Saints Row Kavanagh County Territory Collectibles Guide

Saints Row Kavanagh County Territory Collectibles Guide

Dan Webb

Kavanagh County in Saints Row is a vast and often lifeless area. It's huge! It not only accounts for the deserts each side of Santo Ileso, but also the lake area in the middle.

Of the game's 115 collectibles - the objects that you need to take a photo of so you can customize your church - 24 are in this region. It's a bit like finding a needle in a haystack, if we're honest. Even with the game's descriptions (1 which is actually wrong!), it's a bit of a task.

Fear not though, that's why we're here with maps for all of the collectibles, sorted by area so that you can go through one area at a time and get the lot.

There are 9 small, 6 medium, 6 large and 3 wall collectibles to get. Here's where they all are, like we said, with collectible maps to accompany them all.

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Rojas Desert North

Metal Sun Man Statue (medium) - At the Sidewinder Creek scenic overlook. By a large cactus.


Metal Coyote (large) - Near the fast travel spot in the south-east of Rojas Desert North.


Where is the painted keg in Rojas Desert North?

Painted Keg (small) - The description reads, “Rojas Desert North. In an old ghost town by the river. Near the mill’s side door.” I'm afraid to tell you, folks, the description lied to you. It's actually found in Rojas Desert South (see the map below). We kept it in this category though to avoid confusion! Hope that helps!


Rojas Desert South:

Space Ship (small) - far north of the Rojas Desert South, by a small bit of water.


Jackalope (medium) - outside Ringers in Rojas Desert South.


Piano (medium) - in the church (next to Ringers in east Rojas Desert South).


Thunderpump Sign (large) - over the road from Ringers (in the Rojas Desert South).


Captain Eagle Statue (large) - On a small mesa with Lady Liberty. South of Cranston.


Route 66 Sign (wall) - Just to the east of the Effin’ Cray Socks clothes shop in Rojas Desert South 


Cactus Santa (small) - In the desert south east of Cranston Dam. At the base of a cell tower.


Lake Sabastian:

Atlas Statue (large) - in the middle of the island in Lake Sabastian.


Mine Cart (medium) - on an island in Lake Sabastian. On the rails in a mine underground.


Centrepiece Bowl (small) - On an island. On a barrel inside a metal building on the heights.


Badlands North

Western Chuckwagon (large) - in the northwest of the Badland north (in the old west area).


Bear Rug (wall) - in the northwest of the Badland north (in the old west area on the far east side).


Silver Obelisk (small) - northeast of Frontier in Badlands North, in the hills.


Ancient Vase (small) - A trucker’s double-wide east of the Flats. With the trash by the porch.


Fanciful Map (wall) - Inside a metal shed. Due north of the Frontier’s north gate.


Golden Urinal (medium) - In a pile of rubble near the Frontier’s north gate. By the excavator.


Badlands South

The Worthy Hammer (small) - Powerlines pass through a dry lake bed with a stranded row boat.


Owl Windmill (large) - southern road in the Badlands South.


Saddle Bar Stool (medium) - just south of the fast travel in Badlands South (by the big fork).


Model Plane (small) - near the fast travel point in the southern part of the Badlands South.


Cactus Cowboy (large) - south east from the fast travel in the Badlands South, on the main road.


Singing Bush (small) - on a small island in the southeast of Badlands South.

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