Saints Row Marshall Territory Collectibles Guide

Saints Row Marshall Territory Collectibles Guide

Dan Webb

Saints Row's Marshall territory, on the west of the map, near the Badlands, is perhaps the most interesting of all the territories in Deep Silver Volition's latest outing.

Starting with Lakeshore in the north with its skyscrapers and New York-esque vibe, leads into the Flats, which run all the way down the west-side of Lake Sabastian. And then last, but by no means least, we have El Dorado. Essentially Santo Ileso's Sin City, chocked full of Vegas-inspired casinos.

With 23 collectibles in all (4 small, 10 medium, 3 large and an impressive 6 wall collectibles), there's plenty to seek out in the bright lights of the Marshall territory.

As we've done in the other collectible guides, which can be found below, we've ordered them as efficiently as possible, with maps, and grouped them together by district, meaning easy pickings for all you out there. Good hunting!

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Lakeshore North 

Triceratops Skull (large) - just north of the Friendly Fire in Lakeshore North.


Bronze Buffalo (medium) - Just west of Friendly Fire.


Oversized bullet (small) - in the park at the south of the Lakeshore North area.


Novelty Cowboy Hat (large) - In a small park north of the Star-Register rooftop globe.


Campfire Silhouette (wall) - Under the Star-Register globe. Facing the Coyote Rodeo.


Lakeshore South

The Great Banana (small) - Between Circada Wireless and Drug Tsar. Near Lakeshore North.


Golden Armadillo (medium) - north of the Kiss Me store (behind the big building there) in Lakeshore South.


I Love Santo Illeso (medium) - just slightly south of the Everything is a Million Dollars store in Lakeshore South.


West Flats

Bowling Balls and Pin (medium) - In the parking lot of The Joy of Bowling in West Flats.


Planetary Model (small) - on top of a building in  the most easterly part of the West Flats.


East Flats

Golden Helmet Statue (medium) - on top of a building in the shops east of the stadium in East Flats.


Windmill (large) - to the west of the Chicken Dance Studio in East Flats.


Sofa King (wall) - in the southeast corner of East Flats.


Bronze Arm (medium) - in the carpark of The Swole Hole in East Flats.


El Dorado

Swan Float (medium) - In an empty pool at the abandoned water park. By the tallest water slide.


Knight (medium) - In front of the Lancelot Casino. By the north gate of the El Dorado strip.


Fox Tails Sign (wall) - On a building south of the east gate of the El Dorado strip.


The Varmint Sign (wall) - On a casino roof near the east gate of the El Dorado strip.


Metal Rabbit (wall) - on the most northern road in El Dorado.


Calico Queen Sign (wall) - the boat in the north of El Dorado.


Poker Chips (small) - Outside Apollo’s Coffee. At the bus stop.


Gas Pump (medium) - By the garage door of Auto Service Repair Center. South of Busted Flush.


Where is Shoe Light in El Dorado?

Shoe Light (medium) - I know what you're thinking, you've been to where the description says it will be but it's not working. You know, “In the boulevard median between the Aztec and Southern Stars.” Is Shoe Light bugged? Why isn't the camera picking up Shoe Light? That's simple, because the game description is wrong and very misleading. The Shoe Light you're actually looking for is much further down the road, opposite the Lancelot Casino.

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