Hail to the High Priest! Trophy in Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space - Episode 2: Moai Better Blues

  • Hail to the High Priest!


    Take the Crown of Socks and crown Max as the new high priest.

    How to unlock Hail to the High Priest!

    MISSABLE! After making Max the High Priest and unlocking the High Priest Max trophy, part of the cutscene you have to watch will show the Crown of Socks falling down and landing near the puddle of red snail ooze you encountered earlier. Head down there and take the Crown of Socks to unlock this trophy. If you miss the Crown of Socks and complete the game, but have not started any new games yet, you can load the most recent auto-save the game created, head back inside the underground cave, and get it. Otherwise you will have to replay the episode.

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