Saved Soul Trophy

  • Saved Soul


    Give Sakyō Raifukuji many conch shells.

    Sakyo Raifukuji's house is in Ueda Castle. By speaking with Sakyo, you have the option to spend conch shells to unlock new characters for use when replaying battles in the Library or turning the shells in for Sanada Clan experience. Sakyo will require enough conch shells to unlock all characters and then an additional 24 or so exchanged for EXP in order to pop these trophies.

    You can collect conch shells by playing Exploration stages, where you have chances to obtain them by defeating officers, completing exploration goals and by breaking specific boxes in the stages but by the time you have collected all of the accessories, you will more than likely have enough.

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  • How many is this? I've unlocked all characters available for now and still no trophy..
  • Did you try exchanging shells for exp?

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