• Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 26 (5, 17, 3, 1)
  • Online trophies: 3 (1, 2)
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 6-10hrs (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 + Cleanup
  • Number of missable trophies: 0 because of Contract Select
  • Glitched trophies: Yes, 1 - Stickler
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available.
  • Additional peripherals required?: No


Welcome to my guide for Serial Cleaner! A Viscera Cleanup Detail meets Hotline Miami type of game where you have to clean up evidence of murders while avoiding view from the police. The game is not terribly long, though it can be frustrating if you don't have the right sense of patience and timing. Keep working at it and you should make it through everything pretty quick.


Step 1: Play through the story mode while talking to Mom, listening to the radio, watching TV and reading the newspaper whenever possible

There are 20 contracts in the story mode of the game and each one is not very long and fairly straightforward. Before each contract (except the first one) there will be a short segment where the Cleaner is at home and will receive his next mission. While here, make sure to have a chat with Mom, watch the TV in the living room, turn on the radio on the left side of the house and read the newspaper out on the front porch. Not only does this make getting four of the trophies much faster, it also adds to the story of the game and keeps you informed on what’s going on.

Trophies earned during this step:

Done Cleaning
Well Informed
TV and Chill
Tuned In
Mommy's Little Boy

Depending on your play style, you may have gotten a few more by accident. Most of these are likely cleanup trophies so don't worry too much about it.

Step 2: Clean 100% of the blood in every story contract possible

Not every contract has blood in it at all but the 14 that do must have all of the blood cleaned. NOTE: You don't need to complete the mission after cleaning 100% of the blood. After you get all of it, you can simple exit to the main menu and it will count. You should see a badge on the mission after exiting saying you got 100% of the blood. Stickler must be done during your first playthrough and not via Contract select, else the trophy has a high chance of glitching.

Trophies earned during this step:

Squeaky Clean
Stickler - Glitched

Step 3: Collect the secret item in each story contract and wear at least one alternate outfit

In every contract there is a secret item, which will either be an alternate outfit for the Cleaner, or a movie reel that will unlock a bonus contract. Most of them are fairly well hidden but thankfully there are walkthroughs that can help you find them. NOTE: You don't need to complete the contract after getting the secret item. Like with the blood, you can just exit back to the main menu after picking it up, though there is no emblem this time telling you if you got it or not. While you are grabbing these, make sure to switch to at least one alternate outfit to get Cleaner’s New Threads.

Trophies earned during this step:

Novice Collector
Expert Collector
Cleaner's New Threads
Fashion Freak

Step 4: Challenge Modes, Bonus Contracts and Cleanup

All you need to do now is complete the bonus contracts, enter each challenge mode (you do not need to complete them, just try them) and pick up any last few trophies you haven't obtained. You do not need to get 100% blood cleaned up in any of the bonus contracts, as the only trophy related to that is for the story contracts only.

Trophies earned during this step:

Now You See Me…
…Now You Don't
Here Comes A New Challenger! - Online
Challenge Seeker - Online
BOOM! Headshot!
Hey, Listen!
Catch Me If You Can
Nocturnal - Online
I Can See Clearly Now
I Will Survive
Well Oriented
Made You Look
Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire
Hello Boys!
Body Removal Service

[PST Would Like To Thank SpaceCoresDad for this Roadmap]

Serial Cleaner Trophy Guide

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29 trophies ( 19  6  )

  • Unlock all Trophies in Serial Cleaner!

    What you see is what you get. Get all the other trophies and this one will be yours.

  • Complete all story contracts

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    Finish all 20 of the story contracts and you're done.

  • Complete all movie-themed bonus contracts

    There are movie reel collectibles hidden through many of the story contracts (see Expert Collector for more info). After you get all the reels and complete each of the bonus contracts, this trophy is yours!

  • Play a contract wearing an unlockable costume

    There are clothing collectibles hidden through many of the story contracts (see Expert Collector for more info) but you only need one for this trophy. Just go to the Clothes option from the main menu, change up the outfit and enter a contract.

  • Unlock all costumes

    See Expert Collector.

  • Clean 100% of blood in any contract

    See Stickler.

  • Clean 100% of blood in all story contracts



    This trophy must be done during your initial playthrough and not via Contract select, else there's a high chance it will glitch and not pop.

    Within some contracts, there will be a certain amount of blood you have to clean up in order to progress and in order to get this trophy, you must reach 100% blood cleaned whenever possible. This is not as hard as it sounds. Not every contract has blood in it at all and you can simply ignore the ones that don't have any. The contracts you must complete are 3-7, 9-12 and 14-18. The rest have no blood and after you complete them normally, can be skipped over entirely using the contract select feature. As an added note, you don't need to complete the mission for the amount of blood cleaned to register. As soon as the counter at the top left of the screen reaches 100, you can quit to the main menu. On the contracts you have done this on, there should be an emblem that says you've cleaned up 100% of the blood to help you keep track.

  • Find your first secret item

    See Expert Collector.

  • Find all secret items

    In each story contract, there is one secret item you can find. This can be either a new outfit for the Cleaner to wear while on contracts or a film reel that will unlock a bonus contract. It can be hard to keep track of which contracts you have the secret item for, since there is no sign saying you have collected the item from the contract so I recommend starting from mission 1 and going up.

    This video by The Hidden Object Guru is also very helpful in finding where the collectibles are:

  • Escape capture five times in any single contract

    When a cop sees you, their vision cone will turn red and they will start chasing after you. From here, you can either hide in a hiding spot and they will eventually give up (recommended) or you can try to out manoeuvrer them on the terrain and they may lose you there. The latter method is significantly more difficult, however, as the majority of the police move faster than you do. Either way, do this five times in one contract and the trophy is yours.

  • Hide while in view of an enemy five times during any single contract.

    This is similar to Now You See Me... but here you must hide while in the cop's vision cone without much of a chase. Contract 3 (Horoscope Date) is a great one to do this in, because there will always be a hiding spot in the top right corner of the map in the form of a boat and there will be a cop that walks over there during his patrol. Simply hide in the boat, reveal yourself in his vision cone, then immediately hide again. When he gives up, he will go back to the same place as before and you can pop out and hide again. Do this five times to obtain the trophy.

  • Check out any Challenge mode


    See Challenge Seeker.

  • Play all Challenge modes


    There are a large variety of challenges you can add to story or bonus contracts you have already completed but you must be signed into PSN for the challenge trophies to pop. These can be accessed by going to a contract you have completed and pressing . You don't need to complete any of them, simply try each one on a single contract and you are free to exit back to the main menu the second you load in. Do this with every challenge and the trophy will pop.

  • Get killed by a Shooter for the first time

    This is all but impossible to not get when playing the game normally. In Contract 17 (Mafia Manslaughter), a new type of cop will appear wielding a pistol. If he sees you and you are within his line of sight, he will immediately shoot you and you will have to try the level again. It's more likely you will get this in Contract 18 (A shot in the dark) however, as there are far more Shooters here.

  • Get at least four enemies to investigate a sound decoy

    Contract 9 (Disco Fever) introduces sound objects, which you can use to gain the attention of cops temporarily. The large speakers on the dance floor are great for getting this but failing that, the speakers in Contract 14 (God of Thunder) are options as well.

  • Be pursued by an enemy for five seconds

    The earlier contracts are easiest for this, especially if you attract the stationary cop holding a doughnut. He is the same speed as you but you can move faster if you slide along blood stains so simply keep one cop's attention for five seconds as you're pursued and the trophy is yours. Despite the trophy's title, you do not need to actually escape the cop pursuing you for the trophy to count.

  • Complete any night-time contract 20 times


    See I Can See Clearly Now.

  • Complete any daytime contract 20 times

    Serial Cleaner checks your PS4's internal clock to measure what time of day it is and adjusts the time in game accordingly. During the night, your footsteps will be louder but the cops will not be able to see as far. During the day, your footsteps are softer but the cops are able to see further. To unlock these two trophies, you can either play at the specified time of day or switch your PS4's internal clock manually to a different time and play that way. If you need to grind these out, I recommend Contract 1 (No Sweat) as it takes just a minute or so to do.

  • Fail a contract five times during a single playthrough

    It is very likely you will get this during your first playthrough. Just get caught five times and the trophy is yours.

  • Use Cleaner Vision for a total of at least 10 minutes

    Holding down will activate Cleaner Vision, which will give you an overall view of the map you're on as well as point out objects of interest (bodies, evidence etc.). It's likely you will get this through just playing the game but if need be you can just open a contract, sit in a safe spot and hold down until the trophy pops.

  • Make an enemy react to a missing item or body bag 100 times

    It is very likely you will get this simply playing the game. When you take a piece of evidence or a body away from its normal position and a cop sees it's gone, they will get distracted and walk over to it. The same will happen if you move a body away from its normal position and set it down. This trophy is cumulative, meaning it will count every contract and every attempt at a contract. If you get caught, the counter will not reset.

  • Slide on blood for a total of 45 seconds in any single contract

    All that is needed for this is to find a large patch of blood and wiggle the for forty five seconds. There are lots of these through the game so pick a contract with blood in it and get sliding!

  • Use a shortcut to escape an enemy and then get caught by an enemy at the other side

    This sounds more complex than it actually is. There are shortcuts scattered through many contracts that will instantly take you across the map somewhere else, and can be used to escape police if they've seen you. However, they will stick around for a few seconds after you lose them so you just need to attract another cop and lead them to where you just exited from, then go back in and get caught by the first cop. It's likely this will already happen during your first playthrough before you know the maps very well.

  • Be pursued by at least three enemies simultaneously

    There are plenty of enemies with three or more enemies, and finding a cop that blows his whistle upon seeing you will just make it that much easier. Have three of them chasing you at once and even if you get caught, the trophy will pop.

  • Read a newspaper 15 times

    See Mommy's Little Boy.

  • Watch TV 15 times

    See Mommy's Little Boy.

  • Listen to the radio 15 times

    See Mommy's Little Boy.

  • Talk to Mom 15 times

    After each contract, the Cleaner will return to his house to recuperate and receive his next contract. After a brief cutscene, you will have free reign of the house and can interact with a number of things before you get in the car and go to your next contract. Make sure to talk to Mom, listen to the radio in the left side of the house, watch TV in the living room and read the newspaper on the porch before leaving every contract but even if you miss one time, that's okay too. You can load up any Contract that has a segment at home before it and interact with anything you missed.

  • Dispose of 150 bodies

    It is very likely you will get this during your normal playthrough. You will have to dispose of several bodies to progress through each contract, either by placing them in your truck or being forced to get creative with other hazards on the map. This trophy is cumulative so if you get caught, your counter won't decrease. Once you have disposed of 150 bodies, the trophy will pop.

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