Saints Row Best Vehicles Guide

Saints Row Best Vehicles Guide

Matt Lorrigan

The new Saints Row continues the franchise’s long running tradition of having a load of fun, ridiculous vehicles to drive around. And thanks to the game’s vehicle customisation and upgrade kit system, even the diminutive Ride car can become a nippy off-road powerhouse, if you put the money into it. However, in the Saints Row reboot, some vehicles are just that little bit more special. Because when we say best vehicles, we can mean a lot of things. They might be the fastest, or the strongest, or even just the coolest cars. With that in mind, here’s some of our favourite vehicles in Saints Row 2022.

Best Vehicles

Heavyweight Monster Truck

Monster trucks are already a little bit overpowered in Saints Row. They instantly crush (and subsequently blow up) pretty much any vehicle smaller than them, and while that can lead to your notoriety level going up very quickly, it also makes any mission or task involving other cars very easy. Now, imagine that, but your monster truck looks like a giant desert skull. Sounds cool? Well that’s what happens when you get your hands on the skeletal Heavyweight monster truck. This beast has good overall stats, is massive, and it looks metal as hell - what’s not to like? And it’s easy to get as well, with our simple Heavyweight bony car parts guide, which you can check out here.

Vindicator Rocket Car

If you’ve ever wanted to drive a car that looked like it came straight out of Q’s lab in an old James Bond film, look no further than the Vindicator. This piece of retro rocket tech is pure retro-future, with shark fin spoilers, rocket thrusters, and a strange manta ray-like split at the front. On top of all that, the Vindicator is a fast car, especially after a few upgrades. And you can even unlock the Infinite Boost signature ability for it, allowing you go to at full pelt without slowing down, as long as you don’t hit anything along the way. You can read our full guide to finding the Vindicator car parts here.


Want a car that can stop your foes in their tracks? Well, you can scream “thou shall not pass” with the Bowelrod, the most powerful of the Dustlanders LARP cars. With a giant worm strapped to the to the top, it’s a fearsome (if a bit homemade looking) beast in its own right. What makes it special, however, is its unique signature ability - Bowelrod Roar. This mighty blast of sound is one of the best area-of-effect moves in the entire game, quickly draining your foes health. The offroad stats may look a little rubbish, but the Bowelrod is automatically upgraded with the Off-Road Kit as standard, and proves to be an excellent vehicle in combat.

To acquire the Bowelrod, you need to complete The Dustmoot mission, before setting up the Castle Kraken venture in the city, and completing all of the venture missions for it. Once you’ve done this, you can access The Rod Warrior mission, which will reward you with the mighty Bowelrod at the end.

Frying Dutchman

Is it a pirate’s life for you? With the Frying Dutchman, it certainly can be. Sure, there are actual boats in Saints Row that you can hijack, but wouldn’t you rather be riding around on the roads in a four-wheeled pirate ship, crushing any enemies that oppose you? Compared to the Heavyweight monster truck, the Flying Dutchman actually has some rather average stats, but, and I can’t emphasise this enough, you’re driving round in a massive pirate ship. That should be plenty of reason to take this ship for a test drive. You can check out our full guide for finding the Frying Dutchman car parts here.

Prototype RTP 62-8S Hoverboard

Let me stop you right there. It’s a hoverboard. Not one of those strange mini-segways that does not, in fact, hover. No, this is an honest-to-goodness, science fiction, Back to the Future-style hoverboard, complete with rocket boosters at the bottom. Now, the funny thing here is that the Prototype RTP 62-8S Hoverboard isn’t actually particularly fast, or nimble. But it’s totally unique in the world of Saints Row, makes you look seriously cool, and lets you do a big slam attack that can blow up cars in the process. You can read our guide for unlocking the Prototype RTP 62-8S Hoverboard here.


If you’re reading through this guide thinking “I’m not interested in any of these wacky machines, give me a good old fashioned vee-hic-call with four wheels and a roof”, then the Compton might be for you. Out of all the of game’s more basic cars, the Compton is just a wonderfully solid choice with tons of customisation options, both to boost its performance, and to make it look really cool. It naturally has great speed and performance, and you can make up for its poor off-road ability with a quick Off-Road Kit upgrade.

To get the Compton, you can complete the Art Appreciation loyalty mission with Neenah, or The Forge mission.

Golden Garbage Truck

The Golden Garbage Truck, also known as the Sanicruiser, is the most luxurious garbage truck you’ll ever see. The exterior is solid gold, gleaming in the sunlight, with the exception of the huge “Golden Dumpers” logo on the side, of course. It’s surprisingly fast, given its size, and has excellent durability and off-road capabilities, so you can show off in style (sort of) when lumping this massive great bin lorry around.

Check out our guide on how to find the four golden truck parts and unlock the Golden Garbage Truck here.

Tornado Helicopter

The Tornado helicopter in Saints Row has the potential to kind of break the game. It’s such a powerful vehicle, with a heavy-duty gun, as well as heat-seeking rockets, that few enemies can stand in your way. Fly high enough into the sky, and you’ll barely take any damage, and you might even lose all of your notoriety in the process. And you can use the Tornado to quickly take out threats around the map, rapidly increasing your hourly revenue. Oh, and you can avoid all obstacles and roads by just flying over them. It’s OP, it’s awesome, and you need to get one ASAP.

You can find our guide on getting the Tornado helicopter here.

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