• Estimated trophy difficulty: 4.5/10 Platinum Difficulty Rating
  • Offline trophies: 26 (12, 6, 7, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 6-10 hours Estimated Time to Platinum
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0 (But the challenge progression can be lost due to a glitch)
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, you have to play some games on a certain difficulty
  • Do trophies stack?: N/A
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No, feel free to use them
  • Additional peripherals required?: No, but a second controller can make Sore Knuckles easier


Sega Genesis Classics / Sega Mega Drive Classics (depending on your region), is a compilation featuring Sega Genesis/Mega Drive video games. The majority of the games will be the same as the PS3 collection, but some have been added and some others removed.

One new feature in this collection is the possibility to rewind time, which makes every trophy very easy as you can rewind when you get hit too much, when you die, etc. Most of the trophies can be done in the first areas of each games, except for the Streets of Rage trophies, but there are cheat codes to skip a huge part of each game.

Unfortunately, you won't be able to use the rewind feature or any cheat to complete the challenges. This is the hardest part of the game, and some of them will require many attempts.

Note about different regions:

Some games will feature different regions (American and/or Japanese version) that you can change by pressing . Make sure to stick with the default option, as the trophies might not unlock if you play with a different region.


Step 1: Play the games with trophies to earn

There are 53 games in this collection, but you'll only need to play 17 of them to get all the trophies in this step. Most of them will be very simple and will only take a few minutes to complete, as the trophies can be earned in the first areas of each games. Streets of Rage 1 & 3 will be the only two games that you have to play until the end, but you can use cheat codes to select any level and skip a huge part of each game. Note that you'll need a second controller to do the cheat codes in Streets of Rage 1.

There are other games in which you can use cheat codes and/or debug mode, so please refer to the guide for more information. Feel free to use any of these cheats as they don't disable trophies.

Lastly, this collection has an excellent feature that will make all the trophies very simple to earn. This feature let you rewind time with :L2: so feel free to abuse this to avoid any death or bad move in any game.

In this step you will unlock:

One in Three (Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle)
Multitool (Alien Soldier)
Five Large (Columns)
Dance the Robo (Dynamite Headdy)
What are the buttons? (Golden Axe)
Fly you fools! (Golden Axe II)
To the Brim (Golden Axe III)
All the Magicks (Golden Axe games)
Demonstrate Restraint (Shadow Dancer)
The eagle has landed (Shining Force)
Keep your powder dry (Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master)
Spin for the win (Sonic Spinball)
Commitment (Sonic The Hedgehog)
Extra Hedgehogs (Sonic The Hedgehog 2)
500 rings to rule them all (Sonic games)
Power Through (Space Harrier II)
Sore Knuckles (Streets of Rage)
Good Job (Streets of Rage 3)
Relaxin' all cool (Toejam & Earl)
Chillin' out maxin' (Toejam & Earl)

Step 2: Complete all challenges

Note: Some people have reported losing their progression with the challenges when turning off the PS4! It is recommended to complete all of them in one go if you can, or using the rest mode instead of turning off your PS4. The glitch seems to trigger when loading the game, so a simple solution is to always back up your save after each session, and downloading these back up saves if you've lost your progression.

This is the hardest part of the game. You'll have 20 challenges to complete and you cannot use any cheat codes. The debug menu and even the rewind feature are disabled. All the challenges are pretty quick but some of them are very tricky. You'll have to start a challenge itself if you want it to be registered, for example reaching 5000 points in Columns won't net you the challenge if you're not starting the challenge itself.

There are two ways to start the challenges. The first one is to pick a game on the right of the room and press . Then if the game has a challenge press to enter it.
The second and simplest method is simply access the Extras menu on the right of the room, pick Challenges and press to enter any challenge from here. The game will automatically place you in the part of the game where you need to do the challenge, example you'll start Streets of Rage 3 directly at the Stage 2 Bosses, you won't have to start from the beginning.

Refer to the guide for the complete list of challenges as well as some tips and a video to help you.

In this step you will unlock:

Challenge Accepted
Challenge X
Clean Sweep
Experiencing History

Step 3: Play 50 games

After completing all trophies and challenges, you'll have played 23 games total. All you'll have to do is "play" all the other games but 3 to unlock the last trophy as well as the platinum. Note that you can leave the game as soon as you see the SEGA logo, and it will count as played.

In this step you will unlock:

It's a lovely day outside
Retro God

[PST would like to thank DaEastside for this Roadmap]

SEGA Mega Drive & Genesis Classics Trophy Guide

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26 trophies ( 12  )

  • Unlocked all trophies

    Earn all the other trophies and enjoy your new retro platinum!

  • Sonic Games - Get 500 rings

    There are 4 Sonic games in this collection (Sonic The Hedgehog, Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Sonic Spinball and Sonic 3D Blast) and you will simply need to collect 500 rings in total in your different playthroughs. It is cumulative, so you are free to collect rings in any of them, they will all count for this trophy. This should come naturally while playing Sonic 1 or 2 for other trophies, but feel free to use the rewind feature when you find a zone with a large amount of rings. Collect them all, rewind, collect them all again, etc.

  • Sonic The Hedgehog - Collect all 6 Chaos Emeralds

    In order to collect a Chaos Emerald, you will need to finish a stage with 50 rings. A giant ring will appear right after the finish line; jump into this ring and you'll get access to a special stage.

    You will need to find the emerald in that special stage which consists of a rotating maze. The main danger in these stages are the "goal" circles that will end the stage if you touch them, but it's easy enough to avoid them especially with the use of the rewind feature.

    You can get this trophy at the end of Level 3 (Spring Yard Zone) Stage 2, if you didn't miss any (there are no giant rings at the end of Boss stages). You'll have 4 more opportunities before the end of the game, if you happen to miss some of them.

    You can also activate the debug mode to select the special stages and get this trophy very quickly with no effort. At the title screen press:

    , hold +

    Then select Special Stage and enter it while holding +. Press to turn your character into a ring, move directly to the Chaos Emerald and press again to collect it.

    At the score tally, press to pause and press . This will unpause and take you back to the title screen. Press + to go back to the stage select and + again to get straight into the Special Stage, which is already highlighted. This time, you'll play the second Special Stage. Do that for all 6 and you'll collect all Emeralds in no time.

  • Sonic Spinball - Collect all 3 Chaos Emeralds in Toxic Caves

    Toxic Caves is the first level of Sonic Spinball. In order to access the boss and finish a level in this game, you'll need to collect the 3 Chaos Emeralds. You don't have to defeat the boss for this trophy and can leave the game after collecting the 3 Emeralds.

    For the first Emerald, you'll need to hit the 2 top-most switches in the first area to drain the sewage that will let you access the Emerald later. Then use either the left or right pipe to reach a new area. Let Sonic fall to in the barrel and paddle to the right or left of the zone where you'll find the Chaos Emerald, jump to collect it.

    For the second one, use the left or right pipe again to reach the second zone and throw Sonic through the path with the circle icons above. There is a lever here that you need to activate. Now throw Sonic through the green arrows path 3 times to destroy the barrels, and again to reach a new area. Jump and go down the ramp then use the flipper to go through the pipe and you'll reach the Boss area and automatically fall in the minecart area. If you went to the left pipe to reach the second zone, choose to go to the right with the minecart, and you will obtain a Chaos Emerald.

    For the third one, you can either repeat the exact same steps as the second one, but in the other side (right pipe if you chose left pipe first, then left in the minecart area). Or you can go to the same side, jump in the minecart and go the same way as before. There's flippers midway down that you can use to flip to reach the third emerald quicker.

    Follow this video for extra help. Credits to Rare Ultra.

  • Columns - Gain a high score of at least 5000 on easy

    In Columns. you score points by placing at least 3 squares with the same colour in a line, either horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Simply launch the game on easy and play until you get 5,000 points.

    There is also a challenge related to this game - to complete it you'll need 5000 points starting with a mid-game save - so you can combine the challenge with this trophy.

    Note that this trophy might not pop after completing the challenge. To make it pop, simply start a new Columns game.

  • Toejam and Earl - Find the secret island

    When starting the game, make sure to select one player and the "fixed world", this way you should be able to easily find the item required. If not, the chests will be placed randomly and you'll have to open them until you find one of the items required.

    To have access to the secret island, you'll need to find either the Icarus Wings, the Innertube or the Rocket Boots. By selecting fixed world, head North and enter the first elevator you see. In the new area head West and then South to find the first ship piece, the chest that you need to open is directly on the right to this piece. Now get back to the first area by jumping off the cliff.

    Now open the menu and select the treasure you just found (it will be the Icarus Wings). Equip them and head South near the water. Now keep pressing and head South-West until you find a small island. (Note that you could fall and not be able to fly again halfway; if this happens try to swim to reach the island before you die).

    Now that you're on the new island, there will be a hole in the middle, simply walk and jump inside that hole and you'll get the trophy.

    Follow this video for extra help. Credits to FuzzfingerGaming.

  • Toejam and Earl - Dance the Hula

    In Toejam and Earl, you'll encounter many enemies and one of them is a hula dancing girl. You should be able to find one of them in the second area after taking the elevator, so keep walking around until you find one. Once you approach her, your character will start to dance and this will unlock the trophy.

    Note that there is a hula dancing girl in the secret island, but she's friendly and your character will not dance when finding her, thus won't count for this trophy.

  • Alien Soldier - Use 4 different weapon modes in one session

    When starting this game, you'll be asked to select your weapons; make sure to select 4 different ones. Once the game starts, you'll simply need to shoot with each one of them.

  • Golden Axe - Use magic when no enemies are present

    You will start the game with magic in your possession, so simply press to use it before doing anything else. Since there are no enemies near the starting point, you'll unlock the trophy here. Otherwise, make sure to kill all enemies and only use your magic when they're all dead.

  • Golden Axe 2- Kill 25 enemies by throwing/knocking them off the environment in a single play through

    In Golden Axe 2, you'll eventually find some pits that will kill you or your enemies if falling into them. What's required for this trophy is 25 enemies dying by falling into the pits, but you don't need to throw them yourself, even if they fall by themselves this will count.

    A very quick method is to use the rewind feature. Throw an enemy or let them fall into a pit and rewind just before they fall, let them fall again, rewind again, etc. Do that 25 times with the same enemy and you'll get the trophy.

  • Golden Axe 3 - Max out your magic

    To get magic, you'll need to find and collect blue potions, most of them will be found after hitting the small blue enemies with the backpack. You'll need to collect 6 blue potions to max out your magic, and the first opportunity to do so is at the end of Stage 1 if you don't miss any enemy carrying magic potions and if you don't use them.

  • Space Harrier 2 - Reach a score of 5,000,000

    In this game you'll have to shoot enemies while avoiding their shots, so fly around and keep shooting at them and use the rewind feature when you get hit. Keep playing until you eventually get more than 5 million points. Note that you'll keep earning points when facing a boss, even without shooting, so just avoid being hit and fly around until you get the score needed.

    To make it easier, you can press on the title screen' this will allow you to choose easy difficulty and enable the rapid fire, so you can just hold the fire button to automatically shoot.

  • Dynamite Headdy - Defeat the Robo Collector

    Soon after starting the game, there will be a chasing sequence when you and other NPCs will run away from a giant robot. This robot will capture your friends and this is the robot you need to defeat. Keep attacking it as soon as you see it until you defeat it.

  • Sonic 2 - Finish Emerald Hills with 5 lives

    Emerald Hills is the first zone, so you'll only have 2 stages to get 5 lives. You already start the game with 3 lives so you'll only need to collect 2.

    You earn a new life by collecting 100 rings, or you can find some lives throughout the stages, located in TVs with a Sonic icon. Note that if you enter a special stage, your rings will be reset to 0. Make sure to use the rewind feature if you make any mistakes and you shouldn't have any trouble finding 200 rings across these 2 stages. You can even collect 200 rings in the first one.

    You can also use the debug mode to get this trophy quickly:

    - Start the game and go to the options menu.
    - Go to Sound Test and play these sounds in order: 19, 65, 09, 17 ( to skip 10 sounds at once, to play a sound)
    - You should hear a ring sound; press and you'll get back in the title screen.
    - Hold and press to access the level selection.
    - Highlight sound test in the bottom right corner and play these sounds in order: 01, 09, 09, 02, 01, 01, 02, 04
    - You'll hear a ring sound, now highlight Emerald Hills Act 2 and hold and press

    While playing, turn Sonic to a ring with and place the ring in front of Tails with , do that 200 times and you'll get 2 lives. Now you can complete the act normally, or you can place a capsule to end the level immediately.

  • Shining Force - Make it to Alterone

    Shining Force is a turn-based RPG. Alterone is the second city of the game and you can reach it without having to fight at all.

    When you start the game, talk to the characters until you have access to the first city, then go North to talk to the King and get your first mission. Now head South and leave the city, you'll enter the world map. You'll automatically travel to a castle on the East and enter your first battle. When controlling the main character, simply go South and leave the combat, to return to the world map. Now head to the West, cross the bridge and head to the North-East to find Alterone not too far from your position. Enter the city to get the trophy.

    Note that if you choose to complete the first fight, you will have two other fights before having a chance to reach Alterone.

  • Complete 1 challenge

    Please refer to Clean Sweep .

  • Complete 10 challenges

    Please refer to Clean Sweep .

  • Shinobi 3 - Get a Shinobi bonus (complete a level without throwing a shuriken)

    To earn a Shinobi bonus, you'll have to complete a level without throwing a shuriken, which means you'll have to defeat your enemies with your sword while close to them. This sounds a bit difficult, but fortunately you can use a cheat code to make you invincible.

    Go to the Options menu and play the following music tracks in order: He runs, Japonesque, Shinboi walk, Sakura, Getufu.

    Now play the game and you won't take any damage. Simply walk to the right of the screen until you reach the finish line. If you accidentally throw a shuriken, use the rewind feature and it won't void the trophy.

  • Streets of Rage - Get to the final boss without using a continue

    You will use a continue after losing all of your lives, so you can die but make sure not to lose your last life or you'll have to use a continue and void the trophy. The final boss is at the end of Round 8. You just have to reach the boss, not kill him.

    The biggest advice is to use the rewind feature a lot to avoid dying at all; this way, you'll earn a lot of points at the end of each round and gather up to 9 lives to make the last round easier for yourself. The latest enemies just before the final boss are a pain to defeat, and these lives will come in handy.

    You can also use a cheat code that will allow you to select any level, but for this you'll need a second controller:

    While in the main menu, hold with the second controller, and go to Options with your main controller. Now you'll be able to select Round 8 and you'll only defeat all these enemies and reach the final boss.

    Note: If using the cheat code, the trophy is glitched in a very good way. After using the cheat code, all you have to do is to choose two player instead of one player, and the trophy will immediately pop at the character select screen.

  • Alex Kidd - Win 50 Games of Rock, Paper, Scissors

    You'll be able to enter some doors while pressing and inside you'll encounter NPCs that will want to play rock, paper, scissors with you. This is totally luck based and you'll have to win 50 times. You can also select this minigame from the main menu.

    However, you can use the rewind feature to speed this up. The first time you play this mini-game, choose whatever options and rewind if you lose. Now when you win, let the NPC be killed and rewind until you have to choose a move or just before the weight hit the enemy, pick the same move/let the weight hit the enemy and you'll win again. Do that 50 times and you'll unlock the trophy.

  • Shadow Dancer - Complete the first 2 stages without using magic

    The first two stages are pretty easy and you shouldn't have any trouble completing them without using magic. Magic is used by pressing so make sure not to use it, if you do simply rewind time.

    You'll have to defeat enemies and save all the civilians with the use of your sword, shuriken, and dog, before reaching the finish line. Make sure to rewind time if you're shot, and you shouldn't have any difficulty.

  • Streets of Rage 3 - Finish the game on Normal or Hard difficulty

    Finishing the whole game on Normal or Hard can be a bit tricky, as Streets of Rage 3 is more difficult than the previous Streets of Rage games. Make sure to use the rewind feature to avoid dying too much and you will eventually do it, but there is a faster way using the level selection.

    After the title screen, hold + then select Options. Press and you'll have access to the level select. Choose the 6th Level (7th isn't available) and complete the 6th and 7th level to finish the game. You'll reach the bad ending this way, but you'll still unlock the trophy.

    Note: According to MidnightDragonDX, this can be done on Easy difficulty using the cheat codes.

  • Golden Axe Games - Collect 200 magic

    This can be done in any of the 3 Golden Axe games, and stacks through all your different runs. You'll collect magic by hitting the blue enemies carrying a backpack and collecting the blue potions. You can play the games normally until you've collected enough magic, or you can use the rewind feature.

    Start Golden Axe 1, defeat the enemies until the first blue enemy carrying potions appear, and hit him twice until he drops potions. Collect the potions, rewind time, collect the potions again, rewind time, etc, until you reach 200.

  • Complete all challenges

    WARNING! Some people have reported losing their progression with the challenges when turning off the PS4; it is recommended you complete all of them in one go if you can, or use rest mode instead of turning off your PS4.

    The glitch seems to trigger when loading the game, so a simple solution is to always back up your save after each session, and downloading these back up saves if you've lost your progression.

    There are 20 challenges in this collection. They're all pretty quick, but some of them are very tricky. You'll have to start the challenge itself if you want it to be registered; for example, reaching 5000 points in Columns won't net you the challenge if you're not starting the challenge itself.

    There are two ways to start the challenges. The first one is to pick a game on the right of the room and press . Then if the game has a challenge, press to enter it.
    The second and simplest method is simply access the Extras menu on the right of the room, pick Challenges and press to enter any challenge from here.

    The game will automatically place you in the part of the game where you need to do the challenge. For example, you'll start Streets of Rage 3 directly at the Stage 2 Bosses; you won't have to start from the beginning.

    Note that you cannot use the rewind feature in these challenges.

    List of challenges and tips:

    • Beyond Oasis: Defeat the Crab Nabber using just the dagger.
      As soon as you start the fight you should try to get close to the boss and spam the attack button before he even moves. Then keep moving to avoid being hit and wait for the boss to jump in the air, quickly place your character below it and hold the attack button and hit him once it lands. You should be able to avoid his attacks doing that, but you have some healing items in the pause menu if you take too much damage.
    • Columns: Starting using this mid-game save, get to a score of 5000.
      Note that you can pause the game at any time; this can help to plan your moves. Try to do some combos, as this will net you more points. After a while blocks will fall faster, so try to clean up the board a bit when you first start the challenge.
    • Comix Zone: Win the Kung Fung tournament, but your health bar is looking low.
      Low health for this challenge means you'll still have more than half of the bar full, so this shouldn't be as difficult as it looks. You'll have to defeat 5 enemies to win the tournament, they all come one at a time except for the first 2. The best method is to simply spam the attack button, you can also electrocute your enemies with or a super attack with .
    • Crack Down: Finish Stage 1 Act 3 with at least 1:50 left
      To finish the level you'll have to place all the bombs and exit the level without losing all your lives. You can see the map at the top of the screen and the red dots are where you need to place the bombs, so you know where to go. The end of the levels are the openings on the right of the map.
      You have 7 lives but try to not get shot too much as you'll lose some time, so try to shoot your enemies first and face the walls to avoid being shot. The last bomb will have a lot of enemies and you won't have enough time to kill them all, so try to avoid them as much as you can and quickly run to the exit; if you still have some lives here this will be easier.
    • Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine: Starting in the middle of a game, get a score of at least 4000
      You'll start the game at the beginning of Level 3. You have to place 4 or more beans of the same color together to score points. Reaching 4000 points is not that hard but you also have to make sure to not defeat your enemy before you reach this score, as this will end the game. So this time, try not to make too much combos when the board of your enemy is almost full.
    • Flicky: Complete Round 10 in under 2 minutes
      Time shouldn't be much of a problem here; the main difficulty is that you only have two lives, so make sure to avoid enemies and don't take any unnecessary risks just to go faster. Plan a route and try to stick with it, collect the birds on your way and lead them to the exit.
    • Golden Axe: Take on Level 8 of The Duel and win as Gilius Thunderhead, but your health is low
      This challenge can be really frustrating, as you will die with a single hit. The best strategy is probably using jump attacks only and keeping both skeletons on the same side. Keep using this attack as soon as they get up and they won't be able to do much if your timing is right. If you can get both skeletons at the exact same place this is even better as you'll be able to attack them both at the same time.
    • Golden Axe II: Defeat the second boss while playing as Ax Battle, but using no magic or continues
      In this challenge, you'll have 4 health so you can take some hits, but you have only 1 life and losing it will end the challenge. You're fighting against the boss + 2 skeletons. Focus on the skeletons first so they don't annoy you when fighting the boss. The boss is slow so try to move away from him while you're fighting the skeletons. Try to use the jump attack as much as possible and avoid doing combos as the other skeletons will attack you. Once they're down focus on the boss, but be careful as he will be able to attack you as soon as he get up so you can't just spam jump attacks.
    • Golden Axe III: Beat the 2 minotaurs without using a continue
      You'll have 2 lives in this challenge, which means you can die one time but if you die twice this will end the challenge. You'll also have some magic in your possession and you should use them all before dying as you'll get one more magic when you die but only if your bar is empty. So make sure to use magic 3 times as soon as you start.
      Now the best strategy to hit them is to walk near them, dodge/avoid their attack and quickly attack them at this exact moment. If not, they'll avoid most of your attacks and hit you at the same time.
    • Ristar: Complete Planet Flora Round 1 without taking damage
      This challenge should be easy if you always stick to the same route, the enemies will always pop at the same place so after a few tries you'll know where they are.
    • Shadow Dancer: Complete Stage 1-2 with the dog in its Puppy State
      For this challenge, you must reach the finish line while your dog is a puppy. To reach the finish line you'll have to save all the hostages. Your dog will turn into a puppy after failing to attack an enemy, but he'll turn back into a dog when saving an hostage or killing an enemy so you must plan your route.
      Start by saving all the hostages you see but don't kill the enemy on the highest platform near the beginning. Make your way to the end of the level killing everything and saving everyone. Now get back to the first area where you didn't kill the enemy and hold the attack button to let your dog attack. This will fail, it will turn into a puppy, and since you've saved every hostage and every other enemy should be dead by now, you're free to cross the finish line.
    • Shining Force: Make it to Alterone with no more than 1 team member dying in battle
      This challenge can also be very tricky and you'll need a good strategy and a bit of luck to complete it. You'll have 8 characters and only 1 of them can die, however if Delphi (the main hero) dies, this will also end the challenge. Note that before starting the battle, you can enter the castle where you start and get some healing items, which can be handy.
      First you should defeat the Giants Bats on your left, attacking with either Ken or Mae. Now move all your characters to the left and cross the bridge to attract the next set of enemies. But make sure to let Tao, Lowe and Delphi behind your party because the hero cannot die, Lowe is a healer and Tao is weak.
      Attract and attack the next Dwarves, try to attack them one by one and heal your characters if they took too much damage before moving on.
      Now move up to the North and kill the next set of Bats.
      Now comes the tricky part. Alterone is guarded by Knights and they can insta-kill you if they all attack the same character. Try to lure them one by one by moving to the East with one of your character and get back to your party when you can. When 1 or 2 of them are close, attack them with all your characters and you could kill them before they have a chance to attack you. Do that for all the Knights and then you'll be safe to reach Alterone.
      You could also try to lure the Knights and reach Alterone with your main character, but if one of the Knights is attracted by Delphi, you're pretty much dead and will have to start over so it's best to deal with the Knights before reaching the city.
    • Sonic The Hedgehog: Complete Green Hill Zone Act 2 in Mirror Mode in under 1 minute
      This will be in mirror mode, which means you'll be running to the left of the screen but other than that the Stage will stay the same. This Stage isn't very difficult, try to keep running and jumping avoiding enemies and obstacles, and stay on the highest platforms. After the first loop, you'll find an invincibility box which will make things easier. The only danger from now is the part with the spikes and the moving platforms, be very careful as if you fall you can instantly die even with the invincibility on. After this part, continue left and you'll reach the end.
    • Space Harrier 2: Complete Stage 1 without losing a life
      In this game, you'll die with a single hit. Try to keep moving in circle and you should be able to avoid all the attacks and obstacles and keep shooting to kill the enemies.
    • Streets of Rage: Finish Stage 1 with a full bar of health
      This challenge is easier than it sounds as there is a turkey that will heal you a lot in the boss area. Make sure to not eat it yet.
      Make your way to the boss area, killing enemies and trying to avoid being hit too much. Don't call the police yet. Once you reach the boss area, attack the boss and try to grab him as soon as he gets up, trying to avoid being hit. When he only has a half health bar left, eat the turkey and call the police.
      Note that the turkey will not heal you completely, so make sure to not lose too much life or this won't work.
    • Streets of Rage II: Complete Stage 2 without picking up any items
      This one is probably harder than it sounds, you can't pick up any healing item or any weapon, but the attack button is the same button to pick up items so you have to be careful. When you see an item on the ground, it's best to use jump attacks and make sure to hit the attack button while in the air so you don't have to worry about picking up the item. Also note that you have two lives so you can only die once.
    • Streets of Rage 3: Beat the twin bosses at the end of Stage 2 with just 10% health remaining (or less)
      You start the challenge with two lives, which means you can die one time, and there is also a turkey in this area so you can heal yourself. However, these 2 bosses are a real pain as they'll dodge most of your attacks.
      The main strategy is to focus on one of them as much as you can until she's defeated. Try to let her attack and dodge, and then attack her when she's done so you can hit her. Don't worry about the 10% yet.
      Now that one of them is dead, focus on the other one and attack her with , but make sure not to kill her yet. This attack is very powerful but also makes you lose health; keep attacking her until her life is low.
      Then keep attacking with but without touching her, until your health is very low. The 10% health mark is half-way of the letter B of Blaze. Ideally, you should attack in the air until you have around 15-20% of your life, then attack the boss with one more time so your last attack will kill her and also lower your health under 10%. You could also lower your bar to 10% yourself and try to kill her with regular attacks, but be very careful as you'll die with a single hit.
    • The Revenge of Shinobi: Complete the first level with just one health bar remaining
      You'll start the game with 8 bars of life, you don't have to kill all enemies to finish the level, just need to reach the finish line. Make your way to the end of the level killing enemies on your way and try not to lose all your life, then when you reach the end, let the last enemy reduce your health to 1 before crossing the finish line and finishing the level.
    • Vectorman 2: Collect all 123 photons on Level 2
      These photons look like sparks and are located everywhere thoughout the level, and can also be collected after defeating enemies. To find them all you must kill all enemies and visit every nook and cranny to make sure not to miss any. Please refer to the video if you have trouble finding them.
    • Virtua Fighter 2: Take control of Kage-Maru and perform an epic comeback to win the fight
      You will start this challenge at the end of Round 1 with very low health. The first to win 2 rounds wins the fight so don't worry if you don't win the first one, as you'll start the next rounds with full health.
      You can win a round by reducing your opponent's health to zero of by pushing her to the left/right until she's out of the arena. Keep spamming attacks but also try to protect yourself when she's attacking you, this might take a few tries depending on your skills with fighting games.

    Here is a video if you need extra help (credits to Soul Zonik):

  • Play 20 games

    Please refer to It's a lovely day outside .

  • There are a total of 53 games in this collection, you won't play enough of them to complete all the trophies/challenges so you'll have to launch a few more to get this one. A game is "played" as soon as you see the SEGA logo, so you can leave the game as soon as you start it if you don't want to play it.

    Here is the list of all games available and icons to see which ones have trophies and/or challenges, so you can remember which ones you played or not if you have everything else:

    • Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle
    • Alien Soldier
    • Alien Storm
    • Altered Beast
    • Beyond Oasis
    • Bio-Hazard Battle
    • Bonanza Bros.
    • Columns
    • Columns III: Revenge of Columns
    • Comix Zone
    • Crack Down
    • Decap Attack
    • Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine
    • Dynamite Headdy
    • ESWAT: City Under Siege
    • Fatal Labyrinth
    • Flicky
    • Gain Ground
    • Galaxy Force II
    • Golden Axe
    • Golden Axe II
    • Golden Axe III
    • Gunstar Heroes
    • Kid Chameleon
    • Landstalker
    • Light Crusader
    • Phantasy Star II
    • Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom
    • Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millenium
    • Ristar
    • Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi
    • Shining Force
    • Shining Force II
    • Shining in the Darkness
    • Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master
    • Sonic 3D Blast
    • Sonic Spinball
    • Sonic the Hedgehog
    • Sonic the Hedgehog 2
    • Space Harrier II
    • Streets of Rage
    • Streets of Rage 2
    • Streets of Rage 3
    • Super Thunder Blade
    • Sword of Vermilion
    • The Revenge of Shinobi
    • ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron
    • ToeJam& Earl
    • Vectorman
    • VectorMan 2
    • Virtua Fighter 2
    • Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair
    • Wonder Boy in Monster World

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