Saints Row Los Panteros Territory Collectibles Guide

Saints Row Los Panteros Territory Collectibles Guide

Dan Webb

The Los Panteros neighbourhoods in Saints Row are probably the sketchiest of the lot, even the relatively nice neighbourhood of Mercado has to deal with the Los Panteros gangs mooching about under the overpass.

Running from West Providencia through to East Providencia and down through both East and West Smelterville, it's no suprise that these districts have a bad name. That's why you kind of want to be in and out, right? And get all the collectibles really quickly, right? Then fear not! We are here to assist!

You'll find a whopping 21 collectibles in all in the Los Panteros districts: 6 small, 10 mediums, 2 large and 2 wall sized collectibles. As we've done for the other regions, we've handidly sorted them out by region for you and included maps below - and put them in a relatively efficient layout. 

Good luck out there, and stay safe with all those gangbangers around!

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West Providencia

Classy Flamingo (small) - The description read “Between the front doors of a small stucco duplex. Number 217” which is an absolute troll, as there's like 100 217s in the area. Here's the right one:


Bug Statue (medium) - On top of the auto parts store by the overpass. Across from RS Gas.


Liquor Bottle (large) - On top of El Puqueno Gran Bar. Under the overpass.


East Providencia

Cemetery Angel (medium) - In East Providencia, to the north, by the memorial building in the graveyard.


Horse Sculpture (medium) - in the scrapyard in East Providencia (slightly northeast of the riding shotgun mission).


Golden Shitter (small) - In the trash pile behind Gimnasio. Near the train car.


El Bar Visual Sign (wall) - South of St Thomas Corvacho. Near the water tower.



Guitar Guy Statue (medium) - On top of the Note Pad bar/cafe, slightly north of Botas Picuda store in Mercado.


Tirepede (large) - On the corner of the Public Library. With a view of the lake.


Cactus Flower (small) - Across the street from the main entrance of Plaza de Verano. Planted among the flowers.


Golden Stag (medium) - Near the Dia De Muertos store in Mercado.


Helm (small) - At the terrace on the lakefront. Under one of the pergolas.


Smelterville East

Mechaburger Stand (medium) - A scenic overlook with a view of the highway. By the vending machines.


Ramparts Plush Toy (small) - In front of Ramparts BBQ. Between the umbrellas.


Train Signal (medium) - Behind International Sail Storage. Where the tracks split by a train yard.


Smelterville West

Metal Jackalope Sculpture (medium) - In a small park of sorts in the northeast of Smelterville West.


Topiary Pigs (medium) - in the brewery in central Smelterville West.


Scorpion Statue (small) - Over the final door of the Scorpion factory. Under Panteros graffiti.


Brewery Tank (medium) - In the southwest part of Smelterville West.


Joe Cola Sign (wall) - At the Joe Cola Corporation office building. A billboard on the roof.

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