How to make money quickly and easily in Saints Row

How to make money quickly and easily in Saints Row

Matt Lorrigan

As a criminal gang in Santo Ileso, Saints Row’s fictionalised version of Las Vegas, getting your hands on a shit load of money is always right near the top of your objectives. At first it's just to pay rent, and later, it’s so you can buy all of the extravagant cars, weapons, outfits, and more you could possibly want to outfit your character. You’ll also need cash in order to set up business ventures, which in turn, bring in more money.

What’s the easiest way to bring in a lot of money, then? Well, it’s almost certainly those aforementioned business ventures. Much like a real life business, they will set you back a fair bit of cash at first, but the important thing is, once they are set up, they’ll bring in money automatically as you play. Sure, you might make more money upfront through the game’s side hustles, crimes of opportunity, and main missions, but keep in mind that you can do these at any time, and if you have already have set up the appropriate ventures, then you’ll still be making money while taking on these other missions and hustles.

Business ventures bring in thousands of dollars an hour, and the more ventures you have running at once, the higher that income is. Plus, you can complete missions for those business ventures to increase their hourly income, as well as clear nearby threats from other gangs and police to again boost the hourly income. 

Doing all this can boost the amount of money you earn every hour to huge amounts, which will all keep filtering into your Cash app, even when you’re doing other missions. You could even just leave yourself idle for a few hours at the Saints HQ and watch the money roll in. Oh, and if you do want to quickly clear out nearby threats, why not jump in a fully equipped Tornado helicopter, and take out all of the threats from the sky to quickly boost your hourly income? You can read our guide on where to find the Tornado helicopter here.

There’s plenty of ways to make money in Saints Row, but if you take the time (and money) to get your business ventures up and running, you’ll find you’ll never be short a few bob for whatever you need. Oh, and you’ll eventually need a whopping $8 million to access the game’s epilogue, so start saving!

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