Perfect Samurai Trophy in Samurai Shodown VI

  • Perfect Samurai


    Win a round in Arcade mode without taking any damage.

    How to unlock Perfect Samurai

    Go to options and make sure your settings are as follows:

    Game Level: 1
    Game Time: Infinity
    Damage Level: 200
    Spirits 1P: Infinity

    Now go to Arcade Mode and select Amakusa as your character, it doesn't matter what you choose for your Spirit Style. Amakusa is a great character to use for this trophy because of his long range attacks, when the round starts, use 214 to perform an invincible teleport that puts distance between you and the opponent. When you're at a safe range, use your 236 + super to deal a good amount of damage, then use 236 to spam fireballs at the opponent. If it looks like they're gaining distance, you can use or crouching to attack and knock them down: allowing you to use 236 to teleport to the other side of the screen and start the pattern again. You shouldn't have any trouble as the first opponent in Arcade mode on the easiest difficulty will hardly move, let alone attacks you. Once you have wont a round without taking any damage, the trophy will unlock.

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