Saints Row Hidden History Guide: All Locations and Rewards

Saints Row Hidden History Guide: All Locations and Rewards

Dan Webb

Throughout the world of Saints Row's Santo Ileso you'll come across what Deep Silver Volition have called “Hidden History” events. In these events you need to find 4 panels, that give a brief history of the world.

Not only do these Hidden History discoveries give you XP and money, as well as some cool Easter eggs, but they also grant you rewards if you complete a paired set.

There are 16 Hidden History events in all, with 8 rewards, that range from weapons and outfits to cars and masks. Below you'll not only find the location of all 16, but you'll also see which two are paired together and what reward you'll get.

On top of that, we also put the location of the 4 panels too, as they can be pretty well bloody hidden! Good luck, and enjoy those sweet, sweet rewards. 

The Natural Wonders of the Rojas Desert

Sidewinder Creek Hidden History (Rojas Desert North)


Sky Canyon Hidden History (Rojas Desert North - east of Sidewinder)


Natural Wonders Reward

Shakes the Snake Shirt


Beer Making In Santo Ileso

Frank’s 80/20 Brewery Hidden History (Smelterville West)


Red Faction Memorial Square Hidden History (Marina West)


Beer Making Reward

Beer Costume


Street Art of Santo Ileso

The Grand Prix Hidden History (West Providencia)


Beware The Grisly Bear Hidden History (Old Town East)


Street Art Reward

KISS Cactus Hat


Santo Ileso Before 1854

Rancho Providencia Hidden History (West Providencia)


Fort Cullen Hidden History (Old Town West)


Before 1854 Reward

Mask, Werewolf


Miracles of “El Santo Ileso”

St Thomas Corvacho Hidden History- (East Providencia)


Meeker Square Hidden History (Old Town West)


Miracles Reward

Pugnus Sanctus Dei


History of Antoni M. Jasinski

Jasinski Park Theatre Hidden History (Lakeshore South)


Jasinski Park Library Hidden History (Lakeshore South)


Jasinski Reward

Alien Mask and Alien Hat


Route 66 in Kavanagh County

Route 66 Cranston Hidden History (Rojas Desert South)



Route 66 McQuarry Hidden History (Badlands South)


Route 66 Reward

Ringers Hawaiian Shirt


Automotive History of Santo Ileso

Go Kart Go Hidden History - (El Dorado)


Lake Alacran Hidden History - (Badlands North)


Automotive History Reward

Marshall Kart vehicle

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