at all shrines in the map in one playthrough, including the one in front of the main Temple even though it doesn’t get marked on the map. Most of the shrines are easy to spot, and will be on the way to the colossi when you go to them. There are some quite out of the way though, such as the ones along the bottom edges of the map.

    Below is the in game map with all shrines displayed after praying at them right before the 16th colossus (which is the point in the playthrough where you're able to pray at the final one). You can choose to do them all at that point or right at the very start of the game if you wish (aside from the final one). Once you have prayed at them all and have them all marked on the map you will be awarded the trophy.

    Map of all Shrine locations, as well as all Colossus

    This is a video showing all shrine locations if you would prefer that to just looking off the map:

  • Perform All Stunts With Agro

    Stunts are some actions that you do while riding around on Agro, your horse. These can basically be done at any time, and once you have done them all you are awarded the trophy.

    Quick Start: While stopped, pull + to make Agro charge forward
    Quick Stop: While moving, pull + to make Agro quickly stop
    Quick Turn: While moving, pull + x2 to make Agro quickly stop and sprint in the opposite direction. This one I found to be somewhat finicky and took a few tries to do.
    Jumping: Run Agro at full speed toward a small ledge or cliff, which should cause the horse to jump off. The ledge can’t be too high or Agro will just stop and not jump.
    Standing: While moving, hold and push to make Wander stand up
    Leaning: While moving, hold , or , then press to make Wander lean over on Agro’s side. Needs to be done for both sides.
    Petting: While not moving on Agro or standing near her, press to pet the her (not holding your sword).

  • Eat a Piece of Fruit

    This trophy is awarded for eating any of the Health increasing fruit scattered around the map on trees. You will learn pretty easily what these trees look like, but the easiest one to find it directly in front of the Temple on your way to the first colossus. Just to the left of the main path you’ll see a large hefty tree on a raised rocky bit of ground. If you look up into it you’ll see some round fruit on it. Shoot one down with your bow and eat it to earn this trophy.

  • Defeat any Colossi While in Reminiscence Mode

    You can enter Reminiscence Mode by going to the corpse mounds of any of the Colossi you’ve killed in your current playthrough and praying with like you would the shrines for Time Attack. This will put you in a replay of the fight with a visual filter over the screen, and just tasks you with killing the Colossus again. Once you win the fight and are returned to current time you will be awarded the trophy.

  • Collect a Silver Lizard Tail

    There are two types of lizards around the world, normal all-black ones and black ones with silver tails, that when you pick up the tail very slightly increases your stamina. They can be found all over the world, but the easiest place to spot them is on one of the save shrines as there is always one climbing around it. They can be hard to spot, but they make a very distinct walking sound when they move, so you can use that to pinpoint where they are. Once you see it, shoot it with your arrow to kill it, then get to where it fell and pick up the tail with to be awarded the trophy.

    The following is the link to the PS3 guide for all Lizard Locations. It's not necessary to get more than one but can be followed if you want to collect more of them as you're going: Shining Lizard Guide

  • Defeat the 1st Colossus

    The first Colossus, named Valus, can be found directly south of the temple. You climb up some stuff that servers as a platforming tutorial to get to it, then start it’s fight.

    You start its fight back near the spot you enter this area, and have to run towards it. Don’t alert it by shooting it or anything, just run to it and jump on it’s back left leg. Stab the wound spot to make it kneel over, which then allows you to jump up to the fur on it’s back and climb up. The stone platforms can be used to regain stamina if you crouch on them. Climb to the top of it’s head to stab it’s first weakpoint.

    On hard it also has a second weakpoint on it’s right arm, which you can reach by jumping from the lower platform on it’s back. It would be recommended to hit the head first then drop back down it’s back, as it’s harder to get back from it’s arm onto it’s back without falling off or running out of stamina.

  • Defeat the 2nd Colossus

    This second Colossus, named Quadratus, is found directly north of the Temple. Head across the bridge going over the lake, then keep to the right going down the path onto the beach, then over to the stone structure in the wall that will trigger the fight.

    Quadratus has weak points on the bottom of its feet that you need to shoot with an arrow to make it kneel over. For both Normal and Hard you want to shoot the left back one, so that it drops on its hind legs. It has a weak point both right on its “tail”, then on the top of its head, so go for the tail first the head up to the front and hit the head. Each spot will allow approximately half its health.

    On Hard it will have a third weakpoint on its left side, so once you’ve hit the head one go down its left side to where the broken middle bone section is and wait a second for your stamina to regain if needed. Once it have drop off onto it’s side, then climb to the weakpoint and stab it for the kill.

  • Defeat the 3rd Colossus

    The third colossus, named Gaius, is found on a platform North of the Temple. Go across the same bridge you took to get to #2, then go left instead. Head North-West to where you should see a gap in the cliffs, go through here and you’ll get to a large lake with a platform in the middle. Swim to the curved bridge thing that’s going into the water, then climb up and climb across the ledge then up to the main platform to start the fight.

    If you’re doing this fight in Time Attack you’ll want to either do the Sword or Leg jumps to save time, see Resist the Wrist for how to do those. If not the intended way is to get him to swing at the platform in the middle to break his arm guard. Lead him to then edge, then go back to the middle and stand on the platform and shoot him with arrows to get him to swing at you. Get off once he starts the animation so that he doesn’t smash you. Once his guard breaks get him to swing again on normal ground, then climb up his sword.

    From here you first want to jump to the platform around his waist. On his stomach he’ll have one damage point, which you can hit without much trouble as his shaking won’t actually knock you around. Once done head back to his arm and climb up to his back. His second weakpoint is on the very top of his head, which you get to by walking up the back of his neck.

    On hard he has a third weakpoint on the back of his left arm, which you can just get to by walking/climbing down his back. If you need to regain stamina you can basically just stand on the top of his back just below his neck and he won’t shake you too much. Once ready head over and stab him in the arm until he dies.

  • Defeat the 4th Colossus

    The fourth Colossus, Phaedra, is found directly east of the Temple. If you go out the front and look east you should see a break in the cliffs, go straight through there to get to the area with Phaedra, who will be sitting at the back of the grassy area.

    Once the fight starts right Agro back to the farthest one of the little hills, closest to where you came in. Stand on top above the entrance and shoot Phaedra with a bunch of arrows to get him mad and have him come at you. Once he gets close drop down and go underneath and follow the path to the opposite exit. Stand outside behind the wall so you can’t be seen and watch what Phaedra does. He should be stomping around this hill, and at one point he should move so that he squares up directly above the entrance and this is when you can move toward him. He will stomp in front with each front leg once, then step both down and make like he’s looking in the hole, dropping his butt at the same time. Jump onto the ridge thing and climb up to his back.

    Once on his back you want to move to his front. On Hard he will have two damage points, one on each shoulder above his front legs. Each should just take one full charged stab to get rid of and don’t really add anything. After that go up to his neck where you will see a wound spot, which you should stab twice. This will make him drop his head down below his neck, which allows you to walk to the top of his head where his main weak spot is. Stab it until he dies.

  • Defeat the 5th Colossus

    The 5th Colossus, Avion, can also be found east of the shrine. If you go the same direction as for #4 but more north along the cliff there will be a path that leads East with the open cliff on the left. Follow through here to a wall with a pool in front of it, then swim in the pool under the wall, then climb up the tower to the area with the Colossus.

    First, drop down to the water, and swim forward to where the three platformers are in the water. Stand in the middle one, then shoot an arrow at Avion to get it to come towards you. Time a jump when it’s just about near you to grab onto the fur beside it’s head.

    Once on here you want to go to the wing you are closest to. Wait for it to get back in the air and stop flapping then walk to the tip of it’s wing where the damage point is. Stab this once to get rid of it, then hold on while Avion spins in the air and freaks out. Wait for it to stop spinning and go flat again, then head over to the opposite wing and do the same thing. Again once it stops and levels out, go and walk out to the very end of its tail and stab the remaining weak point which is responsible for most of it’s health.

    On Hard there isn’t really a difference for this fight, it just has a bit more health and in Time Attack it wants you to do it slightly faster.

  • Defeat the 6th Colossus

    The 6th Colossus, Barba, can be found in a temple in the side of a cliff to the South-West, through the forest and to the West of the Desert area down there. Go through the temple then all the way down the tall wall to trigger the fight.

    Once he emerges from his cave you want to immediately turn around and run away, climbing over the walls in front of you until you get to the structure at the far wall. Go behind one of the pillars and shoot him with an arrow to get his attention. He should lean over and look in the structure to try and see you, at which point you should run out and grab his beard and climb up onto his shoulders. From here you can hit his first point on his head, then down his back to the left where the second point is.

    On hard he has a third point on his left hand, which you can get to by dropping off his shoulder guard and grabbing the rings around his arm.

  • Defeat the 7th Colossus

    The seventh Colossus, Hydrus, is found at the very North-West point of the map in a big lake. You can get threre if you go directly north of the Temple into the desert, then head directly West when you get to the pit under the bridge.

    The fight starts out with Hyrdrus swimming around you, not acknowledging you. You have to swim near it underwater so that it’s eyes turn red and it swims up at you. When it does this you need to move somewhere toward where the back end will be and watch for when it comes up, then grab one when it’s breaching the water. From here hold on to the tail as it goes back underwater and wait for it to start coming out of the water again.

    Hydrus will now basically sit on top of the water, with parts of it going in and out every 15~ seconds. When parts of it are out of the water you need to keep moving towards its front, grabbing on if it’s going to submerge but not going into the area that is being shocked by its spikes when they’re underwater. Each spike has a wound spot at its base that you need to stab to make it stop shocking. Keep moving up and repeat for all 3 spikes to get to it’s head where it’s one weak spot is, which you will need to stab to kill it.

    On Normal it’s possible to do the whole thing in one go before Hydrus submerges, but on Hard Hydrus will submerge again before you can completely kill it so you’ll have to agro it again and repeat the process of getting to it’s head, though you don’t have to stab the spike points again.

  • Defeat the 8th Colossus

    The eighth colossus, Kuromori, is found South-East of the shrine. If you go through the break in the cliffs that is directly east of the area where #1 was you can follow that path South, then the entrance to the area with Kuromori is in the cliff wall just to the East of the save shrine in the valley area before you exit out into the big open area on the South part of the map.

    Kuromori is fought in a big pit arena, and it spends it time shooting poison blasts at you that leave clouds that damage you when they explode. At the start of the fight you will want to immediately run forward to the window in front of you and whistle with . This will alert the Colossus and get him to crawl up to that point on the wall looking for you. Right after you whistle head around to the right to where the broken floor is and jump down to the lowest level still inside the structure. You'll take about 1/3 of your health in fall damage. Next jump out into the main arena area, which will cause you to take another 1/3 of your health in fall damage. Once down there take out your bow and aim directly above you to where the Colossus will be, at which time you have to shoot 2 of the glowing portions of it's legs to make it fall down. Concentrate on hitting one first before it can shoot at you, which will stun it and give you an easy time shooting the second leg.

    Once you've shot the two legs it will fall down to the ground, landing in front of you on its back. You can now jump on it's tail then move to its stomach to hit its two vital points. On Normal done this way you can kill it in one cycle, but on Hard you will have to do two, and it would be recommended you don't hang out on its stomach after dealing with one vital point, as when it rolls over you can get caught under it and it will kill you.

    Thanks to MrBeens for bring up this method.

  • Defeat the 9th Colossus

    The ninth Colossus, Basaran, can be fond in the dry lakebed area that is basically directly West of the Temple. You should see an area with dark clouds over it which is where you need to go. You go over a little bridge that goes above a pit, then Basaran is found in a cave at the North side of the area.

    At the start of the fight ride Agro directly away from the cave. You aim is to lure him over to one of the geysers in the lakebed so that he stands over top while it’s spraying. This causes him to be pushed in the air and be put off balance, and he will be tilted somewhat to one side which exposes weak points in his “feet”. Shoot each one with an arrow to cause him to roll over onto his side. You then should go to his underside and climb up the fur on his belly, then onto his back. Try and stay grabbed on to the very outside edge when he flips over, as he flips with a lot of force and you will just get tossed off if you aren’t holding on to anything. Once he’s upright and you’re on his back you can walk to the rear of his shell, then up the middle to his head to his one weak point.

    There isn’t any real difference to this fight on hard, he just has slightly more health and trys to shoot his projectiles at you a bit more.

  • Defeat the 10th Colossus

    The tenth colossus, Dirge, can be found basically at the most Western part of the map, farther West than #9. If you go farthest West past the lakebed you should reach a cave which goes down into a big sandy area, which is where this Colossus is.

    For this fight you need to ride Agro around the sand, getting the Colossus, to follow behind you. Aiming back at it with your bow, you need to wait for its eyes to poke out of the sand then shoot one of them. This makes it freak out and it will then head in a straight line toward one of the walls. Once it hits one of the walls it will get stuck, at which point you need to jump on its back. It has two weak points, one directly near the ground and one just past the crest of its back. You will have to repeat the eye shooting part twice on both Normal and Hard, as once you fully damage one of the weak points it immediately goes back into the sand.

  • Defeat the 11th Colossus

    The eleventh Colossus, Celosia, is found down the large pit that is directly North of the Temple, in the desert area under the bridge. There is a path leading down on the East side of it. Once you get to the bottom go up the ramps into the building area, which triggers the fight.

    Celosia is afraid of fire, so first you need to get up on one of the lantern platforms on the side of the area. Once on top he will charge at it, which will knock a stick out of the lantern. Wait for him to charge again, then jump off and pick the stick up with , then go back on the platform to light the stick on fire. Now you can jump down and start moving toward Celosia, which causes him to back away from you. You need to push him out the front opening of the building, so that he falls off the ledge and down to the pit which breaks the armor off his back.

    From here, the easiest and fastest way to beat him is to get him to come back up. Walk just to the edge of the cliff and pull out your bow and look down, you should be able to just see his back over the cliff edge. Shoot him with an arrow to wake him back up, then climb back on top of one of the lantern platforms. He’ll run back up on his own and resume charging the platform you’re on. When he hits the platform he’ll be momentarily stunned, at which point you should jump toward him and do a downward stab on his weak point, which does huge damage. Get off and climb the platform again, and repeat until he dies.

  • Defeat the 12th Colossus

    The twelfth Colossus, Pelagia, is found exactly North-East of the shrine across the two thin bridges. Cross them both to get to a small forest area, then counting around to the North-East to get to a waterfall. You have to climb around the stone pillar to the other side, then jump in the water and swim through the arches to the area where you fight Pelagia.

    At the start of the fight Pelagia might not be aware of you, so you should shoot him with an arrow to make sure he’s after you. Once he is go in the water and start swimming around him to his back, which you can climb to his head. Once on his head you’ll notice that he has no weak point, but there’s a bunch of glowing teeth on it. Hitting these teeth with your sword causes him to turn left or right, or go straight. While hitting the teeth get him to walk to one of the tall stone structures around the area. Once near jump off then hide behind the middle thing. He will get angry and shoot his projectiles at you, then should pull his legs up and stand on top of the structure, revealing his one weak point on his underside. You need to jump from the platform to this to damage him.

    On both Normal and Hard you will have to do the damage cycle more than once, as you will be able to get a few stabs in then he’ll drop back down into the water, requiring you get on top again. After you do a certain amount of damage he will get angry and destroy whatever platform you were on last, so you will have to lead him to a different one for the next cycle.

  • Defeat the 13th Colossus

    The thirteenth Colossus, Phalanx, is found in the large desert area South-West of the Temple, directly East of where the entrance to #6 was. Once here you go to the stone structure your sword leads you to to trigger the fight.

    At the start of the fight you need to ride Agro around underneath Phalanx and shoot the 3 lit up air sacs with arrows. Once you’ve hit all 3 it will sink to the ground and move around with its front “wings” in the sand. Ride Agro close alongside these and jump on to one, then climb up to its back. Once on its back you should move backwards to where the big fins are, behind which are the weak points. After you do the full amount of damage to each weak point Phalanx will do a long protracted barrel roll, which you will have to hold on to its fur to stop from falling off.

    On Normal it is possible to kill Phalanx in one damage cycle if you can be very quick getting up it’s wing and getting to the first weak point, then getting a decent distance down it’s back before it does the barrel roll. On Hard it’s likely you will have to do two cycles of shooting it to kill it, which is still very reasonable within the time frame.

  • Defeat the 14th Colossus

    The fourteenth Colossus, Cenobia, is found in the North-West corner of the map. If you go just past the lakebed where #9 is then North hugging the West wall you will reach it.

    Cenobia is more a platforming puzzle than an actual fight. Once you reach it you will have to climb over the environment for 5 minutes before you can actually damage it. Climb on the knocked down pillar just in front of where you start, and go across the walls and jump to the upright pillar. Cenobia will charge at this pillar, then hang out around the bottom. You should climb up top and shoot it with an arrow to get it to charge again, at which point the pillar will fall. Use this pillar to get on the next long platform, and continue through the path of pillars.

    Once you get to the large square structure, climb up top then jump to the final pillar. Once this final pillar is knocked down it will go through the wall, opening up the area so you can get back to where you came in. From here go to the wall opposite the now broken wall and climb up top to the large platform and shoot the Colossus to anger it. It will charge through the bottom middle of the platform, knocking it down on top of itself and breaking the armor on its back. From here what you can do is go stand and the last round pillar that was knocked down and have the colossus charge at it, which stuns it due to it’s broken armor. From here you can either jump stab it if you get a good jump, or just jump on its back and stab it normally while its stunned. Repeat a few more times to kill it.

  • Defeat the 15th Colossus

    The fifteenth Colossus, Argus, can be found in the top North-East corner of the map, directly East of the pit #11 is in. In this big coliseum area head to the very back to trigger the fight.

    Once the fight starts you want to head back to around the middle of the area and stand on one of the raised platforms on the side underneath one of the sets of stairs. Once Argus comes over he will move to stomp on one of these, which you should move away from. When his foot is down it will push up the platform, allowing you to get up to where the stairs are.

    In the next section, move down the hallway to where one of the larger stone blocks are on the ground. Shoot Argus with an arrow to anger him, then move toward the back wall. He will swing his sword at the wall which knocks down more blocks, allowing you to climb up.

    Once you’re on top, move to one of the bridges that stretches across the area. Go a little ways out onto it, then shoot Argus again with arrows. This again angers him and he will destroy that bridge, which you should have moved off to not fall down. Once it’s destroyed he’ll walk closer to the destroyed end where you are, allowing you to jump on his head.

    His first main weak point is on his head, which you should attack as usual. On Hard he has a second weak point on his chest which you’ll want to attack next if playing on Hard. He’ll now have a small amount of health left, which is from the weak point on his right hand. You need to move to the back of his right arm, and hit the wound spot there to make him drop his weapon, allowing you to get to his right palm. There are two ways to do that, either by dropping down and climbing around his arm if you are still on it, or if you drop down to the ground he will do a slam with his hand slightly open, allowing you to get on and stab the remaining weak point.


Secret trophies

  • Defeat Colossus 8 Before it can Turn Back Over

    This trophy is earned for killing Colossus 8 (Kuromori) without it flipping back over once you’ve shot it off the wall, which means killing it in a single phase of being able to do damage. This is possible to do on Normal difficulty with the method outlined under Scaler of the Colosseum, but if you don't get it that way it’s extremely easy if you just wait until you have time attack items and use the Queen’s sword. Shoot it off the wall, then one stab on each of it’s two damage points and it’s done. You can do this during your cleanup playthroughs or through reminisce mode.

  • Defeat Colossus 3 Without Breaking His Wrist guard

    This trophy is for basically doing one of the speedrun methods for this colossus. Normally you are supposed to get him to swing at the metal disc in the middle of the platform to break his wrist guard to climb him, but this trophy is for killing him without doing this. There are two ways you can go about this, either doing the sword jump (in my opinion much harder and more finicky) or jumping onto his leg (in my opinion easier).

    Starting out for both of these, assuming you’re doing them in Time Attack run forward slightly to the right until you hit the brown tall grass, then take out your bow and shoot Gaius in the stomach where his first damage point is. This should make him stop and swing toward you.

    Sword Jump is done by being on his sword right in the middle just past the cutout at the front, then using the momentum from him pulling the sword out of the ground to launch yourself up and toward him, either from going off the tip if you get knocked backwards or jumping as he pulls the sword levels. There are various different ways this works, and it can be frustrating to do and everyone won’t do it the same way or like the same way.

    Leg Jump is done by going up his sword normal, to right near his arm. Once he has pulled his sword out and is standing level again get on top, then look toward his right leg. You will see the larger stone band that’s broken on the front (see below picture). Once he levels the sword out and somewhat stops moving you want to jump at his leg so you can grab the top lip of this, then hold the jump button again and push away so that Wander is positioned to jump backwards (see second below picture). Gaius should then be moving his arm up and down as if he were trying to get you off his sword, and at this point you want to jump backwards towards his arm. After jumping you can hold the whole time and this should keep you on his arm even if you get right on the edge of the guard. Once on there you can do the fight normal and kill him.

  • Cross the Bridge to the Entrance of the Forbidden Lands

    This bridge is the one that stretches out the back of the temple that you see Wander riding in on at the start of the game. To climb up the temple you need almost maxed out stamina, so it would be recommended you do this once you have the trophy for maxing both your stats.

    To climb the temple, go around the back to the north-east point, and you should see an inset section covered in vines. You climb up this section to basically the top, to a point where you see a broken point on the left with roots sticking out of it. To the right there is an obvious ledge that goes around to the right for you to climb around. Once you reach the end of that, jump backwards and go down to the next obvious looking ledge and keep going to the right. Once you reach the end of this ledge, you need to jump to the side to grab the vines, then go slightly up and right to the next ledge. This goes around to the right, at which point you need to jump backwards to the column that has vines on it. Climb directly up this, and you’ll be at the top.

    From here you can go left up the stairs or right, which is where you should go. You now need to run to the very end of the bridge on foot, which takes about 5 minutes. Once you reach the platform at the end you will be awarded the trophy.

  • Complete a Single Playthrough Without Dying Once

    This is awarded for finishing a playthrough on any difficulty without dying. If you know the game already you might get this without trying, but if not you can just do it during a cleanup playthrough once you have all items and high stats.

    You can save scum this just by closing application if you die. As soon as you know it’s happening you can hit the PS button and close the game, then when you start it will put you back at the beginning of the boss fight. Note that this will add a death to your stats in the pause menu, but it won’t actually count as a death in your current playthrough so the trophy will still be awarded at the end of the game.

  • Use Dormin's Breath Attack


    There is only one point in the game you can do this, and that is right at the end of the game after you kill the 16th Colossus. You will see some story stuff, then once you regain player control hit the button to do the attack and be awarded the trophy. If you don’t do it at this point you have to do another playthrough to be able to be at this point again.

  • Taste the Poisoned Fruit

    This trophy is earned by eating one of the fruit at the top of the Temple. For Temple climbing instructions, see Reach the Gate.

    Once you’re at the top, go left up the stairs. This takes you to a garden area with trees all around. If you look up in one of the trees you should see fruit like the trees around the map, except these fruit reduce your stats when eaten instead of adding to them. Once you eat one of these fruit you will be awarded the trophy.

  • Defeat any Colossus with Queen Sword

    The Queen’s Sword is an item that you get once you beat all 16 times in Hard Time Attack. It does huge damage and will in almost all cases instantly do max damage to all damage spots on the colossi. Defeat any Colossi using the sword to be awarded the trophy.

    To select different swords you must first "enable" them from the ITEMS menu in the map screen, then press to switch arrow types.

  • Use the Sword to Focus on a Vital Point

    This trophy is awarded for pointing at one of the Colossi’s weak points with your sword when you hold . The game somewhat prompts you to do this at points, but if you aren’t paying attention to Dormin or turn their hints off you might not get this. Once you do it for the first time on any of the Colossi you will be awarded the trophy.

  • Defeat a Colossus with a Downward Jump Stab

    This trophy is earn by getting the killing blow on a Colossus with a Downward Jump Stab. This is done by jumping and holding , which will make Wander hold his sword downward and will do as much or possibly more damage than a full powered stab if you hit a Colossus weak point with this from a decent height. Get the killing blow on a Collosus doing this to earn the trophy.

    You can try this on a few Colossi, but the easiest way to get it is just to do it against Colossus 11, as that’s the easiest and fastest way to kill it anyway. See Guardian of the Pit if you need an explanation on how to do this.


  • Interact with a Dove, Hawk, Fish and Turtle

    Interact in this case means a couple different things. For the Dove, Hawk, and Fish it wants you to grab them all, but what you do with the Turtle is a little vague.

    Dove: These can be found most easily in the Temple around the altar where Mono is lying. They will be walking around there until you go near them, at which point they’ll fly away. If you run up to them and hold it’s very likely you’ll grab one and be dragged around by it. Let yourself hang there for a bit to have it count.

    Hawk: These can be found flying around the game world in various areas, and will follow you around while you’re riding Agro. The easiest spot though to get them is just to the west of the Temple, where two will almost always follow you as you’re leaving. You need to grab them in the same manner as the Dove, which is done by standing up on Agro’s back then jumping and holding . This should make you grab on to the Hawk, where you can hang for a bit.

    Fish: These can be found in various water areas, thought the easiest spot is probably the pools around the entrance to where Colossus 8 is. In the pools on both sides you should be able to see fish swimming around. Dive by holding and try to swim near one of the fish. Once you get close you’ll grab on and be dragged around by it.

    Turtle: These are harder to find, and what you’re actually supposed to do with them is somewhat vague so it’s highly recommended you do this one last so you can fiddle with the Turtle until the trophy pops. Easiest spot to find them is directly North of the shrine into the desert. Just to the South-West of the Shrine there you’ll see some vegetation with a tree in the middle, there should be a Turtle hanging around here. What you should do now is basically just try running over the Turtle. If you hold and move so that you walk you can step on them and make them go in their shell, and if you run at them you can sometimes trip over them. You don’t specifically have to do these actions it seems, but just keep messing with the Turtle until you are awarded the trophy.

  • Find Barrel in Hidden Cave

    This trophy is earned by finding an easter egg in a cave in the forest area, South-West of the temple. It is a reference to both The Last Guardian and a person who goes by the name Nomad who spends his time looking for secrets in the original PS2 game.

    To get to it, head South-West from the Temple, to the rock walls with the pillars stick out the top. Just past these is the entrance to the forest, which has a very obvious brown dirt path in it. Stick to the left side of this path without turning down the side paths until you get to a fallen tree that is over top of a large water pond. Just before this there is a side path to the left that you should go down. Hug the right side of this path, and it will fork and you should head down the right again. Directly in front of you you should see the path going down into a cave, which leads down to the back with a barrel sitting near the back wall. The trophy should be awarded once you enter this cave.

  • Shoot a Lizard with a Special Arrow

    A “Special Arrow” is one of the two arrows you get as Normal Time Attack rewards, either the Whistling Arrow you get after two kills or the Flash Arrow you get after 16 kills. Either of these will work, and all you need to do is kill either a normal or white tail lizard with one to earn the trophy.

    To select different arrows you must first "enable" them from the ITEMS menu in the map screen, then press to switch arrow types.

  • Defeat the 16th Colossus

    The sixteenth and final Colossus, Malus, is found on the very southernmost part of the map, which can be reached through the forest and through the desert or past the valley going toward #8. You will reach a gate with a strange circle in the middle, which you aim the light from your sword at to open. Once through follow the path and use Agro to jump the gap in the bridge, then climb the side of the structure to the top.

    Malus is another platforming puzzle basically, as the initial part of the fight is you getting to him, then climbing up him to his head. At the start stand behind the pillar, then head immediately right and drop down into the tunnel. Follow the tunnel forward until you come out again and climb up the block in front of you. You will see a set of walls in front of you, which you hide behind to block Malus’ projectiles when he shoots them. Continue heading right again and drop into the next tunnel. Follow it around and you will have to climb around a ledge, then head back into another tunnel. Climb out again and you’ll find another set of walls. Continue right once more and into another tunnel.

    Once you come out of this tunnel you’ll be directly underneath Malus. From here you have to basically climb his skirt to the bottom of his back. Once there you’ll see a wound spot which you should stab, causing him to move his hand in front. Once his hand is close jump on it and grab hold. He’ll move his hand up level with himself and rotate it back and forth looking at you. Get on top of his hand then stab it to make him hold still, then climb up his arm to his bicep where another wound spot is. Stab this one to again make him move his hand toward it, which you have to jump backwards to. Get on the back of this hand and stab again, which make him hold his hand flat. Take out your bow and shoot at his left shoulder where another spot is, then immediately hang on as he moves the hand you’re standing on to that shoulder.

    From here, you can now get to his one weak point, which is on the very top of his head. A trick I found to get easy damage without sitting around for shaking was to continually go back and stab his shoulder so that he moves his hand back, which gives enough time to run back to his head and get a full charge stab in before he starts trying to shake again. Follow this same pattern on Normal or Hard.

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