Curse the Luck Trophy in Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse - Episode 2: The Tomb of Sammun-Mak

  • Curse the Luck


    Get zapped with fewer than six Mole Curses.

    How to unlock Curse the Luck

    You must be hit by 5 curses to complete the game, so there is no room for error. In general, once you've been cursed by a mole, avoid reminding him of it for the rest of the reel. Here is an excerpt of the walkthrough that will guide you through the curse portion of the game:

    -Get the love letter from Jurgen's room in reel 3.
    -In reel 2, check the travel brochures in the burial chamber and say you're from Stutgart. Don't talk to grandpa mole again.
    -Use the jar of cookies on the papa mole to get through the doors.
    -Enter the daughter's room and use the Can of Nuts (This will get you the Double-Crossed trophy) Don't talk to the girl again in this reel.
    -Use Psychic Ventriloquism on the daughter and have her say she loves Sam and Max. Don't talk to the papa mole again in this reel.
    -Complete the rest of reel 2 normally.

    -In reel 3, tell papa mole his daughter still has a crush on Sameth and Maximus.
    -Complete the events to turn Jurgen into a Vampire and pick up the empty glass outside of Kringle's room.
    -Use the love letter on papa mole. When Maximus turns into a cow, use the empty glass on him first thing. (This gets you the Doppel Fluch trophy as well).
    -Complete the game without talking to any more moles.

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