Saints Row Best Weapons Guide

Saints Row Best Weapons Guide

Matt Lorrigan

If you plan on playing a lot of the Saints Row reboot, then one thing is certain - you’re going to be getting into a lot of fights. Combat is one of the main activities in Saints Row, whether you’re doing main missions, side hustles, or criminal ventures, and fights can last a decent amount of time as well. Because of this, you’re going to want to get your hands on the very best weapons possible, or, at the very least, the most fun ones. After all, you want to have a good time while slaughtering goons by the dozen, right? In that case, take a look at our guide to the best and coolest weapons in Saints Row 2022 down below.

Best Weapons


Compared to previous games in the franchise, Saints Row is missing some of the more weird and wacky weaponry you’d find in Saints Row: The Third or Saints Row IV. However, there is one weapon that at least comes close to that classic brand of dumb, fun chaos - the Thrustbuster.

Shaped like an American football, albeit one from some kind of futuristic deathsport version of the game, the Thrustbuster can be placed or thrown onto an enemy, sticking onto them like glue. At first, nothing will happen, but wait a few seconds and the rocket-powered football will suddenly spring into life, dragging your enemy into the air and flying them around for a while, before exploding in a shower of sparks. 

And it’s not just people you can stick this sci-fi sportsball to - whack it on a car to send it spiralling across the road, hitting anyone it its path, and taking the survivors out in a fiery explosion. Send enough enemies flying, and you’ll even unlock the Mass Transit signature ability, which sees it pulling along additional enemies in its path. It might not be the game’s most powerful weapon, but it certainly makes a case for being the most fun.

You can read our guide on how to acquire the Thrustbuster here.

Pugnus Sanctus Dei

The Pugnus Sanctus Dei is perhaps one of the Saints Row reboot’s coolest and most unique weapons. It’s like something out of a cartoon, basically. It’s essentially a gun that shoots boxing gloves at foes, which are attached to the gun itself by springs. Yes, it’s as nuts as it sounds.

It’s not the easiest weapon to get your hands-on either. While other weapons are unlocked through progression in ventures and missions, the Pugnus Sanctus Dei is unlocked by completing the ‘Miracles of “El Santo Ileso”’ Hidden Histories - these being the St Thomas Corvacho Hidden History and the Meeker Square Hidden History (Old Town West). For their locations and solutions, head to our Hidden History guide here. They’re a little off the beaten path, but boy, are they fun as heck when you finally get your hands on them. It’s like a melee build with none of the risk of getting up close and personal!

TOGO-13 Sniper Rifle

The TOGO-13 Sniper Rifle is perhaps one of the more boring weapons in this list, but it’s on this list for a reason: it’s a beasty sniper rifle! The TOGO-13 is a mission unlock in the mission “Drawing Heat,” and while this mission unlocks the Saints Ethel Car, it also unlocks this pesky sniper rifle. The rifle alone is an absolute animal on its own, especially if you’re up for engaging in more long distance combat, but if you unlock its Signature Ability too, oh boy! 

After killing 20 enemies who are driving vehicles with it, you can head back to your HQ or a Friendly Fire and unlock the ‘Bonus Round’ Signature Ability. This ability not only boost the power of your headshots, but every headshot adds ammo to your reserve. That means that no longer do you have to run into the action every so often to refill your ammo. Plus, if you fully upgrade it, there’s no stopping what the TOGO-13 can achieve.

Potato Cannon

Perhaps one of the most devastating weapons in the entirety of Saints Row is the AT Rocket Launcher, a weapon you unlock later on in the game. However, while that’s destructive and really cool, it’s the Potato Cannon, a variant of the AT Rocket Launcher that we absolutely adore. If only for the sheer lunacy of it.

The absurd visual mod for the AT Rocket Launcher can be unlocked by completing the “High Noon” mission, and while there is nothing more hilarious than blowing cars up with potatoes, should you unlock the Signature Ability, it gets even more ludicrous. The Signature Ability, which is unlocked for destroying 20 Marshall Vehicles, allows you to control the flight of the projectile. Yes, remote controlled potatoes! Combine that with the unlockable tinfoil Potato Car, and you have the perfect dinner-based combat combo! “Do you want frying with that, good sir?”

Smelterville Slugger

As melee weapons go in Saints Row, the Smelterville Slugger is the most satisfying to use. In practice, it’s nearly identical to the Sledgehammer, but what would you rather use. A big hammer, or a baseball bat covered in barbed wire and nails? Yeah, we thought so too.

On top of that, the Smelterville Slugger comes with the Swing Away ability, which is not only a fun reference to the 2002 M. Night Shyamalan flick Signs, but also sends enemies flying into the air in hilarious fashion. You can also pair this mighty melee weapon with the Berserker skill, which makes your melee attacks do more damage, or the Transfusion skill, which heals you and your allies when you damage enemies. And throughout the game, you’ll get to unlock some really cool visual mods for it as well. What’s not to like?

You can grab the Smelterville Sluggerfor yourself at all good Friendly Fire weapon stores.

D4th Blossom

The D4th Blossom in Saints Row has been a staple for quite a few years. For those new to the franchise, it’s effectively a devastating SMG that has a massive clip size and an absolutely insane rate of fire. If you’re into your fairly close-quarters combat, and want to take vehicles down in an instant, the D4th Blossom is the gun for you! There’s even a skill called the D4th Blossom as well, that has you dual-wield them and spin around attacking everyone around you - which uses that specific weapon too… well, two of them!

The good thing as well with the D4th Blossom is that there’s no fancy unlock conditions and you don’t have to do any crazy feats to unlock it either, all you have to do is head to Friendly Fire with $50,000 cold, hard cash and the gun is yours. Perhaps the best part of the Saints Row reboot’s D4th Blossom though is its Signature Ability. The ‘Improved Pay & Spray’ ability, which is unlocked after firing 10,000 bullets, increases the gun’s accuracy the longer it is fired, mitigating the gun’s weakness because of the gun’s strength. Hold that trigger down, folks, and watch the destruction unfold before your very eyes.

Quantum Aperture

In a strange turn of events, one of the very best weapons in Saints Row, isn’t a weapon at all. Well, sort of. The Quantum Aperture is a fun, clever piece of gadgetry that actually functions as a skill, and it makes pretty much every ranged weapon in the game much more powerful.

By activating the Quantum Aperture, you create a big holographic window in front of you, allowing you to temporarily shoot through walls. This is already good by itself, but it also gives you the ability to see enemies through walls too. This way, you can hunker down behind cover, and keep shooting at enemies, without them being able to shoot at you. There’s even a damage boost applied to your weapons when using this. This makes weapons like SMGs, pistols, and assault rifles far more powerful and interesting to use.

You can get the Quantum Aperture through the Eurekabator! criminal venture, which can be set up at Criminal Empire Tier 2. The first alpha test unlocks the hoverboard, the second test unlocks the Quantum Aperture, and the third test unlocks the Thrustbuster.

Pinata Launcher & Pinata Stick

Pinatas are filled with surprises, and made to be cracked open, right? So it’s not a huge leap to imagine stuffing a pinata with explosives, and cracking them open with, well, explosives. Well, not in the world of Saints Row anyway, with the Pinata Launcher serving as another of the game’s fun, colourful weapons. Launch a Pinata (as the name suggests) and wait for it to explode in glorious, sickly sweet fashion. Even better, once you unlock the signature ability Sssnakesss!, your pinatas will also release snakes when they explode, which will attack nearby enemies.

You’ll be able to unlock the Pinata Launcher by completing the Let’s Pretend criminal venture. This is only available at Empire Tier 4, and costs a whopping $1.6 million to construct. And even then, you’ll need to complete all of the venture missions for it around the map, but once you do so, the Pinata Launcher will be yours.

Oh, and make sure to unlock the Pinata Stick to complete the set. You can get it as a visual mode for the crowbar by completing the @TCHA side hustle in Marina West, and you’ll need both the Pinata Stick and Pinata Launcher to unlock the Fiesta Time trophy.

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