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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10 (Platinum Difficulty Thread)
  • Offline trophies: 53 (42, 8, 2, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 50+ Hours (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 2
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No

Scarlet Nexus is an Action RPG by Bandai Namco taking place in a futuristic, "Brain Punk" world where many people are born with psychic powers, and monsters known as Others roam and terrorize people. In this game you watch a story unravel from two different viewpoints. One is through the eyes of Yuito Sumeragi, a boy who joins the Other Suppression Force (OSF) in order to follow in the footsteps of his family and a hero from his past. The other viewpoint is from Kasane Randall, a girl who joins the OSF alongside her sister in order to fight the threat of the Others. The game is interesting with its animation and its unique gameplay allowing you to utilize various psychic abilities as you fight enemies throughout the world. In terms of trophies, the game is not too long and nothing is missable, but there is a small grind you will likely have to do if you wish to obtain the platinum.


Step 1: Play through the story as Yuito while viewing all Bond Episodes, completing any possible quests, and giving all possible presents before completing Phase 12.

Let me start by saying that you can start as either character and obtain the platinum just fine. For the sake of this guide, and following my approach to the game, I am simply recommending that you start with Yuito. Another big reason, is that I found him easier to use compared to Kasane so I had an easier time adjusting to the game with him. For this step, you will be playing through the story as Yuito. Make sure you take the time to collect supplies and resources found in each area since you will need them to exchange for items such as weapons, presents, etc. As you get more and more abilities, keep an eye out for combat related trophies you can obtain if you would like to knock them out as well. While you play through the story, try and complete as many quests as you can. There will be different quests in Kasane's story and progress carries over, so don't feel pressed to do all 30 right away. You unlock more quests as you reach the Standby Phases of the game. You will also see character Bond Episodes appear throught the Standby Phases. While they are not missible, I would recommend doing them as they appear because they strengthen your bonds with your team members which in turn can help increase their SAS level which grant powerful perks to their standard SAS abilitities. Also, Knowledge of the Past trophy_bronze.png is only obtainable in Yuito's story which is available starting at Phase 7. You can wait until after completing both stories to come back for it, but it's something to keep in mind if you would like to get it out of the way. During Standby Phase 11, try to give all presents to all possible team members. You can see if a member has received a present by checking if they have a checkmark next to their name when you highlight the present. You can wait to do this later on, but I found it easier to just get it done before starting my second playthrough. Once you have given all presents and have seen all Bond Episodes (5 episodes for Hanabi, Luka, Gemma, Tsugumi, and Kasane. 4 episodes for Arashi, Kagero, Shiden, and Kyoka). Once you have done everything you can during this playthrough (bond episodes, presents, etc.) go ahead and beat the story and create a clear save. The reason for this is that doing all of that AFTER beating the story would require you to beat the story again to make a new clear save in order for all that file's progress to carry over to EX New Game.

Small note: Getting the Deluxe Edition containing the SAS Plug-Ins does help a small bit during the endgame grind, but is not necessary at all. However, if you have access to it, make sure to immediately equip the Special Bonus Contract Plug-In to get 5% more EXP.

Trophies obtained in this step:
Scarlet Guardian trophy_bronze.png 
Conclusion of Millenia trophy_bronze.png 
To the Unknown Future trophy_bronze.png 
A Line Beyond Time trophy_bronze.png 
Companionship trophy_silver.png 
Gifts trophy_bronze.png 
Kins Millionaire trophy_silver.png 
The Place Beyond the Pain trophy_bronze.png 
Master of the Psionic Space trophy_bronze.png 
Other Nemesis trophy_bronze.png 
Power of Observation trophy_silver.png 
Mighty Soldier trophy_silver.png 
One Lost in Madness trophy_bronze.png 
Seasoned Psychokinesis User trophy_bronze.png 
Receiver of Protection trophy_bronze.png 
Power of Nexus trophy_bronze.png 
Expanded Brain Functionality trophy_bronze.png 
Protect! trophy_bronze.png 
Knowledge of the Past trophy_bronze.png 
Brain Field Expert trophy_silver.png 
Collector trophy_bronze.png 
Everyone's Ally trophy_bronze.png 
Wheels Gone Wild trophy_bronze.png 
Helping Hand trophy_bronze.png 
Trusted Ally trophy_bronze.png 
You Are Not Alone trophy_bronze.png 
Fierce Psychokinesis User trophy_bronze.png 
Cunning Brain Smash trophy_bronze.png 
Friendship trophy_bronze.png 
Suoh Incident trophy_bronze.png 
One Will trophy_bronze.png ​​​​​​​

Step 2: Play through the story as Kasane while viewing all Bond Episodes and completing quests as you progress

Once you have cleared the story, you will create a clear save file and have access to EX New Game. This allows you to start a new game while carrying over all progress. (Just remember that you will be now playing as Kasane who has her own bonds, presents, etc. so things like SAS levels do not apply to Kasane. Once you clear this story, you can swap between the stories at will where you will find all your Yuito progress still intact.) I would recommend keeping your clear save file as a precaution. So do not overwrite it, just save in a different save slot as you play through the game again. Kasane does feature different viewpoints and aspects of the story so it can be worth watching the scenes if you are interested. Otherwise, you will approach this playthrough as you did with Yuito. Thankfully, you keep your progress so you will have your level from Yuito's story, you will just have to reassign Brain Points to Kasane's abilities. As you play through the game, check quests during the Standby Phases so you can once again do them as you play through the story and do Bond Episodes as you see them to help deepen bonds with team members for better SAS abilities. Once you do everything you need to, complete the story as Kasane and create you new clear save file featuring clears for both Yuito and Kasane. Once you do this, you can move on to the next step.

Trophies obtained in this step:
Collecting Fragments of History trophy_bronze.png 
Red Strings for Two trophy_silver.png 
Shared Feelings trophy_bronze.png 
To Run Together trophy_bronze.png 
Life Goes On trophy_bronze.png 
Remaining Pure trophy_bronze.png 
Ghost Who Chose Life trophy_bronze.png 
No Need to Go it Alone trophy_bronze.png 
The Strength to Simply Exist trophy_bronze.png 
My Past is Me, My Angst is Me trophy_bronze.png 
Being Wasteful Ain't Bad trophy_bronze.png 
Collection Freak trophy_bronze.png 
Heroic OSF trophy_bronze.png 
Link Expert trophy_bronze.png 
Suppressor of All Enemies trophy_silver.png ​​​​​​​

Step 3: Post Game Cleanup

Now that you have completed the game as both Yuito and Kasane, you can swap between their stories whenever you want by speaking with the opposing character at the Hideout. Now you will begin your cleanup of the game. If you have not given all presents, go ahead and do that. If you followed my advice, Yuito should be done so you only need to have Kasane give all her presents. If you need materials, you can revisit areas to obtain the necessary components to exchange. Once you have obtained Gift-Giving Freak trophy_gold.png, decide which character you would prefer to obtain the rest of the trophies with and swap to them. Now you are going to want to reach Bond Level 6 with all team members. This can be easily done by re-giving gifts that team members have a high affection toward. With all team members at level 6, you will have access to all of their SAS abilities which can greatly help in combat. Go ahead and finish up any combat, quest, miscellaneous trophies you need to with your character before proceeding to the final grind to max out the Brain Map. Personally, I found Sumeragi Tomb to be the best location for grinding experience in order to level quickly. Essentially, you are going to fast travel to Sumeragi Tomb - Memories of Impasse, clear this entire area, fast travel out to another location (do not pick another place in Sumeragi Tomb), then fast travel back to grind enemies in order to reach level 80. Reaching level 80 provides you with enough Brain Points to max out the Brain Map. Once you reach level 80 and max out the Brain Map, you should have your Platinum.

Trophies obtained in this step:
Tightly Wound Bond trophy_gold.png 
Gift-Giving Freak trophy_gold.png 
Owner of an Excellent Brain trophy_silver.png 
Baki-s trophy_bronze.png 
Fashion Debut trophy_bronze.png 
Fashionista trophy_bronze.png 
Woven Red Threads trophy_platinum.png 

Scarlet Nexus Trophy Guide

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53 trophies ( 42  12  )

  • Obtained all trophies.

    Congratulations! You are a true Scarlet Guardian, and a hero among the OSF even greater than the Septentrions!
  • Saw Yuito Bond Episode 5

    Bond Episodes are special events involving main characters from the game. Usually they are side stories where the team members interact with your character in some way ultimately forming a deeper bond and connection with you. Both Yuito and Kasane have their own Bond Episodes with each team member so you will have to view them all during your playthroughs of each character. Bond Episodes always appear progressively throughout the story during the Standby Phases. You know a character has a Bond Episode if you approach them and they have a pink link chain icon above them. For an easier time I recommend doing them as they pop up because they help increase the Bond Levels with your team members which can lead to better SAS effects. Bond Episodes are not missable though, so you can go back and do them if you happen to miss any. Also keep in mind that certain characters initiate Bond Episodes through Brain Messages which is accessed by pressing dpad_up.png+r1.png. Messages for a Bond Episode will also have a pink link chain icon next to them. Yuito's story features 5 Bond Episodes for Kasane, Hanabi, Gemma, Luka, and Tsugumi, and 4 Bond Episodes for Shiden, Kyoka, Kagero, and Arashi. Kasane's story features 5 Bond Episodes for Yuito, Shiden, Kagero, Kyoka, and Arashi, and 4 Bond Episodes for Hanabi, Luka, Gemma, and Tsugumi. For a majority of the Bond Episode trophies, you will obtain them after viewing all of their Bond Episodes in both Yuito's story AND Kasane's story. The exceptions are the trophies related to the Bond Episodes for Yuito and Kasane themselves.

    As a small note: Team Bond Episodes are not required for any trophies.
  • Saw Kasane Bond Episode 5

    Please refer to Shared Feelings trophy_bronze.png 
  • Viewed 'Hanabi Bond Episode 5' in Yuito's story and 'Hanabi Bond Episode 4' In Kasane's story.

    Please refer to Shared Feelings trophy_bronze.png 
  • Viewed 'Gemma Bond Episode 5' in Yuito's story and 'Gemma Bond Episode 4' In Kasane's story.

    Please refer to Shared Feelings trophy_bronze.png 
  • Viewed 'Tsugumi Bond Episode 5' in Yuito's story and 'Tsugumi Bond Episode 4' In Kasane's story.

    Please refer to Shared Feelings trophy_bronze.png 
  • Viewed 'Kagero Bond Episode 4' in Yuito's story and 'Kagero Bond Episode 5' In Kasane's story.

    Please refer to Shared Feelings trophy_bronze.png 
  • Viewed 'Luka Bond Episode 5' in Yuito's story and 'Luka Bond Episode 4' In Kasane's story.

    Please refer to Shared Feelings trophy_bronze.png 
  • Viewed 'Shiden Bond Episode 4' in Yuito's story and 'Shiden Bond Episode 5' In Kasane's story.

    Please refer to Shared Feelings trophy_bronze.png 
  • Viewed 'Kyoka Bond Episode 4' in Yuito's story and 'Kyoka Bond Episode 5' In Kasane's story.

    Please refer to Shared Feelings trophy_bronze.png 
  • Viewed 'Arashi Bond Episode 4' in Yuito's story and 'Arashi Bond Episode 5' In Kasane's story.

    Please refer to Shared Feelings trophy_bronze.png 
  • Reached Bond Level 6 with an ally.

    Please refer to Tightly Wound Bond trophy_gold.png 
  • Reached Bond Level 6 with all allies.

    I recommend working on this trophy after you have completed your EX New Game with your 2nd character, doing all Bond Episodes, and giving all gifts. For this trophy you must reach Bond Level 6 with all team members. You only have to do this once so I recommend doing it for the character you wish to play as until you reach the platinum. Bond Levels are essentially an affection system that increases as you fight alongside, do Bond Episodes, and give presents to your allies. If you are doing all Bond Episodes and giving all presents then you will likely have the majority of characters at Level 5 if not Level 6. If you have already given all presents, go ahead and exchange items for the presents that give the most affection to the allies you still need. You will know which presents give the most affection since they will have a large, red heart on the picture of the ally they are given to. Just continue to give these gifts to the allies you need to greatly raise their affection. After a couple of times they should increase to Level 6. Once all allies are at Level 6, you will receive some pretty nice SAS perks along with this trophy.
  • Gave a gift to an ally for the first time. *Does not include add-ons.

    Please refer to Gift-Giving Freak trophy_gold.png 
  • Gave all gifts to all allies. *Does not include add-ons.

    After Phase 2, you should be able to start giving gifts to your allies. You can find gifts throughout the areas you explore or you can exchange items for them through the Archivist (guy with the shop who also saves your progress). Unless you care about increasing ally Bond Levels right away you can save gift giving until Standby Phase 11 of each playthrough. Gifts unlock as you progress through the story so all gifts for your character should be available by Standby Phase 11. At that point you just want to exchange the necessary items for the present and give the present to a teammate that needs it. Some presents can be given to multiple allies, so you will need enough of each present to give to all allies who are able to receive it. To make this easier, I recommend collecting supplies and items as you go through each area in the story so you won't have to backtrack as much later on. You can view if a teammate has received a specific present by highlighting the present and seeing if there is a checkmark next to the picture of the teammate. If a checkmark is present, then that ally has already received that gift. Be aware that Yuito and Kasane feature their own set of presents to give so you will not obtain this trophy until giving all gifts as both characters in EX New Game. Any gifts you give as your first character do carry over, but Yuito and Kasane have completely separate gifts apart from the Plug-In attachments which do not count toward the trophy anyway. So once you can swap between the characters, you will see your progress towards this trophy is still intact. Once you give all allies all gifts as Yuito and Kasane, this trophy will unlock.
  • Collected over 200 thousand kins.

    This trophy is cumulative so you do not need over 200,000 Kins on you at once. You will likely obtain this naturally if you are going for the platinum. Kins are obtained as you defeat enemies and can also be found as supplies in various areas. If, for whatever reason, you do not have this trophy after giving all gifts to all allies, go ahead and sell any remaining items you do not need to the Archivist and you will definitely receive this trophy.
  • Used the SAS over 100 times.

    You will likely obtain this trophy naturally as using SAS is a core gameplay mechanic used throughout the game. SAS is the Struggle Arms System which allows Yuito and Kasane to borrow their team members' abilities and use them as their own. This is done by holding r1.png then pressing a corresponding face button with the ability you would like to use. Simply use SAS over 100 times to obtain this trophy.
  • Finished off 50 enemies with the Brain Field.

    Brain Field is unlocked after Phase 4 in the story. Brain Field is activated by pressing l3.png+r3.png after the Brain Field icon is lit up. Brain Field greatly powers up Yuito and/or Kasane by allowing them to melee enemies with objects for large damage and throw items with psychokinesis at no cost. The drawback is that they can only remain in this state for a limited time before losing their mind. For this trophy, you must defeat at least 50 enemies while in Brain Field. This includes just defeating them or using Brain Crush on them. This trophy gets easier as you play through the game as you will eventually start receiving Brain Field Gear items which allow you to instantly make Brain Field available without having to charge it up.
  • Used the Brain Crush on Others 20 times.

    You will likely obtain this trophy naturally as Brain Crush is a major mechanic when fighting enemies throughout the game. When you face certain enemies, they will have a yellow gauge below their health. This is the Crush Gauge. When an enemy's Crush Gauge is depleted, they will be stunned and you will be able to initate Brain Crush on them by pressing l2.png. This will deal major damage to the enemy or just outright defeat them. Simply initate Brain Crush 20 times in order to obtain this trophy.
  • Successfully performed 20 perfect dodges.

    Perfect dodges are performed when dodging an enemy attack with circle.png at the last moment. Time will slow down and you can even press square.png to initiate a counter attack. You'll probably earn this trophy naturally, especially playing as Yuito since his story features Tsugumi on his team. Tsugumi's SAS ability Clairvoyence allows you to perceive things you wouldn't normally see, and also increases the window for performing a perfect dodge against an attack. Simply perform 20 perfect dodges throughout your playthroughs to receive this trophy.
  • Defeated 1,000 enemies.

    You will likely obtain this trophy naturally if you are going for the platinum. Enemies appear in increasing amounts as you play through the game so you will no doubt earn this as you play through the game. Especially because the platinum requires a 2nd playthrough. The game is entirely centered around combat and minor exploration, so you will earn this as you play.
  • Performed 50 successful Special Object Follow-Up Attacks.

    You will likely earn this naturally since using Special Object Follow-Up Attacks are a key way to fight enemies and deplete enemy Crush Gauges. In various areas you will notice that you can hold l2.png to use psychokinesis on special objects which usually involve a subsequent button input to utilize the object. This will deal major damage to the enemy's health and/or Crush Gauge. To use one as a Follow-Up Attack just use the object after first using a square.png melee attack or r2.png psychokinesis attack. For this trophy you simply need to utilize Special Object Follow-Up Attacks 50 times which will likely happen as you play through the story.
  • Initiated Assault Visions 20 times.

    Assault Visions become available after reaching Bond Level 4 with an ally. During combat, after striking an enemy, an ally icon may randomly pop up along with triangle.png+circle.png. By pressing these buttons when they appear, a vision of the character will replace Yuito/Kasane and unleash a powerful attack. Do this a total of 20 times in order to obtain this trophy. If you wish to obtain this faster, there is a skill in the Brain Drive tree that allows for consecutive Assault Visions during Brain Drive. Obtain this in order to unleash 3 consecutive Assault Visions while Brain Drive is active.
  • Activated 4 different Combo Visions in 1 combo.

    Combo Visions become available after reaching Bond Level 3 with an ally. Combo Visions are done by pressing l1.png and the corresponding face button to the SAS ability you wish to use. When you do this, a vision of the ally will pop up and do an attack at the cost of some of the SAS gauge. For this trophy you will need access to at least 4 Combo Visions for allies, then execute at least 4 Combo Visions against an enemy. They can be consecutive so an example would be me just pressing l1.png+cross.pngl1.png+circle.png,l1.png+square.png,l1.png+triangle.png against a single enemy.
  • Learned all the skills in one of the Brain Map categories.

    Please refer to Owner of an Excellent Brain trophy_silver.png 
  • Learned all the skills on the Brain Map.

    This will likely be the last trophy you earn. Once you have completed EX New Game, and have obtained everything else, pick which character you would like to use. This is because Yuito and Kasane have separate levels, so to lessen the grind, it's easier to pick the character you are more comfortable with. To learn all skills on the Brain Map, you will need to reach level 80 in order to obtain enough Brain Points. The best method I have found is to fast travel to Sumeragi Tomb - Memories of Impasse and clear out this entire area. There are 3 sections where you will fight enemies. Once you have done this, fast travel to any location outside of Sumeragi Tomb, then immediately fast travel to Sumeragi Tomb - Memories of Impasse again. All enemies should respawn when you return. Going through this area was able to earn me at least 240,000 EXP every time I cleared it out. This amount would increase if I could maintain my EXP multiplier with proper usage of Brain Drive and Brain Field. A good way to do this is to fight enemies until you activate Brain Drive. Proceed normally until you notice Brain Drive is about to run out. At that point, activate Brain Field to maintain your multiplier and increase it further. Brain Drive multiplier maxes at 1.5 (with all upgrades) but Brain Field maxes out at 1.8. For this trophy I highly recommend learning all skills related to Brain Drive/Brain Field EXP gain as soon as you can in order to lessen the grind later on. Once you reach level 80, you should have enough Brain Points to learn all skills on the Brain Map. Learn all skills to obtain this trophy.

    Small Note: If you purchased the Deluxe Edition, make sure you equip the Special Contract Plug-In right away. This increases EXP and Money gained by 5%. It's not much, but every little bit counts towards lessening the grind at the end.
  • Raised the EXP bonus to the maximum.

    You will likely obtain this naturally if you are making use of Brain Field during combat. The maximum EXP bonus multplier is 1.8 and this can only be achieved through Brain Field. The maximum for Brain Drive is only 1.5. To make this easier, make sure you have Brain Field available then defeat enemies until you reach 1.5 during Brain Drive. After that, activate Brain Field and your multiplier will carry over. Defeating enemies in Brain Field grants 0.1 towards the multiplier so defeating 3 enemies will increase it to 1.8 and earn you this trophy. This is a good method to use when grinding towards level 80.
  • Used Item Exchange for the first time. *Does not include add-ons.

    Please refer to Collection Freak trophy_bronze.png 
  • Exchanged 100 types of items at shops. *Does not include add-ons.

    You will likely obtain this naturally if you are going for the platinum since presents largely require exchanges in order to obtain them. When you access shops, you can press l1.png or r1.png to tab between Buying, Selling, Exchanging, and Accepting. When you go to exchange, you'll see that you can obtain items by exchanging supplies and items that you find as you explore areas. Most of the presents you will need to give can only be acquired through exchanges so that alone will probably earn you this trophy. You can also make sure to exchange items to upgrade your weapon and your allies' weapons too. After performing 100 exchanges, you will earn this trophy.
  • Completed a quest for the first time.

    Please refer to Heroic OSF trophy_bronze.png 
  • Completed 30 quests.

    As you progress through the story, quests will become availble from random NPCs. You can visit non-combat locations during the standby phases and look for NPCs with quests. Fast travel to an area and press tp.png to view the map. If you see a diamond icon, that means there is an NPC with a quest available. Quests can comprise of delivering items or defeating specific enemies in a specific way. For this trophy will have to complete a total of 30 quests. Both Yuito and Kasane have 34 available quests each for a total of 68. I would recommend checking areas during standby phases and accepting all available quests as they come up. They are not missable, but you will encounter many of the same enemies in various spots so you can make progress on them easily. To complete a quest after fulfilling the conditions, just go to the start menu, tab over to Story, then go to Quests. The quest should have a checkmark, so you can confirm its completion to receive your rewards and have it count. Progress of this trophy does carry over through EX New Game, so don't feel the need to do all 30 on a single character since you can split them up however you want between Yuito and Kasane.
  • Completed the Enemy Compendium. *Does not include add-ons.

    You will earn this trophy naturally as you go for the platinum. All enemies are encountered naturally through the story though there are enemies specific to each character's story. This means you will earn this trophy during your EX New Game playthrough as the 2nd character.
  • Activated all Combo Visions.

    Combo Visions become available after reaching Bond Level 3 with an ally. Combo visions are activated by pressing l1.pngand the face button of the corresponding SAS power you wish to use. I'm unsure about the exact conditions, but I was not able to unlock this until my EX New Game playthrough and using Yuito's Combo Vision while playing as Kasane along with repeating some others. Make sure that you equip and use every ally's Combo Vision since one ally is always left out from the menu due to you only having a capacity for 8 of the 9 characters. This includes Yuito, Kasane, Kagero, Shiden, Kyoka, Arashi, Gemma, Luka, Tsugumi, and Hanabi. If the trophy does not pop right away just continue using Combo Visions until it does. I suggest using all Combo Visions as Yuito then doing it again for Kasane.
  • Revived by an ally for the first time.

    When you run out of health it is usually a game over. However, there is a random chance that an ally can revive you if they are still up. This occurs after losing all your HP, but instead of going to the Game Over screen, your ally will revive you and pull you up to continue fighting. This is random so just play the game until this eventually pops. There are plenty of tough enemies unless you are playing on Easy so you shouldn't really have to focus on this. 
  • Initiated a guardian vision for the first time.

    Guardian Visions are available after an ally reaches Bond Level 2. Guardian Visions are random occurances where a vision of an ally will appear and block a hit you would have otherwise taken. This happens randomly so just play the game and you will no doubt receive this trophy as you play.
  • Saved inside the brain field for the first time.

    While in Brain Field you will eventually get headaches where your character stops moving and grabs their head in pain. This usually occurs at the 15 seconds remaining mark and the 5 seconds remaining mark. During this time it is possible for any of your allies to appear and give you more time to stay in Brain Field. This is a random occurrence so just play through the game, making sure to use Brain Field, and you will likely obtain this naturally.
  • Threw 100 objects with psychokinesis.

    You will likely obtain this naturally as psychokinesis is a core part of combat and gameplay. When fighting enemies you can throw objects by pressing r2.png if there is anything around for you to use. Simply do this 100 times to obtain this trophy.
  • Defeated 3 enemies at the same time with Brain Crush.

    For this trophy I recommend the ability in Yuito's Brain Map that increases stun duration and window for Brain Crush. For this trophy, you must have three enemies on your screen fully crushed and available to Brain Crush, then press l2.pngto simultaneously Brain Crush them all. An easy place to get this is Arahabaki in Chapter 9. You will eventually come across 3 Base Paws enemies on the side of a conveyor belt. These enemies are easily crushed if you approach them with Luka's Teleportation or Arashi's Hypervelocity. Once you knock them down, use either Shiden's Electrokinesis or Hanabi's Pyrokinesis to quickly deplete their Crush Gauges. Then execute Brain Crush with l2.png while they're all on your screen.
  • Revived allies 5 times.

    When an ally loses all of their HP, they will collapse on the field and can be revived if you approach them and hold dpad_up.png. For this trophy, you must revive allies a total of 5 times. The AI teammates are decent, but fall pretty often so you will have many opportunities for this. You can be hit which will stop you during the revive process so I suggest using SAS for Gemma's Sclerokinesis or Arashi's Hypervelocity before attempting the revive.
  • Changed your Visual Equipment for the first time. *Does not include add-ons.

    Please refer to Fashionista trophy_bronze.png 
  • Collected 100 attachments. *Does not include add-ons.

    I recommend going for this trophy after giving all gifts to all allies that way you do not accidentally use up any necessary items or supplies. For this trophy you must collect a total of 100 attachments which are just cosmetic items for your characters. You can purchase attachments as well as exchange items for them. There are not 100 to buy so you will definitely need to exchange items for them. Once you have completed both stories, you should have tons of items and money. So after giving all gifts, purchase all available attachments then continue exchanging items for them until this trophy unlocks. You should not have any issues since there are well over 100 attachments in the game.

Secret trophies

  • Completed Phase 0.

    Story Related

    You will receive this trophy after completing the tutorial and joining the Other Suppression Force.
  • Finished the last battle against Karen.

    Story Related

    You will receive this trophy after defeating Karen Travers in Phase 12.
  • Reached the 1st playthrough ending.

    Story Related

    You will receive this trophy after completing your first story playthrough either with Yuito or Kasane.
  • Started a new game with a different main character after beating the game.

    Once you have completed the game with your first character, you will create a clear save file then be brought back to the main menu. You will now have access to EX New Game where you can start a new game with all of your progress carrying over. Go ahead and select this, and start a story with the character you did not use for your first playthrough to obtain this trophy right away.
  • Reached the ending of both Yuito's and Kasane's story.

    You will obtain this trophy after clearing EX New Game with the character you did not use from your inital playthrough.
  • Ran out of time in brain field.

    When activating Brain Field, you will notice that there is a time limit for you to keep it active. For this trophy, you must let the timer run out without deactivating Brain Field with l3.png+r3.png which will result in a Game Over.
  • Stopped in front of the OSF poster in the hideout.

    During Yuito Standby Phase 9 and Kasane Standby Phase 2, you will see an OSF poster in the gym to the left of the doorway. There are 2 next to each other and they show Arashi holding her weapon. Simply stand in front of this poster for a few seconds to obtain this trophy. You may need to position yourself a few times as I had to adjust my character a bit before it popped.
  • Collected all Mysterious Text Data.

    This trophy is only available as Yuito. You can begin going for this trophy during Phase 7 when you revisit the Old OSF Hospital. As you progress you will see supplies on the map (Green icons) as you would in any area, but this time they represent yellow boxes which contain the Mysterious Text Data. Approach these yellow boxes and collect them by pressing triangle.png. Make sure to collect them as you proceed through the area. There are a total of 10 to find, they're all visible on the map, and they are all accessible right away with your current SAS abilities. They also appear in order so, for example, if you found #1 then find #3, you missed #2 in an area you just passed. Simply find and collect all 10 Mysterious Text Data to receive this trophy.
  • Everyone wore Baki heads.

    You can obtain this trophy during Standby Phase 11 where Baki heads become available in the shop. If you access the shop during Standby Phase 11 and move over to Exchange, you can tab to visuals and scroll to find Baki Head available. Just exchange the necessary items to obtain it. Then access the start menu, and go over to each ally's visual menu and equip them with the Baki Head. Make sure to do this for everyone in order to obtain the trophy. Be aware that there are other Baki items such as the Baki Visor, etc. Make sure you do this specifically with the Baki Head item (color does not matter) as this is what counts for the trophy.
  • Defeated 5 enemies with 1 bus.

    When you reach the Kunad Highway area, you will eventually encounter Buses which you can use your psychokinesis on by holding l2.png. This will allow you to jump on top of the bus and control it using the left stick. You can ram enemies with the bus for colossal damage. Just keep in mind that there is a usage gauge that depletes over time and goes down faster if you hit enemies/walls. Just ram 5 enemies with a single use of a bus in order to obtain this trophy. Enemies are defeated usually in 1 hit and the game lines them up nicely for you, so this should be little to no trouble. You can revisit Kunad Highway during later phases as well, so don't worry if you do not get this immediately.
  • The Suoh Incident occurred.

    Story Related

    You will receive this trophy after completing Phase 4 of either Yuito's story or Kasane's story
  • Gathered all party members.

    Story Related

    You will receive this trophy near the end of Phase 9 when all party members join you and become available.

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