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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10 (Estimated Difficulty)
  • Offline trophies: 26 (5, 14, 6, 1)
  • Online trophies: None - there is an online option, but it's dead and there's no need to ever go online for trophies unless you don't have enough controllers
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 1-2 hours (Estimated Time)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: About a dozen matches
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: None known
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, you will have to win a match against 4 Hard AI Bots on almost every Arena
  • Note that 4 controllers will be needed for this platinum if you are planning to do it offline. Presumably it could be boosted online with a group of 4 players if you don't have controllers

A long awaited game about the perils of having a vasectomy? A guide to surviving marriage? A warning about failing to secure your protective cup properly before a game of hockey?

Actually, no, this game is a local and online party game with cute furry animals playing with nuts and fighting your opponents. While the other 3 choices really sound more interesting, this is a quick and relatively easy platinum, that is still somewhat entertaining as long as you have 4 controllers. I didn't test out online, since it is a graveyard, so unless you have boost buddies, you're gonna want to opt for local play.

There's no much challenge here and the trophies are mostly straightforward with a bit of prep. Read on for the best way to get your nut.


Step 1: Play the Tutorial

Not only is this almost always a useful place to start, there's actually a trophy for doing it. The tutorial will introduce you to the basic mechanics of the game. You'll need to replay it a couple of times until you clear the tutorial in less than a minute for your first trophy

Trophies earned in this step - 1
Fast Learner trophy_silver.png 

Step 2: 1v1 matches with 2 controllers

We are now ready to start the actual game and knock out a bunch of quick trophies. You will need 2 controllers here, with your opponent being a local guest account. We will just be leaving it to idle while we get the necessary trophies. You should only need 2-3 matches to clean up everything. Switch characters between matches to reduce replays in Step 5.

Trophies earned in this step - 8
Quickie trophy_silver.png 
Selfie trophy_gold.png 
Greedy Boy trophy_bronze.png 
Stomach Sick trophy_bronze.png 
I can fly! trophy_silver.png 
More punch, anyone? trophy_silver.png 
Never Give Up trophy_bronze.png 
Sorry to Burst Your Bubble trophy_gold.png 

Step 3: 2v2 matches with 4 controllers

We are almost done with local players, but will need 1-2 matches with 4 controllers for the last of the quick trophies. You can combine everything here to do in all in a single match with the right set up.

Trophies earned in this step - 5
Bomber Man trophy_gold.png 
Cleptomaniacs trophy_gold.png 
Party On trophy_silver.png 
Nutworking trophy_bronze.png 
Who let the dogs out? trophy_bronze.png 

Step 4: 4v4 matches against Hard AI Bots

Basically the last step, and the longest: you need to win a match on every map (except Soccer and Basketball) against 4 AI Bots set to Hard. You could do this with 3 other live people in local, but assuming you have no friends, then choose AI teammates. You can set your AI skill to Unfair for the easiest time, and I would recommend choosing Battle mode. When you win the match on the current arena, switch to the next arena and carry on. Only the first 3 arenas are unlocked to start, and after that the next arena unlocks with each win.

Trophies earned in this step - 10
Challenger trophy_silver.png 
There are bots in my Yard! trophy_silver.png 
Party at the Park trophy_silver.png 
Catch your Train trophy_silver.png 
Promissing Star trophy_gold.png 
Rocket Science trophy_silver.png 
Bots On Ice trophy_silver.png 
AI Crawler trophy_silver.png 
Nutty Rivers trophy_silver.png 
Canon Challenge trophy_silver.png 

Step 5: Clean up

If you followed the above steps, you should only have one trophy left - Lupino Fury trophy_gold.png . For this you need to unlock the Wolf character. First you need to win a match on every arena, including the Soccer and Basketball maps. You will not have done that yet as they were locked, and you didn't have to play them for a trophy. Do any mode you want (1v1 Capture the Nut is quickest) and after winning those 2 maps you should unlock the Beaver. Now you need to win at least once with all 5 characters - the 4 starting which you may already have done, and now Beaver. Once you win a match with all 5, you will unlock the Wolf and earn the last trophy and your plat.

Trophies earned in this step - 2
Lupino Fury trophy_gold.png 
Beavil Knievil trophy_platinum.png 

Save Your Nuts Trophy Guide

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26 trophies ( 14  1  )

  • Unlock the Beaver. Fast swimmer and kicker. He can be evil. He's Beavil Knievil.

    Trophy description is wrong here. This is obviously the plat for unlocking all other trophies.
  • Unlock the Wolf. Fury's stronger attacks will knock down anyone on his way.

    In order to unlock the Wolf, you need to first unlock the Beaver. This is accomplished by winning a match on every arena. The first 3 arenas are unlocked automatically. You will need to win on all others for trophies except for the soccer and basketball arenas. Win a match on those 2 and the Beaver will unlock.

    Then you need to win a match with all characters - the Beaver and 4 starting characters (Squirrel, Dog, Armadillo and Raccoon). Once you win at least one match with all characters, you will unlock the Wolf.
  • Win a match on the 3 firsts arenas to unlock a new one

    You can do this any time after starting the game. If you want, you can do a 1v1 match with a second local player, however eventually you will need to win a match against a team of 4 Hard AI Bots on all of these Arenas for trophies anyway, so this will come naturally as you work your way through those. Once you unlock Arena 4, winning a match on that will unlock Arena 5 and so on.
  • Win a match against a team of hard bots

    For these trophies, set up a 4v4 match, with yourself and 3 AI Bots set to Unfair, vs a team of 4 AI Bots set to Hard. I would recommend Battle mode as these matches tend to be fairly quick. Your AI is pretty useful, so I let them do the hard work and would clean up if needed. You will probable lose a few times, matches do tend to be rather chaotic. I found it best to try to grab hotdog power ups to get a shield and then attack the AI. This works best once you are down to only a few opponents. Sometimes your own AI will just wipe the other team out. Really this shouldn't give you too much trouble overall.

    Start on the Backyard Arena and at the end of each winning match just chose Change Arena to go to the next one. You have to win at least one match against 4 Hard AI on all Arenas except the Soccer and Basketball maps.
  • Win a match with an other player in your team

    The easiest route to get this is a local 2v2 match. Set 2 local players on each team and when the match finishes, the trophy will pop. If you make both players on your team dog characters, then you can combine this with Who let the dogs out? trophy_bronze.png 
  • Win a match with at least 4 players participating

    You will need 4 controllers for this one. Players 2-4 can be local guest accounts. I would recommend a 2v2 match so you can combine this with Nutworking trophy_bronze.png , Who let the dogs out? trophy_bronze.png  and Bomber Man trophy_gold.png . It doesn't matter which game mode you play in, and you don't need any AI bots.
  • Win a match during overtime

    Set up a 1v1 Capture The Nut game, with a second local player as your opponent. This will be a 5 minute match, make sure the game is tied at the end of regulation. Simply score a goal in overtime to win and pop this trophy. I would recommend combining this trophy with More punch, anyone? trophy_silver.png , since that will take most of the match to reach 100 punches.
  • 100 punch in one match

    Set up a 1v1 Capture The Nut game, with a second local player as your opponent. This will be a 5 minute match, and you want to spend most of the time pressing circle.png to punch your dummy account. You need a total of 100 punches landed in a single match. If time is running down and you don't have the trophy, make sure the score is tied so that the match goes into overtime. Keep punching in OT, as the time is now unlimited (unless you score). Combine this trophy with Never Give Up trophy_bronze.png , by winning in OT once you have popped the 100 punches.
  • Steal more than 5 nuts in a single Thieves match

    Set up a local match in Thieves mode (I did this 2v2 to combine with a bunch of other trophies, but it can be 1v1 as well), with a second local player as your opponent. This mode is similar to Capture the Nut, except that multiple nuts are dropped. The winning team has the most nuts in their goal at the end of the match, which runs 2 minutes. Unique to this mode, you can steal nuts out of your opponents goal.

    For this trophy, have player 2 take a nut to their goal. Now use your character to run to the goal and hold triangle.png to steal it. Once you have stolen it, press square.png to shoot it back into the opposing goal. Then steal it again - rinse and repeat this 5 times to pop the trophy.

  • Win a battle without losing any balloons

    Set up a 1v1 Battle game, with a second local player as your opponent. In this mode, each player has 3 balloons over their head. There are no nuts, the goal is to attack using circle.png and hit your opponent. Each hit pops a balloon. Pop all 3 balloons over each opponent and you score a point. First team to 5 wins. Since we are playing against an idle player 2, just spam attack and you should win all 5 rounds without taking a hit, earning this trophy.
  • Score 5 goals in Capture The Nut

    Set up a 1v1 Capture The Nut game, with a second local player as your opponent. When the match starts, simply grab the nuts as they appear and run them back to your goal. The match will end when you deposit the 5th nut. You should combine this with Quickie trophy_silver.png , which will pop as long as the 5th nut is dropped off in less than a minute. Since there is no opponent, this is very easy to do in about 30 seconds.
  • Finish the tutorial in less than 30s

    This is actually moderately tricky. Play the tutorial a couple of times so you know what you need to do, then speedrun it. As soon as the tutorial starts, run around and then jump over the 2 fences (you can actually jump prior to that objective even popping up). Now run down and punch the opponent with circle.png as soon as he appears. Grab the nut and quickly pass it with circle.png, pick it up again and run into the goal and press square.png to deposit it (you don't need to deposit it yet, but if you leave the nut in the goal it will automatically complete the final tutorial objective. Now hold l1.png to activate your shield and then grab some power ups. Be careful here, as there are a limited number of power ups, and if you grab them before the objective appears on screen, it won't count. So be patient and wait until the prompt appears and quickly grab 3. Next, move to the X in the centre of the map, and hold triangle.png to complete the next objective. At this point the last objective will be to deposit the nut, which should immediately complete if you left the nut in the goal as recommended earlier.

    I have provided a video guide below - I was able to complete this in 24 seconds, and I collected one power up too early which cost some time. A perfectly clean run can probably be done in around 20 seconds, so once you have the route optimized, there is time to spare.

  • Win a Capture The Nut match in less than 1 min

    See Selfie trophy_gold.png .
  • Win a hard match against 4 bots in BACKYARD

  • Win a hard match against 4 bots in PARK

  • Win a hard match against 4 bots in TRAIN STATION

  • Win a hard match against 4 bots in SPACE STATION

  • Win a hard match against 4 bots in ICE LAKE

  • Win a hard match against 4 bots in DUNGUEON

  • Win a hard match against 4 bots in WATERFALLS

  • Win a hard match against 4 bots in PIRATE SHIPS

  • Save a nut with a Jetpack

    A Jetpack is one of the power ups you can dig up. Saving a nut actually means scoring with it. So for this one we are going to again use a 1v1 Capture The Nut game, with a second local player as your opponent. When the match starts, avoid the nuts and just focus on digging up power ups at the X. Once you have a Jetpack, grab and nut and fly it into your goal for the trophy. I actually did this by chance in the tutorial, but the process is exactly the same in a game.

  • Get 3 Poop Traps in a single match

    A Poop Trap is one of the power ups you can dig up. So for this one we are going to again use a 1v1 Capture The Nut game, with a second local player as your opponent. When the match starts, avoid the nuts and just focus on digging up power ups at the X. You know you have a Poop Trap when your character starts dropping small round Poops all over the map. You will have to keep digging up until you have acquired 3 Poop Traps in one match. This is a bit random, but shouldn't be difficult with an idle opponent.
  • Knock at least 2 opponents with a single bomb

    For this trophy you will need to set up a 2v2 match, with 4 controllers. I did this on Thieves mode, but Capture the Nut would also work. When the match starts, move the 2 characters on the opposing team next to each other. Now set those controllers down and let them idle. Now with you main character, you will need to get a bomb. This is one of the power ups you have to dig up at the X by holding triangle.png. Which power up you get is random, so this may take a minute or so until you get lucky and get a bomb. Once you do, carry it down to the 2 opponents and run into them to explode the bomb and pop the trophy.

  • Cumulate the power of a coffee, a donut and a hotdog

    Set up a 1v1 Capture The Nut game, with a second local player as your opponent. When the match starts, avoid the nuts and just focus on power ups. They will be scattered around the map. You are looking for a donut, cup of coffee and hotdog. These are not the dug up powerups, these are out in the open. You will need to grab all 3 in short order by touching them/jumping into them. Very easy to do with an idle opponent.


Secret trophies

  • Win a game with a team made of dogs only

    Set up a 2v2 match on any game mode with at least 4 controllers. Make both characters on your team dogs. Play the match out and when it ends, this trophy will pop. I am not sure if you can earn this with bots all set to dogs or not. I combined it with Nutworking trophy_bronze.png  since that requires 2 human players on the same team anyway. You do not need to set any AI bots - you don't need a full set of 4 dog characters, but it does have to be at least 2 (1v1 using a single dog will not work).

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