Saints Row Photo Hunt Locations Guide

Saints Row Photo Hunt Locations Guide

Dan Webb

In the world of Saints Row, one of the game's collectibles comes in the form of a Photo Hunt - which is one of Saints Row's discoveries, the full list of which with maps can be found here - which requires you take photos of landmarks throughout the world.

In fact, if you want to unlock Saints Row's Tourist trophy, you're required to grab all 37 of them, all of which are littered throughout Santa Ilseo, from the Rojas Desert in the east, all the way through to the Badlands in the far west.

Fear not though, folks, we've got you covered, with maps and shots of all 37 of them below, handily sorted into regions for you as well. 

Good luck out there, fellow photographer!

Kavanagh County Territory (east side)

Rojas Desert North

Photo Hunt 1 - Bison Memorial

Photo Hunt 2 - Snake Oil Saloon Sign

Photo Hunt 3 - Thunderpump Sign


Rojas Desert South

Photo Hunt 4 - Tombstone Angel


Los Panteros Territory:

Smelterville East

Photo Hunt 5 - Flaming Hot Billboard


Photo Hunt 6 - Boomers Short-Fuse Fireworks


Smelterville West

Photo Hunt 7 - Joe Cola Bottle Cap

Photo Hunt 8 - Milk Carton



Photo Hunt 9 - 66 West On-Ramp Mural

Photo Hunt 10 - Jackalope


West Providencia

Photo Hunt 11 - Skate Park Grind Rail

Photo Hunt 12 - Rattle Snake


East Providencia

Photo Hunt  13 - Barbeque Barn

Photo Hunt 14 - Providencia Memorial Wall


Old Town East

Photo Hunt 15 - Rock Duet


Old Town West

Photo Hunt 16 - Mad Cow

Photo Hunt 17 - Seal of the City


Monte Vista

Photo Hunt 18 - Monte Vista Market Sign


Marina East

Photo Hunt 19 - The Messenger

Photo Hunt 20 - Cactus Mural


Marina West

Photo Hunt 21 - La Galleria Fountain


Photo Hunt 22 - SAD Campus Sign


Marshall Territory

Lakeshore North 

Photo Hunt 23 - The Solar Wind

Photo Hunt 24 - The Coyote Rodeo


Lakeshore South

Photo Hunt 25 - Dare Street Studios

Photo Hunt 26 - The Horseshoe Cowboy

Photo Hunt 27 - The Third Pillar


West Flats

Photo Hunt 28 - Bowling Pin

Photo Hunt 29 - Old Railroad Water Tower


East Flats

Photo Hunt 30 - Smelters Helmet

Photo Hunt 31 - FB's Burger


El Dorado

Photo Hunt 32 - 10 Gallon Saloon Sign

Photo Hunt 33 - El Dorado Wedding Chapel


Kavanagh County Territory (west side)

Badlands South

Photo Hunt 34 - Rocks 66

Photo Hunt 35 - Badlands Windmill


Badlands North

Photo Hunt 36 - House Phoenix Dragon

Photo Hunt 37 - Badlands Watering Hole

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