Breakdown: Offline trophies: 12 (7 4 1 )
Online trophies: 0
Difficulty: 3/10
Time to 100%: ~5 Hours. Less if you follow the walkthrough.
Playthroughs needed: 1 (with some creative saving)
Missable Trophies: Everything except "Challenge of the Sphunx," "Looters of the Lost Toybox," "Mystery on the Disorient Express," and "Horror Show" are missable.
Glitched Trophies: There are no specific trophies that are glitched as of yet, but a few glitches with game itself have been found which you can read about in this thread.

Road Map:

Step 1:
Play through the game using the walkthrough I've written here. If you reference this and the trophy guide you'll have everything except Secret Handshake after you finish the game. Make a separate save when instructed.

Step 2:
Reload the save from above to get Secret Handshake, which should be your final trophy.

[PS3T Would Like to Thank Lonesheep for this Road Map]

Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse - Episode 2: The Tomb of Sammun-Mak Trophy Guide

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12 trophies ( 7  )

  • Completed Monsieur Papierwaite's challenge

    Story related. Complete reel 1.

  • Successfully raided the Tomb of Sammun-Mak.

    Story related. Complete reel 2.

  • Foiled an onboard sneak-thief.

    Story related. Complete reel 3.

  • Stop a seriously sinister ceremony.

    Story related. Complete reel 4.

  • Throw your voice to every available target.

    The following is a list of objects you can use Charlie with. There is some repetition (for example, I'm not sure if you must use Charlie with Sameth in all four locations) but its better to be safe. Entries with a star are ones with a very small window of opportunity. The others can be done so long as the reel is not complete.

    -Tomb Idol*
    -Weird squid statue (make sure you do this last)

    Reel 1:

    Reel 2:
    -Grandpa Mole
    -Baby Amelia Earhart*
    -Papa Mole
    -Daughter Mole
    -Each of the two guardians
    -Squid statue

    Reel 3:
    -Vampire Slushie* (when he comes out of his room to wait for a child)
    -Baby Amelia Earhart
    -Steamer Trunk in Mole's Room
    -Papa Mole
    -Daughter Mole

    Reel 4:

  • Get zapped with fewer than six Mole Curses.

    You must be hit by 5 curses to complete the game, so there is no room for error. In general, once you've been cursed by a mole, avoid reminding him of it for the rest of the reel. Here is an excerpt of the walkthrough that will guide you through the curse portion of the game:

    -Get the love letter from Jurgen's room in reel 3.
    -In reel 2, check the travel brochures in the burial chamber and say you're from Stutgart. Don't talk to grandpa mole again.
    -Use the jar of cookies on the papa mole to get through the doors.
    -Enter the daughter's room and use the Can of Nuts (This will get you the Double-Crossed trophy) Don't talk to the girl again in this reel.
    -Use Psychic Ventriloquism on the daughter and have her say she loves Sam and Max. Don't talk to the papa mole again in this reel.
    -Complete the rest of reel 2 normally.

    -In reel 3, tell papa mole his daughter still has a crush on Sameth and Maximus.
    -Complete the events to turn Jurgen into a Vampire and pick up the empty glass outside of Kringle's room.
    -Use the love letter on papa mole. When Maximus turns into a cow, use the empty glass on him first thing. (This gets you the Doppel Fluch trophy as well).
    -Complete the game without talking to any more moles.

  • See Sameth and/or Maximus die at nine distinct points in the game.

    Reel 2:
    -At the beginning of reel 2, don't do anything until the conductor throws you off the train.
    -After the protection curse is active, touch the toybox
    -Enter the mole girl's room. When confronted with the asp DON'T use the can of nuts.
    -Enter the burial chamber before grandpa gets his hands on the baby.
    -When given the bad luck curse, try to walk through the two doors in front of the papa and girl mole BEFORE throwing the bust through it.

    Reel 3:
    -At the beginning, read the hieroglyphics incorrectly

    Reel 4:
    -Say Papierwaite's chant when prompted
    -Choose "Stall for time" when you can. Then wait until Sameth is lowered into the ants. This will take a few minutes.
    -The final death occurs when reel 4 ends.

  • Complete the four reels in sequential order.

    The reels are numbered 1 through 4. Complete them in this order. The final event in each reel is as follows. Don't do these until the previous reels are done. Keep in mind that certain intermediate events from later reels are required to finish earlier reels.

    Reel 1: Use the Can of Nuts when the Sphunx opens its mouth.
    Reel 2: Place the blocks onto the curse board.
    Reel 3: Successfully search Jurgen's and Kringle's trunks in each of their rooms.
    Reel 4: Must be completed last.

  • Cause German train passenger to be saddled with two curses at the same time.

    You must turn Jurgen into a vampire and then give him the Sexo Rejecto curse. For details, see Curse the luck.

  • Cause your little buddy to lose both his luck and his rabbithood at the same time.

    You must get Maximus to be inflicted with the bad luck curse and the Holstein Hex at the same time. For details, see Curse the luck.

  • Fool a Yog Soggoth devotee into thinking you’re a member of the Brotherhood.

    I don't know of a way to do this and get the Doppel Fluch on the same playthrough. Make a separate save before you send Jurgen to the sarcophagus.

    Do the events to get into Kringle's room in Reel 3 before sending Jurgen to the sarcophagus. Find the idol in Jurgen's closet, and then talk to him. Pick the option about Yog Soggoth. Thanks go to EvilMonkeyByte for help with this.

  • Make it through the Mouth of the Sphunx the first time it opens.

    Get cookies from Kringle and place them in the Sphunx nostrils. Don't attempt the challenge again until you get the can of nuts. Talk to the old mole woman to get the translation. Once you have the can of nuts as well, place the cookies in the nostril, read the inscription, and use the can of nuts.

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