How do you customise your car in Saints Row?

How do you customise your car in Saints Row?

Matt Lorrigan

Early on in Saints Row, you’ll start to collect a series of cars which you can pick up from the garage - first at your apartment, and later at The Church, which serves as the Saints HQ. However, you won’t be able to customise these cars until you complete the main mission, A Piece Of The Action.


In this mission, you’ll have to help a fella called JR set up his very own garage, by dealing with The Idols gang in the area. Once you do go ahead and help him out, he’ll finally get set up with JimRob’s Garage, and give you a piece of the pie in the process. It’s not the money we’re interested in here though - it’s that sweet, sweet car customisation.

From JimRob’s Garage, you can begin to completely customise any cars you’ve unlocked, changing their paint job, adding boosting nitrous, a tow line, spoilers, off-road gear, and generally changing the overall look of your vehicle. You can even equip your vehicle’s signature ability at this garage, once you’ve completed the requisite challenge for it.


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