Saints Row All Collectibles Guide and Maps

Saints Row All Collectibles Guide and Maps

Dan Webb

One of the mechanics in the 2022 Saints Row reboot is that players are able to decorate their HQ with collectibles they find in the open-world. They range from huge golden Atlas statues and massive wall murals, to smaller objects like plush toys, a cabbit, and there's even a Turdis as well - an obvious play on Doctor Who's Tardis.

There are 115 collectibles in all, that fall under various sizes: there are 29 small collectibles, 47 medium collectibles, 23 large collectibles and 16 wall-sized collectibles. Most of them you find in the open-world and once you've taken a photo they're yours, but for some you have to finish in-game milestones, missions and completion of different activities for them to unlock.

While the game does give you descriptions on where these collectibles are, sometimes they're not very helpful and other times they're just straight up wrong! Because of how they're presented in-game as well, it's hard to get them all efficiently with ease.

Until now.

We've basically taken all the collectibles, made maps for each one, and arranged them by territory for your ease. This way you can grab a helicopter and fly through the entire of Santo Ileso and get them all in no time whatsover.

Happy hunting!

All the collectibles and their maps can be found at the following links:

Kavanagh County Collectibles Guide

This includes: Rojas Desert North and South, Lake Sabastian and the Badlands, both North and South.


Idols Territory Collectibles Guide

This includes: Marina East and West, Monte Vista, and Old Town, again, both East and West.


Los Panteros Territory Collectibles Guide

This includes: East and West Providencia, East and West Smelterville and Mercado.


Marshall Territory Collectibles Guide

This includes: Both Lakeshore North and South, both East and West Flats, and finally, El Dorado. 


In-Game Completion Rewards

As we said previously, there are also a ton of collectibles tied to mission progression, as well as criminal venture completion too and some open-world stuff as well. Here's the full list of said collectibles.



  • Western Golden Cannon (medium) - from Office Decor main mission (after Take Me to the Church mission)
  • As Seen on TV Knife (small) - Idol Hands mission reward
  • Caca Cabana (medium) - Lost Idol mission reward
  • Hummingbird Codex (small) - Going Overboard mission reward
  • Cactus Jack (medium) - Art Appreciation mission reward
  • Cow Statue (medium) - Art Appreciation mission reward
  • Flower Spur Statue (medium) - Art Appreciation mission reward
  • Wormy Apple (medium) - Art Appreciation mission reward
  • Gatling Gun (medium) - Severance Package mission reward
  • Dustlander Throne (medium) - Unto the Breach mission reward (Castle Kraken mission)


Open World Completion


  • Drug Pallet (small) - Drug Pallet Pickup reward.
  • Go-Kart Trophy (small) - Pony Express reward.
  • Wanted Poster (wall) - Wanted reward.


Criminal Venture Completion


  • JimRob Statue (large) - JimRob’s reward.
  • Wuzyerz Repo Yard (wall) - Repo Yard reward.
  • Shady Oaks Sign (wall) - Shady Oaks reward.
  • D20 (medium) - Complete Castle Kraken Criminal Venture
  • Chalupacabra sign (wall) - Finishing Chalupacabra Criminal Empire
  • Toxic Waste Barrel (small) - Bright Future Disposal reward.
  • Doc Ketchum’s Horse (medium) - Boot Hill reward.
  • Interstellar Phone Booth (medium) - Laundromat reward.
  • Hoverboard Trophy (small) - Eurekabator reward.
  • KAKTS Radio Tower (large) - Radio Station reward.
  • Vat of Fabulous (medium) - Complete Cutting Edge Criminal Venture
  • Space Suit (medium) - Let’s Pretend reward.
  • Training Dummy (medium) - First Strike reward.
  • Planet Saints Pedestal (small) - Planet Saints reward.
  • Saints Discordia (large) - Saints Skyscraper reward.




  • Devil’s Egg (large) - Unlocks with DLC
  • Lit Chick (large) - Unlocks with DLC

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