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    Read all entries in the Sanada Clan Chronicles.

    As you progress through the game, the Sanada Clan Chronicles will automatically fill up with information about the setting of the game (whether or not you speak with people in town). The earliest this trophy can be unlocked is in the final chapter of the game. Open the menu by pressing the , then go into the Sanada Clan Chronicles. "Read" each entry by pressing on it and once all entries have been read, the trophy will pop.

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  • This doesn't take any special effort, entries will be added regardless of whether you read them when they come up in gameplay (by pressing triangle to highlight words in dialogue or square to learn about the speaker). You do, however, have to actually go into the Chronicles and click every entry marked as "New" before the trophy will pop. It won't be available until you finish the story entirely and load your file back up.

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