Furry Friends Trophy in Samurai Shodown VI

  • Furry Friends


    Clear Arcade mode with all animal companions.

    How to unlock Furry Friends

    Go to options and make sure your settings are as follows:

    Game Level: 1
    Game Time: Infinity
    Damage Level: 200 (Optional, up to your discretion)
    Spirits 1P: Infinity

    There are four Animal Companions in the game, they are:

    • Poppy
    • Shikuru
    • Pak Pak
    • Chample

    The frustrating part about this trophy is that the Animal Companions can only use one Spirit Style, a Spirit Style that doesn't allow them to block attacks. Now this isn't necessarily an issue when you fight regular opponents, but when you get to the final boss for each character: it becomes painfully clear that not being able to block makes the fight nearly impossible to complete. That is why you need to have Infinite spirit, so that you can continuously spam your "236 + " super with each character. The super's effects differ for each character, but spamming them puts you in a position where you can keep using it until you win. They have invincibility frames, so if your opponent blocks them you can use again it without getting hit and eventually until they do get hit by it. You may have to retry a few times against the final boss, but if you persevere it is possible. Once you complete the Arcade mode with all four Animal Companions, the trophy will unlock.

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