Saints Row Idols Territory Collectibles Guide

Saints Row Idols Territory Collectibles Guide

Dan Webb

If you're looking for collectibles in Saints Row in the Idols territory, then you are in luck, my friend.

The Idols territory, which spans from Marina West all the way east to Monte Vista and down into the Old Town (both east and west), is a fancy part of Santo Illeso, with swanky shops and even a fancy street festival in Old Town. 

More importantly it houses 17 collectibles: 3 small, 7 mediums, 5 large and 2 wall. So then, if you want to get all the Saints Row collectibles, then look no further! With 4 districts to cover (there are no collectibles in Marina East), let's get started!

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Marina West

Anchor Sculpture (small) - On the edge of the pier in Marina West, southwest.


Ice Cream Statue (large) - by the Twisty Cream clothing store in Marina West.


Bronze Feather (medium) - In the boulevard medium near Liechtenaurs. Between two palms.


Compass (medium) - At the School of Architecture and Design. In the courtyard.


Monte Vista

Oversized Boot (large) - far left of Monta Vista (o the small looped road).


Nuke Mount (medium) - top of the Hollywood-esque sign in Monte Vista.


Marble (small) - In the south east corner of Monte Vista at the end of a cul-de-sac.


Carrot Head (medium) - With his veggie family at the Farmer’s Market.


Gold Disc Golf Basket (medium) - On a green at Woodbrush Country Club. Near the parking lot.


Giant Golf Ball (large) - In front of Woodbrush Country Club. At the parking lot entrance.


Old Town West

The Turdis (medium) - Behind Escobarista Cafe across the street from Friendly Fire.


City Hall Fountain (medium) - in central Old Town West, near City Hall.


Cat Herder (wall) - Across from a Joe Cola mural near the entrance of a street festival.


Tipsy Lizard Sign (wall) - On the Tipsy Lizard. On a street blocked off to vehicle traffic.


Old Town East

Cabbit (small) - In a storage unit at U-Store. In the long building toward the north end.


Grisly Bear (large) - South of the weather station in Old Town East, near the hidden history.


Metal Vulture (large) - right next to the Grisly Bear in Old Town East, near the hidden history.

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