• Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (Personal Opinion) (Trophy Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 15 (15)
  • Online trophies: 3 (3 )
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 5 Hours (Estimated time to 100%)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 18 Arcade Mode Playthroughs
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do trophies stack?: N/A
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A
  • Additional peripherals required?: N/A


Samurai Shodown V Special originally released in 2004 for Japanese arcades and the Neo Geo. It was the last official game for the "Neo Geo" platform. Upon its initial release, there was much controversy surrounding the level of violence and gore portrayed through the games various fatalities, which led to some censorship once it reached home consoles, but thanks to the efforts of SNK and Code Mystics, the game has been released on PS4 and PC maintaining the uncensored glory that previously only arcade players were able to enjoy. SSV Special comes complete with new gameplay features such as Overkill Mode, Rage Explosion, Concentration One, and also features an Online Mode to test your skills worldwide.

In terms of trophy difficulty, SSV is one of the easier Samurai Shodown titles to 100%. The 100% will only require you to beat Arcade Mode with 18 of the characters, and then win 20 online matches while also winning 10 of those matches in a row. Arcade Mode is easy enough to complete with basic strategies. The fact that the difficulty for Arcade Mode can be set to "1" (the easiest difficulty) and there are no limits imposed on continues mean that you can force your way through without too much trouble. SSV is also easy to boost with others since you can see what room you're joining before accepting a match, allowing you to find your partner with ease. Overall there is nothing really challenging about this list, making it another easy 100% for you to collect.

Input Notation:
Input notation is used in fighting games like Guilty Gear, Persona and Blazblue to convey combos and inputs in an organized fashion, since writing down move names isn't visually appealing. In this Guide I will reference moves in this format a few times. If you don't know how to read it, the reading input notations are as follows:
1 = Left + Down
2 = Down
3 = Right + Down
4 = Left / Back
5 = Neutral / No input
6 = Right / Forward
7 = Left + Up
8 = Up
9 = Right + Up
J = Jump

Default Control Layout:
= Light Slash [A]
= Medium Slash [B]
= Kick [C]
= Special [D]
= A+B
= B+C
= A+B+C (Rage Explosion)
= B+C+D (Concentration One)
= Provocation

As you take hits, the meter located at the lower left corner of the screen will start to build. Once it is filled, you will notice that your character's sprite will have turned red, allowing you to deal increased damage to the opponent. Once the rage meter is full, you also have the option to press in order to activate Rage Explosion. Rage Explosion will cause your character to perform an invincible explosion that will blow back the opponent. In application it is similar to "Bursts" from Guilty Gear or Blazblue. While you're in Rage Explosion, you can perform Overkill attacks (fatalities). Overkill can only be used on the final round of a match and the opponent must have more concentration gauge than life. Perform 214CD to activate the Overkill animation. Alternatively, you can use a full rage meter to activate Concentration One, which allows you to temporarily slow down the opponent, allowing you to move at normal speed and perform previously impossible combos. Note that Concentration One can only be activated on your losing round, and when you have more blue health than regular health.

Step 1: Complete Arcade Mode with 18 out of the 28 characters
In this first step you want to focus on playing through the Arcade Mode with 15 of the regular characters and the 4 boss characters. In Arcade Mode, you will fight seven battles until you reach the final boss. One of the more confusing things that you'll notice when you get to the character select screen is that none of the character's have their names listed next to them, so unfortunately you'll have to reference the trophy tiles with the faces of each character to make sure you're only beating Arcade Mode with the characters that you need. Keep in mind that you can make this step go significantly faster by going to Options from the Main Menu and adjusting the Game Options to "Difficulty Level: 1" and "Match Point (CPU): 1". After a continue you, will be placed at the match you were on prior to losing, but with a different opponent, so feel free to use as many as you need while you feel out how to play as each character. For character specific strategies, please refer to the trophy guide below.

At the end of this step, you will have earned the following trophies:
A close fight! Let's go again!
Feel the wrath of Mother Nature!
Prepare to be annihilated!
Justice is both swift and true!
Death is the final curtain.
Swatted like a fly!
Do not be afraid...The darkness grows.
Yagy? Shinkage-ry? is unstoppable!
Au revoir! I have no time to play!
Was it good for you?
No one can snuff my flame!
Well, that was disappointing...
Get up! I'm not done with you!
Like an SNK Boss!

Step 2: Multiplayer Mode
Now that you've completed all of the Offline content, you can move on to the Online trophies. In order to obtain all of the Online Trophies, you need to win a total of 20 matches, while winning 10 of these matches in a row. Against random players online, this can be difficult if not impossible due to the laggy connections and dead online activity. While boosting with a partner though, this step should only take you about 30 minutes to an hour in order to unlock the trophies for both players. Once you have unlocked all of the Multilayer trophies, you will have obtained the 100%.

At the end of this step, you will have earned the following trophies:
Sword Master
Sword Saint

[PST would like to thank Monarch for this roadmap]

Samurai Shodown V Special Trophy Guide

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18 trophies ( 15  )

  • Clear the game as Haohmaru

    Haohmaru is the main character of Samurai Shodown and as such, is one of the easier characters to play as. While playing through Arcade Mode, you’ll want to control space with his [S] attack (remember to use the version, as that version is the only one that goes fullscreen). If the opponent is attempting to jump at you or over the tornado, you can hit them out of the air with a well timed + . When it comes to dealing damage, Haohmaru's attack is near unparalleled in terms of speed and range, you'll definitely want to use it when the opponent is in range. Once you've cleared Arcade mode with Haohmaru, this trophy will unlock.

  • Clear the game as Nakoruru

    Nakoruru is a speed based fighter, but her speed is offset by the fact that she deals a little less damage compared to other fighters in the game. She can be a more difficult character to beat Arcade mode with, as her short range means that she has to actively pursue the opponent or try to zone them out, which can tough to do given the A.I.'s ability. Like Haohmaru, will be your main source of damage. Nakoruru can also interact with her bird companion, by inputting [C] Nako can take flight on the bird for a short amount of time. This can be useful to make a quick escape from the opponent, or you can press to perform a dive bomb type attack that can do a good amount of damage to the enemy. Lastly, [S] is Nako's zoning tool that causes the bird to home in and attack the opponent from a distance, depending on the type of slash pressed, the bird will home in at different angles. This is what you will use to keep the opponent from you. Once you've cleared arcade mode as Nakoruru, this trophy will unlock.

  • Clear the game as Hanzo Hattori

    Hanzo is another mobile character that relies on his speed and interesting toolset to bring down the opponent's health. Said toolset is meant to compensate for his lack of poking attacks (namely a useful ). Unfortunately, that toolset isn't quite as effective here, since the bulk of it relies on using teleports to confuse human opponents, and the AI can't really be confused. As such, you'll want to rely on using Hanzo's [S] attack, this is a fireball pillar that travels a set distance across the screen depending on the version used. Once you have that fireball out, you'll want to rush down the opponent and pressure them with attacks like 5A, 2A, and 5B. Using the fireball as a zoning tool isn't recommended as the AI usually blocks it and you have nothing to gain from the jumping over it since Hanzo lacks a reliable anti air attack. Once you've completed arcade mode with Hanzo, this trophy will unlock.

  • Clear the game as Galford

    Galford is a well rounded fighter that also fights with an animal companion, his ninja dog. Galford has many good pokes such as 5A, 5B, and . Galford also has a decent projectile in [S], a lightning bolt that travels fullscreen at a fast pace no matter which version you use, and also does good damage on hit. You can also control his dog by executing [S], depending on the slash used; the dog will either run and charge at the opponent dealing damage, or teleport right on top of their heads. If you combine the use of Galford's projectile and his ninja dog by using them back to back, you will have an easy time getting through the Arcade mode. Once you've completed Arcade mode with Galford, this trophy will unlock.

  • ....


    Clear the game as Ukyo Tachibana

    Ukyo is a slow moving but heavy hitting fighter that relies on his long range poking attacks to deal most of his damage. His has great reach and does a tremendous amount of damage (if rage explosion is active one hit of that can take out more than half of an opponent's life bar), but does not recoil, meaning that if the opponent blocks it it's almost guaranteed they'll punish you for it. His [S] attack creates an afterimage copy of himself that slashes in various patterns depending on the type of slash used. This attack is good for both movement and as an offensive, since the AI has a habit of blocking the first hit, but not the second or third hits. As mentioned earlier Ukyo capitalizes greatly on Rage Explosion since it adds to his already great damage, make sure to use it when you can. Once you clear Arcade mode as Ukyo, this trophy will unlock.

  • Clear the game as Kyoshiro Senryo

    Kyoshiro is a fighter that wields a spear, which makes for a great long range game with his regular attacks. Unfortunately, most of his specials only serve situational uses, so you'll have to rely mostly on his normal attacks to get you through the run. The normal attacks that you'll want to use include 5A, 2A, and . You can try to use his [S] fireball, but because neither version knocks the opponent down on hit, you'll have a tough time setting up another fireball or any other offense: especially if the opponent is near you. Once you've cleared Arcade mode with Kyoshiro, this trophy will unlock.

  • Clear the game as Genjuro Kibagami

    Genjuro is another all around character that has a well rounded moveset. One unique thing about Genjuro is that he has a rekka ([S] x3), or a move that can only be used as a series because they are followups to each other. This is a good move to use against the AI because they're prone to blocking the first attack, but not the others in the series. Genjuro can also control space effectively with his attack and jumping + attack. His [S] projectile is also unique in that if you hold down the slash button when the opponent blocks the attack, the projectile will bounce off of them and hit them a second time. As a result it, this makes it a decent tool to use for space control, but because it doesn't knock the opponent down it shouldn't be spammed the entire round. Once you've cleared Arcade mode with Genjuro, this trophy will unlock.

  • Clear the game as Basara

    Basara is character that specializes at keeping his opponent at specific ranges with his chain blade, as such is he is pretty good zoning character. His 5A and attacks cover amazing distances to be normal attacks, but the moves you'll want to use the most are [C] and +. The former attack summons a slow moving puff ball that travels the screen slowly. This can either cover Basara as he sets up more zoning or it can cover his approach. The latter attack will cause Basara to throw his glaive in an arc that reaches fullscreen relatively quickly. Throwing both the puff ball and glaive back to back will cover the screen quickly and safely, allowing you to beat Arcade mode very easily. If you need to create distance from your opponent in order to set this up, you can use [C], which will cause Basara to drop into a portal in the ground. By holding C you can move either left or right, Basara can not be hit when he is in the portal. Once you've cleared Arcade mode as Basara, this trophy will unlock.

  • Clear the game as Jubei Yagyu

    Jubei is a character that fights with two swords, and has good zoning tools because of his projectiles and the range of his normal attacks. 5A and 5B are good attack to use from a distance, and is what will you use to an attack an opponent jumping at you. Jubei's [S] projectile is a spark that travels along the ground at a set pace and is great for keeping the opponent at bay due to its short recovery speed. If you use the version of this attack, the fireball will gain enhanced properties such as multiple hits and the ability to knock the opponent down. If you repeatedly press any Slash button, Jubei will perform a flurry of stabs that protects the space directly in front of him, this is also a good attack to use because if the opponent blocks it they will be pushed out of range, preventing them from punishing it in most cases and giving you room to breathe. Once you've completed Arcade mode with Jubei, this trophy will unlock.

  • Clear the game as Charlotte

    Charlotte is a fencer, and as such her gameplan relies on poking the opponent out. Her 5A, 5B, and 2B are good poking normal: but her attack is more of an anti air attack than it is a long range poke in contrast to other characters. Her [S] projectile summons a large triangle that flies towards the opponent, knocking them down on hit regardless of the version. Because of this, it is a good tool to keep the opponent at fullscreen distance. If you press forward and mash any Slash button, she will lunge forward and perform a series of thrusts: it functions in use very similar to Jubei's variation of the move. You can use this to not only create space, but also to push the opponent back since the move causes a lot of pushblock. Once you have cleared Arcade mode with Charlotte, this trophy will unlock.

  • Clear the game as Yoshitora Tokugawa

    Yoshitora fights with multiple swords, and is an all around solid character. None of his special moves are notable since they have very short range, and he also has no fireball, but one of the things that separates Yoshitora from other character is his attack. It does great damage and covers 3/4th of the screen when used, summoning a pillar of energy near the end of the attack. The downside to this attack is that it has terrible recovery, meaning the opponent can hit you if they block all of the hits. Sometimes the pushback from them blocking the pillar will prevent this, though. Yoshitora's jumping is a good attack to jump in on the opponent with, as the slashes are angled downward and you are safe to continue pressure if the opponent blocks it. Once you've completed Arcade mode with Yoshitora, this trophy will unlock.

  • Clear the game as Kazuki Kazama

    Kazuki is a gimmick character that has short range but slightly makes up for it with a speed advantage and an interesting fireball mechanic. Input [C] to summon a fireball to your side, you can continue to use this move after you've summoned the fireball to enhance it. After three uses, you won't be able to enhance the fireball anymore. When you have a fireball enhancement, certain special attacks will deal increased damage. This is a very important factor for Kazuki, because with a max enhanced fireball, a single + projectile while in Rage Explosion can kill most opponents if not drain most of their life bar. The hard part is getting those charges, as the AI will seldom leave you in peace during a match. Given the amount of damage the fireballs deal though, it is well worth going through the trouble for it. Once you've cleared Arcade mode with Kazuki, you will unlock this trophy.

  • Clear the game as Sogetsu Kazama

    Sogetsu is a water based fighter that relies on tricky tools like traps and projectiles to keep the opponent at bay. For example, his [S] projectile summons a bubble that stays in place for a short period of time, preventing the opponent from getting past it unless they jump over it. Of course if they do, you'll be waiting for them with Sogetsu's second most useful tool [S]. This input will summon a water pillar from the ground that again, serves to keep the opponent at a distance and away from Sogestu, and it's also a good anti air. Sogetsu's attack is also very strong, since he dashes a considerable distance before lunging with his blade. Even though it does good damage and has good range, the recovery is terrible, so take caution. Once you've completed Arcade mode with Sogestu, this trophy will unlock.

  • Clear the game as Rera

    Rera is a technical mode change character that fights with a wolf companion. Her gimmick is that she has the option to ride her wolf and gain a new set of offensive options by doing so. Rera will possibly be the hardest Arcade run, coupled with the fact that she has limited special attacks outside of wolf mount ([C]), she also has short range, practically forcing you to rush down and pressure the unpredictable AI. Your best shot will be to use in tandem with wolf mode and hope for the best. There is nothing to lose for having to use a continue, so keep trying! Once you've completed Arcade mode as Rera, this trophy will unlock.

  • Clear the game with all four boss characters

    This trophy will require you to beat Arcade Mode with the following characters:

    • Amakusa
    • Zankuro
    • Gaoh
    • Mizuki

    Due to their status as Boss characters though, they're all generally strong characters, so you shouldn't have too much trouble with these Arcade runs. Below I will detail the strategies that I would recommend using while playing as each character.

    Amakusa: Amakusa is a very solid zoning character that uses a crystal ball to keep the opponent from even touching him. What he lacks in mobility, he makes up for with space control. He has many useful pokes in his moveset including: 5B, 2A, 2B, , and crouching . If those attacks aren't enough to suit your zoning needs, you can also rely on his trusty [S] fireball, all versions knockdown so you're probably better off using the A version, since this version comes out the fastest. If the opponent seems to be gaining ground, you can reset the pace by performing a mostly invulnerable teleport with [C]/([C]). By using all of these tools together, Amakusa will definitely be one of your easier Arcade playthroughs.

    Zankuro: Zankuro is a heavy hitter with very limited mobility, but his moveset isn't very special. His attack has great range and damage, while his crouching is an excellent anti-air due to its extensive vertical range. Zankuro can zone somewhat with his [S] projectile, a rush of energy that runs along the ground. Unfortunately, it doesn't knock down on hit. If you need to move across the screen quickly, you can try using [C], a rushing punch that has very quick startup and travels about half of the screen. Overall, you're most likely better off going with an aggressive playstyle here, since Zankuro can't really zone.

    Gaoh: Gaoh is a well rounded character, possessing good mobility, good damage, and great range with his attacks. 5A, 5B, 2B, and are all attacks that utilize Gaoh's spear and should be used for keeping an approaching opponent away. If the AI gets jump happy, Gaoh has a move dedicated just for snatching enemies out of the air with [S]. While Gaoh lacks a projectile, he has the unique ability to reflect projectiles with [C], though he cannot deflect every projectile, especially some low reaching ones. Given his varied moveset, it would probably be best to attack head on instead of trying to poke them out.

    Mizuki: Mizuki is regarded as the weakest of the boss characters due to her very bad pokes and special attacks. Luckily Mizuki's special attacks will be all you need to overcome and overwhelm the AI. For starters, Mizuki's [C] allows her to create an unlockable seal that homes in on the enemy's current locaton. While the AI can move out of the way, more often than not it catches them. [B] creates a fast moving portal that will travel a set distance. If the opponent is hit by it, they will be engulfed and spit out for massive damage. It's best to use the version of this move, as it's the only one that allows the portal to reach fullscreen. Lastly, [S] will summon a large dog that runs fullscreen no matter the version. A great tool to catch the AI off guard, and has the added bonus of nullyfing most projectiles.

    Once you've completed Arcade mode with all four of the above characters, this trophy will unlock.

  • Play MULTIPLAYER and win 5 times (excluding invite or ad hoc)

    Please refer to Sword Saint.

  • Play MULTIPLAYER and win 20 times (excluding invite or ad hoc)

    Please refer to Sword Saint.

  • Play MULTIPLAYER and win 10 times in a row (excluding invite or ad hoc)

    Multiplayer can be accessed from the Main Menu by going to "Multiplayer". From there, you can choose to either join an existing room or create a room. You can find a partner to boost these trophies with in the boosting thread. Depending on who's hosting the room, you'll want to make sure that match point is set to "1" to make the boosting process go as fast as possible. Once you've found your partner, you'll want to make sure that the person not winning 20 times is playing as Mina, because she has the highest "Damage Taken" modifier at 150%. The person receiving the wins can either choose Ukyo or Amakusa, either of those character's attack will halve Mina's health bar with one use, making the boost to 20 wins fly by quickly. Once you obtain a total of 20 wins (winning 10 of these in a row, which also unlocks this trophy), you will have unlocked both Swordsman and Sword Master. you can then switch the process so that your partner can unlock all three trophies as well.

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