Adventurer Trophy in Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada

  • Adventurer


    Clear 100% of all exploration goals in one exploration area.

    How to unlock Adventurer

    Note: This cannot be done until the story is cleared, because the 5th goal can only be unlocked upon doing so.

    When doing the exploration stages in the story (as in, a stage that is not a Multi-Stage Battle), you are presented with four goals comprised of the following: how much of the map you reveal, how many of the special enemy you defeat, how many different types of materials you collect on that stage, and how many of the rare material you collect on that stage. Once that is completed, you will be presented with a 5th goal of defeating an officer (you do not need to leave the map and come back). Complete all five of the tasks for one of the stages, and this trophy will pop.

    While collecting the accessories, you might automatically fulfill these requirements but if you have all of the accessories and still have not done this, aim for the exploration stage that you are closest to reaching all the goals for.

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  • Anyone else not able to get this trophy? I've 100%' d multiple explorable areas and it isn't popping.
  • @Alexbaileync did you get it later?
  • I heard there's a secret 5th goal. Also, every time you encounter the bear, it gets more interested in you. I'm assuming it has something to do with befriending it.
  • The secret 5th goal appears after you beat the game and if you completed all goals in each map. You will get the trophy after completing the 5th goal, which is to beat the officer.

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