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Welcome to Santo Ileso, home of the rebooted Saints Gang. Your created character and three best friends/roommates are finally sick of doing small jobs to afford rent so your task is to turn their upstart gang into a multi-million dollar corporation. Despite being a reboot to the series the game features a lot of familar elements to fans of the series while adding new activities and reinventing others.

Unfortunately the game received mixed reception and part of this was due to the bugginess of the game, and this can affect trophies, especially when playing in co-op. That said, it's suggested to play the game completely solo, saving the one online trophy Prankster trophy_bronze.png for last. Even without playing co-op things can bug out, so see It's a Bird! trophy_bronze.png for more information. The game is liable to bugging out randomly too. Issues I faced included being unable to switch weapons and noteriety not working properly, usually a full relaunch of the game fixes these issues. Glitches aside, this is a fairly easy platinum.


Step 1: Complete the game, including all Ventures as you unlock them

Play through the game, you have a bunch of missions to start with then you'll start to unlock Ventures. You'll have to place and complete a certain number of these to progress the story at times, plus you'll need to make a lot of passive income to buy everything you need and you need to complete them all for platinum anyway, so it's best to fully complete them as you unlock them alonside the threats in my opinion. They can be a little tedious however and you only need to complete five to finish the story so you can save them for later if you wish.

As you play there are a couple of things to look out for. The easiest spot for Food for Thought trophy_bronze.png is in the very first mission, so check out that trophy for details. If you spot any items glowing blue, these are collectibles so you may want to take a photo of them to work towards The Collector trophy_silver.png. You'll also want to complete any Crimes of Opportunity you come across to work towards Untouchable trophy_bronze.png. There are also numerous easy trophies that aren't technically story related but can quickly get out of the way, such as completing a Side Hustle and Wanted Contract. If you have been completing the ventures as you go, after completing the story you should have enough cash to place the final venture for two more trophies.

Trophies you'll earn in this step include:
Step 2: Side Hustles, Wanted App and District Completion

From here you can go ahead and complete the Side Hustles and the Wanted contracts, plus complete all the city districts for All Mine trophy_gold.png and related trophies, grab the desert stores and photo hunts while you're at it too. This requires all the Ventures completed so if you didn't do them all last step do them now. There are a couple more easy trophies that can be completed at this point too, if you didn't get them in your initial playthrough. You can also go ahead and unlock any remaining vehicle abilities at this point for Heard You Like Wheels trophy_silver.png and grab a couple of related trophies while you're at it. See the guide below for more details.

Trophies you'll earn in this step include:
Step 3: Challenges, collectibles, co-op and clean up.

From here you should only have a few trophies left. You'll probably need the Wingsuit challenges for It's a Bird! trophy_bronze.png, plus will need to complete a total of 46 for Jack of All Trades trophy_silver.png. (UNACHIEVABLE). Unless you managed to find a lot on your travels you should also need more collectibles for The Collector trophy_silver.png. There are also two trophies I haven't mentioned yet that require weapons unlocked over the course of step 2 - Bonus Round trophy_bronze.png and Fiesta Time trophy_bronze.png. Grab any other trophies you missed, then finally hop on co-op to grab Prankster trophy_bronze.png (see the Co-Op Partners Thread if you need a hand). This should now be your plat, congrats!

Trophies you'll earn in this step include:

The Heist and the Hazardous DLC

  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 1/10
  • Offline trophies: 3
  • Online trophies: N/A
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 1 hour
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: None known
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No, feel free to play on the lowest settings.

The Heist and the Hazardous DLC is the first expansion for the Saints Row reboot. After getting double crossed by a murder-for-hire client, you must exact revenge in order to get your payment. The DLC also comes with some cosmetics, and is accompanied with a free update containing a new region where the missions take place.


Step 1- Play the DLC missions.

That's it. Play through the DLC missions in sequence to get 100% in the DLC. You don't need to do any of the activities in Sunshine Springs or anything like that, it really is that simple. Just make sure you've unlocked the Church in the main story in order to start the mission line. There are just three missions and each grants a trophy upon completion.

Doc Ketchum's Murder Circus DLC

  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10
  • Offline trophies: 6 (3trophy_bronze.png, 2trophy_silver.png, 1trophy_gold.png)
  • Online trophies: N/A
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 3-5 hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 15-20 runs
  • Number of missable trophies: Just Like Old Times trophy_gold.png 
  • Glitched trophies: None known
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No, feel free to play on the lowest settings.

Doc Ketchum's Murder Circus DLC is the second expansion for the Saints Row reboot. This is a shortish side rouge-lite mode based on the Boot Hill mission from the main story. You play as one of four characters, completing small survival challenges with different modifiers, finding chests to upgrade yourself on that particular run and you have the ability to upgrade yourself permanently between runs. This DLC has a bit more bang for your buck compared to the first one, with a bunch of cosmetics and weapons also available to unlock through the mode.


Step 1- Reach level 8 and complete the finale with all four characters, ensuring you get the missable trophy.

There isn't a lot to be said about the DLC other than the step title really, for 100% you must get to level 8 (2-4 runs) with each character then do a finale mission with a strong enemy at the end. You'll want to save your Boot Coins for the Prodigy upgrade as this will allow you to level faster and speed up the whole process, then from there upgrade however you like. When you do Artemis' finale, make sure to get the Just Like Old Times trophy_gold.png trophy by groin killing the final boss, I'd suggest backing up your save as if this is missed you'll have to do this on a different save game.

A Song of Ice and Dust DLC

  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 1/10
  • Offline trophies: 5 (3trophy_bronze.png,1,1trophy_gold.png)
  • Online trophies: N/A
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 1-3 hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: None known
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No, feel free to play on the lowest settings.

A Song of Ice and Dust is the third and final DLC expansion for the Saints Row Reboot. This is a continuation of the LARP side mission storyline from the base game, (meaning this must be completed first), you must team up with a former foe to face an even bigger threat to your cardboard kingdom. The DLC largely takes place in a new region of the game, included free for all players. Like the first DLC, this is more traditional story DLC and the trophies require nothing more than just completing the missions, of which there are five.


Step 1: Play through the DLC

Again, it really is that simple. The new area comes with new side hustles and content but there is no need to complete any of this, just complete the story starting from 'The Blue Wedding' and you'll earn a trophy after each mission, hopefully granting you 100% in the game.

Saints Row Trophy Guide

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65 trophies ( 12  48  14  )

  • Unlock all trophies.

    As always, earn all other trophies in the game to unlock this one.
  • Unlock Criminal Empire Tier 3.

    Story related and cannot be missed

    After unlocking Tier 2, you'll then have to place all 6 Ventures that you've unlocked so far, plus complete any two of them. The quickest at this point is Chalupacabra and Eurekabator. Once you've done this you can play the Body of Evidence mission where you'll need to defend an ally and destroy some evidence, once the mission is complete you'll unlock Tier 3 and this trophy.
    • Cutting Edge- There will be numerous photo points marked on the map, you can hover over the icons to get a hint of what you need to photograph, you need any 14 of them to complete the venture.
    • KAKTS Radio- First you need to call each of the 4 factions in turn and take out the miniboss at max noteriety, then you'll have to wingsuit bounce off of 16 marked towers. These are all in reach of weather stations but you can make it easier using an aircraft if needed.
    • The Big One- This one requires completions of the classic Mayhem missions from old Saints Row games, where you cause destruction with various weapons. There are 6 of these missions.
  • Unlock Criminal Empire Tier 4.

    Story related and cannot be missed

    After unlocking Tier 3 you'll need to place the new Ventures on the map plus complete a total of 5 Ventures before you can play the Good Cop/Bad Cop mission. You just need to fly someone around with your helicopter, after which you'll unlock Tier 4 along with this trophy.
    • First Strike Dojo - The missions for these involve beating up rival martial arts gangs with your fists, there are 5 of these.
    • Let's Pretend - This one involves scoping out heists then being the getaway driver, you need to do each task 5 times for venture completion.
    • Planet Saints - You need to find 12 trucks randomly driving around the map, hijack them then return them to the venture. This one was the most tedious one for me as I often inadvertedly blew up the trucks trying to steal/return them.
  • Acquire every perk.

    GLITCHED - It is highly recommended to not play co-op until you've gotten this and It's a Bird! trophy_bronze.png  (or create a back-up save to return to if you do). Co-op is extremely broken and tends to permanently freeze your challenge progress. You'll either need to reload a past save before the challenges bugged, or start a completely new save.

    To unlock perks you have to complete challenges. At first you'll unlock a perk after every challenge completion but eventually you'll need to complete two challenges to unlock the next perk. To unlock every perk you need to complete a total of 46 challenges.

    There are well over 70 challenges, so you have a good amount of choice in what to complete, you should unlock a decent amount on the way to the other trophies and make good progress on some of the others depending on your play style, such as whether you switch out weapons and such as you progress through the game. There's a lot of challenges that just require you to get a bunch of kills in a certain way or with certain weapons, and you can make enemies come after you infinitely from the Radio Venture so you can easily farm them.

    Once you've completed 46 challenges and unlocked the final perk this will pop.
  • Complete all wingsuit challenges.

    GLITCHED - It is highly recommended to not play co-op until you've gotten this and Jack of All Trades trophy_silver.png (or create a back-up save to return to if you do). Co-op is extremely broken and tends to permanently freeze your challenge progress. You'll either need to reload a past save before the challenges bugged, or start a completely new save. Furthermore, at least one of these challenges can refuse to progress even if you've never played co-op, again forcing you to start over or load an old save.

    There are three challenges related to the wingsuit that you need to complete. You'll unlock the wingsuit early on, and you'll unlock things like wingsuit bouncing and wingsuit airdrops as you complete the story. You can also unlock and equip the 'Trampoline' perk to make things easier, and don't forget you can boost once per flight with square.png!  The challenges are as follows, note that the units used for the challenges aren't included in game so it could be meters or feet, i'm unsure:

    Wing It
    • Bounce boost off 4 people in 30 seconds - This can be a little tricky, you'll need a fairly populated area or you can replay a Wingsuit Saboteur such as the El Dorado one and fly from building to building bouncing off people by spamming l1.png.
    • Wingsuit launch off 12 vehicles - You have two options for this, you can either climb on top of a vehicle (hold triangle.png) you are driving and press cross.png to launch, or you can press triangle.png to land on vehicles while already wingsuiting then launching straight back off it. If you are doing this post game, you can set a waypoint on the map and any car you have driven will autopilot so you can easily launch off it.
    Terminal Velocity
    • Free fall 1000 - I'm not sure what unit this is in, but either way you can either fly a helicopter as high as it will go, jump out and only deploy your wingsuit last minute, or head to one of the rooftop access points and repeatedly jump off there.
    • Get 5s airtime in Lakeshore North - Super easy and you'll probably get this naturally, this is the northmost district on the west side, there are numerous staircases you can use to get a little bit of air at a time.
    • 1000 in Lakeshore South - Again not sure what unit they're using here. You can use the same methods as free falling except wingsuit the entire time.
    I Can See My House
    • Wingsuit distance of 5000 - This might come naturally if you enjoy traversing with the wingsuit, if not you can reach the height limit in a helicopter then jump out, repeat as much as needed.
    • Winguit 50 near the ground - Simple and there's a good chance you'll get it while going for the other challenges, just keep wingsuiting from weather towers or off cars and you'll get enough.
  • Buy 1 item from every store.

    There are 35 stores in the game. Buying an item from each store is required for district completion for All Mine trophy_gold.png. Any item will do, it counts if you refill your ammo at the Friendly Fires if you bought all the weapons already and you don't need to equip what you buy. The stores are automatically marked on the map and you can hover over them to find out if you still need to buy an item from there, plus you can see how many stores you need in each district. Don't forget the desert stores as you don't need them for All Mine trophy_gold.png.
  • Pulled out of a car by a pedestrian.

    Sometimes when you hijack a car the owner won't be afraid to steal it right back, so an easy way for this is to steal cars until you find one where the former driver turns hostile, then let them hijack you. You may also get a hostile to pull you out of your car which should also unlock the trophy.
  • Obtain 5 items in the Collectibles app.

    Story Related and cannot be missed.

    See The Collector trophy_silver.png for more information on Collectibles, though you should get at least 5 by just completing missions and ventures.
  • Obtain 85 items in the Collectibles app.

    As of this guide being written there are 120 collectibles available in the game. They are items you can use to decorate the church, are unlocked after 'Office Decor' and are obtained in three ways:
    • Mission completion - completing story missions, ventures and side hustles will occasionally award you with collectibles, so you'll have a decent chunk just by getting the other trophies.
    • Photos - The main source of collectibles, there are wacky sculptures and interesting items all over the map, they will glow blue if they are a collectible. You'll need to take a photo of them for them to count.
    • DLC - While absolutely not required for this trophy or platinum, some DLC have collectibles included which count towards this trophy. The Festive Felonies free DLC has some, for example.
    I'd suggest leaving this for late in your platinum run but also keeping an eye out for glowing blue items as you play, as between mission related collectibles and the easy to find ones, you'll have a good amount of them already. To clean up you can either check the collectibles app and hover over missing collectibles to find which district they are in and a rough location, or you can just use a guide like the one below from PS5Trophies:
  • Complete 10 Crimes of Opportunity.

    Crimes of Opportunity are random events that spawn during regular gameplay. They appear on your minimap with a moneybag icon (like the trophy image) and task you with killing a few criminals and stealing their score from them. It's recommended to do these whenever you come across them as they can be a little annoying to make show up on command - you should find enough when exploring the city for other trophies but if you're not doing them you may need to spend extra time driving around aimlessly to find them. They do have the same spawn locations however, so if you need more after completing the other trophies you can inconsistently farm them by fast travelling away and driving back and they should respawn on occasion.

    A few people have stated that destroying the armoured trucks that also spawn randomly on the minimap also counts towards this trophy, though I'm sure I would have earned this trophy a lot earlier than I did if they did count. I'm unsure if this is something that was patched out or you have to do something specific for them to count towards this trophy - either way it's worth destroying them anyway in case they do count (plus for a little boost in cash in the early game).
  • Complete all jobs on the Wanted app.

    There are 12 jobs on the Wanted app. They are all simple missions, you'll have to pick up a dead drop then follow the instructions, some will have you killing a bunch of enemies on the way to the target(s) and others will have less action, none of them should cause any issues for you regardless. Just note that you'll have to play through the game to unlock some of them.
  • Complete all Side Hustles.

    There are 5 different kinds of Side Hustles in the game. You must complete all instances of all of them for this trophy. They are all relatively short and show up on your map when unlocked. You often need to complete side hustles before unlocking more of that type so you'll be bouncing around the map a lot. Also note that any bonus objectives are optional but offer extra rewards if you wish to go for them. The Side Hustles are:

    @TCHA - Leave a negative review on a business then defeat the faction that come after you. The lower rating you give, the more enemies that come and the higher reward you get, but feel free to give 4 stars for the easiest time.

    Choplifting - Pick up the target using the magnet on a helicopter and take it to the waypoint.

    Pony Express - Drive the car offroad to the waypoint avoiding or destroying enemies.

    Riding Shotgun - Be the passenger or rooftop surfer for a thief, helping her survive and escape the cops.

    Wingsuit Saboteur - Wingsuit from building to building destroying the targets and killing enemies in your way.

    Once every Side Hustle is completed you'll get this trophy.
  • Complete Showdown.

    Story Related and cannot be missed

    This trophy is earned for completing the final main story mission, Showdown. The last few missions are all in a sequence after getting Et tu? trophy_bronze.png. The first mission is a weird dream type sequence, then next you have to retrieve some weapons and attack the area from the very start of the game. Finally you'll find out where your friends are, have to kill a bunch of people with a VTOL and inside, then you'll have to kill the main antagonist who will take a lot of damage and run away from you, ending in a helicopter that you'll have to shoot down. Once all of this is done the trophy will pop.
  • Complete a Side Hustle.

    Side Hustles are the activities you can complete in the game for extra cash. There are a few types of these, any one will do for this trophy.
  • Complete a job on the Wanted app.

    You'll unlock the Wanted app after completing the third mission and gaining free reign over the open world. They are bounty missions where you have to kill a target or two. Complete any of them for this trophy.
  • Complete First F#@!ing Day.

    Story Related and cannot be missed.

    This is the very first mission of the game and acts as a tutorial for the very basics. Simply complete it for this trophy.
  • Complete 25 challenges.

    There are over 70 challenges in the game. To be more precise they are challenge sets, with each set having 1-3 smaller challenges to complete. There are plenty of easy challenges in the bunch that you'll knock out without even trying, so you're sure to get this while heading towards the plat, if not by the end of the story like I did. You also need to complete 46 challenges for Jack of All Trades trophy_silver.png so this will come on the way to that.
  • Customize a vehicle.

    You'll be able to customise your vehicles when you unlock JR's garage after undertaking a mission for him fairly early in the game. When you've unlocked the garage, pick a vehicle and customise anything for the trophy.
  • Customize a weapon.

    You can do this when you reach your safehouse for the first time, there is a closet there where you can see and customise all your weapons. You can also head to any gun store. Pick a gun, change anything such as the colour and you'll get the trophy.
  • Customize a weapon, a vehicle, clothing item, and your skin with a Cutting Edge material.

    First off, to unlock Cutting Edge materials you need to purchase the Cutting Edge venture available after reaching Criminal Empire Tier 3, purchasing it for $400,000. Once you've talked to the manager, head to any of the Cutting Edge photo locations now appearing on your map, you need to find any 14 of these to complete the venture but for this one anyone will do. The clues given are fairly straight forward so you shouldn't have issues finding them. Once you find one you can customise the items as follows:
    • Weapon - Friendly Fire > Customise > Material
    • Vehicle - Garage > Customise > Paint > Paint Styles
    • Clothing - Style App > Any Outfit Piece > Material
    • Skin - Style App > Skin > Skin Types

    Note that this may a little buggy, I had to switch my skin to a different material before it unlocked for me, so if you don't unlock it right away try and find another material and switch that.
  • Defeat all members of the Idols Collective.

    GLITCHED - One of the Collective members can despawn, making this trophy impossible on your current save, see below for more details.

    The Idols Collective are the leaders of the Idols and you must kill all six for this trophy. They are stronger enemies with LED helmets. They are found as follows:
    • 1 in Be Your Own Boss story mission
    • 1 in Idol Threat loyalty mission
    • 2 in Going Overboard story mission
    • 1 in a threat in Old Town West - place a venture here to unlock it
    • 1 in the Litterbugs Wanted Contract
    The one that can glitch is the threat one. I'd recommend making a manual save before placing a venture in Old Town West, when you do go around and complete them, and if you finish the one that asks you to defeat the collective member without actually killing him (this seemingly happens if you kill too many of the goons), reload your save. If you've already ran into this issue and don't have a save from beforehand, you can join a co-op partner that has this threat incomplete and kill the collective member there, or you'll have to start a new save and complete most of the story again to get this trophy.
  • Destroy a car with Pugnus Sanctus Dei.

    To unlock the Pugnus Sanctus Dei, you need to complete two of the Hidden Histories around the map. They're both in the city so you'll find them on the way towards All Mine trophy_gold.png, but if you want to grab this weapon as soon as possible complete the following:
    • Meeker Square - Old Town West
    • St. Thomas Corvacho - East Providencia
    Once you've finished these and unlocked the weapon, head to your safehouse or a Friendly Fire and equip it, it's classed as a melee weapon. Now just find any car, you'll probably want it to be a parked car so the driver doesn't escape, and just press l2.png and/or r2.png to punch it until it explodes for the trophy.
  • Perform a barrel roll.

    A barrel roll is rolling your car in midair then landing on your wheels. Simply rolling your car won't cut it so you'll need to find a ramp and a decent car, there are plenty of hills in the desert areas you can use, there are also multiple ramps at the graveyard in 'Take Me To Church' and in other places around the map. Once you have a ramp and a car, you'll need to hold cross.png and lse.png/lsw.png in midair in order to roll, if you land on your wheels (or close enough, there's a little leeway) you'll get this trophy.
  • Place a criminal venture.

    Story Related and cannot be missed

    At the end of the mission titled 'Networking' you'll be introduced to ventures. You'll pick a lot, pick a venture out of the three unlocked, it doesn't particularly matter which right now, then the trophy will pop.

    The ventures unlocked at this point, plus the requirements to complete them are:
    • JimRob - This actually unlocks earlier and doesn't count towards this trophy, but it counts for Work Ethic trophy_bronze.png and is needed for All Mine trophy_gold.png. You need to steal the marked vehicle and return it to the garage to complete it.
    • Bright Future - You need to retrieve 5 Toxic Waste vans either from certain points on the map or driving randomly around the city. If you crash they'll start exploding, you only need to have one when you drop it off to count, but you get more cash if you have more intact.
    • Chalupacabra - You need to complete 4 short missions where you have to take out a crew, steal the food truck and take it to the venture.
    • Shady Oaks - You need to complete 6 instances of Insurance Fraud. If you've played the older games you'll know what you're doing, throw yourself in front of vehicles, hitting as many vehicles as you can in one combo will make this easy.
    • Castle Kraken - You'll have to complete the LARP questline starting with 'The Dustmoot' to unlock this one, completing all the missions will complete the venture.
  • Complete a criminal venture.

    Story Related and cannot be missed

    After placing a venture you'll unlock activities for it that you can and should complete in order to increase your hourly income from them as well as a host of other goodies. Some ventures will give you the activities in sequence and others will unlock all at once, either way you can press square.png on the venture icon to give you a waypoint for an activity you need to complete. Once you've completed them all you'll have to return to the venture and talk to the manager to officially complete it and earn this trophy. You'll need to complete a number of them to unlock story missions and all of them for another trophy, so it doesn't really matter which you start with, but Chalupacabra is probably the quickest out of the initial batch.
  • Fully upgrade a vehicle.

    To fully upgrade a vehicle you need to reach at least level 15 to unlock the three upgrade levels; you must also unlock the signature ability for your chosen vehicle. You need to unlock a few of these for other trophies anyway and some of them require very little effort so you'll probably have a few unlocked by the time you reach level 15.

    Once you do, head to any garage and buy the upgrade kit 3 times, this will cost you a total of $130,000. Once you've bought all three upgrades and unlocked the signature ability, this will pop.
  • Fully upgrade a weapon.

    To fully upgrade a weapon you need to reach at least level 15 to unlock the three upgrade levels; you must also unlock the signature ability for your chosen weapon. Unlike the vehicles, there is less need trophy wise to get these signature abilities and some of them can be a little annoying. The Idol Pistol available at Friendly Fire has a super easy ability unlock if you're looking for an easy one.

    Once you do, head to any Friendly Fire and buy the upgrade kit 3 times, this will cost you a total of $130,000. Once you've bought all three upgrades and unlocked the signature ability, this will pop.
  • Reach the maximum level.

    You earn XP for most actions in the game such as completing missions, getting kills and doing vehicle stunts. You earn skills for most levels plus the ability to upgrade your weapons more at level 5, 10 and 15.

    The max level is 20, you're pretty much guaranteed to hit this while doing everything else, I got it before finishing the story.
  • Defeat a miniboss from each faction.

    Minibosses are the most powerful recurring enemies in the game, they can take and dish out a lot more damage than regular enemies. They show up in certain missions and when you max out the noteriety for a faction (Marshall, The Idols, Los Panteros). They are indicated by a skull on the minimap. The latter two you just shoot until they die, but the Marshall miniboss first requires you wait until they tire, then shoot the protuding canisters, then finally shoot his back to deal damage.

    You're guaranteed to get this through completion of the KAKTS Radio venture as you need to call each faction, raise their noteriety to max and kill a miniboss for completion. 
  • Kill an enemy with a towed object.

    New to the series is the ability to tow vehicles and objects with pretty much any vehicle. There are a couple of missions such as Networking and Idol Threat where you will be tasked with towing an object with enemies around where this trophy is easiest, but there's also one of JimRob's chop shop missions and the tow truck venture where you'll have access to a vehicle with towing. Alternatively you can add a tow cable to any vehicle.

    Once you actually have a vehicle with a tow cable, you'll have to cause some trouble if outside of a mission to get enemies on you, or if you have threats available on the map you can head there. Unfortunately destroying a hostile vehicle doesn't seem to count so it'll have to be an enemy on foot, if you're struggling to find someone you can rile up the cops and drive around until you find a roadblock. You'll have to hit and kill an enemy with the object swinging behind you which can be a little finnicky but you should get it in no time.
  • Kill a tank driver with the Quantum Aperture.

    You'll unlock the Quantum Aperture through completion of the Eurekabator! venture. This is basically a shield that allows you to see and shoot enemies through any surfaces for a limited time, including through tanks.

    Once you've unlocked it, you'll need to equip it through the Skills App, it's the final skill listed. You'll then want to cause some trouble until you get max noteriety with the police, if you wait until you've unlocked the KAKTS Radio venture you'll have to max out noteriety for that anyway. Once you've maxed it out a tank should come after you, so activate the Quantum Aperature and shoot the outline of the tank driver for this trophy.
  • Complete 5 districts in Santo Ileso.

    See All Mine trophy_gold.png 
  • Own 100 different pieces of clothing.

    This is simple, you should get a good chunk of these just through completing missions and such. When you're visiting stores for Shopping Spree trophy_bronze.png, some of the clothes stores have a ton of clothes for sale and if you're post game you should have lots of excess cash, so just buy everything in the store and repeat at other ones if needed.
  • Prank a co-op partner.

    GLITCHED - While the trophy pops fine if you do it, in my experience playing in co-op was extremely broken and often unplayable, meaning I had to try multiple times before I could do the trophy properly.

    To prank a co-op partner, you first need to complete a little challenge given to you by the game, which you can find by holding dpad_left.png. There are a variety of challenges available from killing enemies in a certain ways to stunt related ones. If you get an unsavoury challenge (or if the game is too broken to complete it) you can quit the game and rejoin and you'll both get a new challenge. Once you've completed the challenge, hold dpad_left.png again to prank your partner. You both need to prank the other person to both get the trophy.

    If you need someone for this, see the Co-Op Partners Thread.
  • Buy 2 Emotes.

    You can buy emotes from Chicken Dance Studio, in East Flats in the South West area of the map. Simply purchase any two emotes from here for the trophy.
  • Perform a quadruple backflip with Super Air Control.

    Super Air Control is a Signature Ability available on some vehicles in the game. For example there is the Ant buggy that you'll unlock through a Pony Express side hustle in the south east, the Idol motorbikes or a few others that aren't as useful for this trophy.

    You'll need to first unlock Super Air Control by performing a double backflip in your chosen vehicle, you'll probably want to give it nitrous and off-road capabilities if needed as the best places for these are in the desert. Once you've successfully done a double backflip you can head to a garage to add the ability to the vehicle. This will allow you to spin faster by holding l1.png while you are in the midair, making this trophy possible.

    There are a few ramps that can give you enough air to do a quadruple backflip, I found a couple in Kavanagh County Territory, the location I got this trophy at (with a motorbike) is shown in the below screenshot.
  • Refill the boost bar 3 times in a row with Infinite Boost.

    First off you'll need a vehicle that has the Infinite Boost signature ability available, one example is the Attrazione which you unlock through completing JimRob's Venture, but there are a few vehicles like this that you'll unlock through mission completion or find and return to the garage. Once you have a vehicle with that capability you need to add nitrous to it for $7,500. Then you'll have to fully use all your boost in one go 3 times over, then return to the garage to activate Infinite Boost. Once you have it find a decent stretch of road and hold down boost, not letting go when the bar runs out as it will refill. Once it's refilled 3 times consecutively and you stop the boost, the trophy should pop.
  • Stagger an enemy with a vending machine.

    You can get this one as soon as the very first mission in the game. If you shoot or kick a vending machine it'll rapidly fire out cans which will stagger enemies. You'll find one after taking an unexpected ride on the heavy vehicle and another when you chase the target up the stairs. As long as an enemy is standing somewhere directly in front of it you can hit triangle.png to shoot it automatically and stagger them. If you don't get this in the first mission, there are Vending Machines everywhere and it isn't too difficult to lure an enemy near them to get this trophy. Occasionally crimes of opportunity will involve crooks trying to steal from vending machines, if you come across one of these you can just shoot the machine to easily get this trophy.
  • Complete the photo scavenger hunt.

    The photo scavenger hunt is one of the discoveries in the game. Similar to the collectibles, you'll have to take a picture of certain landmarks scattered around the map. They'll appear on your minimap when you get close to them, after which they'll show up on your regular map until you complete them. Usually, it's kind of obvious what the landmark is in any given area but if you check the icon on the map it'll tell you what you need to photograph.

    You'll get the majority of them when completing districts for All Mine trophy_gold.png, then there are eight more to find in the desert regions (3 in Rojas North, 1 in Rojas South, 2 each in Badlands North/South). If you need a guide for the ones that haven't shown up on your map through regular gameplay, check the video below by Trophy Tom
  • Complete 10 districts in Santo Ileso.

    See All Mine trophy_gold.png 
  • Unlock all vehicle special upgrades.

    There is a total of 10 types of special upgrades or 'Signature Abilities' for vehicles. With the exception of two that are unlocked automatically, you have to perform a challenge to unlock them for that vehicle. You only need to unlock each Signature Ability type once, thankfully you don't have to get the signature ability for every vehicle in the game.

    I'd suggest waiting until you've finished the story, ventures and Side Hustles before going for this trophy, as with the exception of one, you'll unlock vehicles with all of the possible abilities through mission completions, saving you from searching for eligible vehicles.

    The abilities are as follows:
    1. Air Boost - 3 360 spins, aka holding lsw.png/lse.png on a big jump, see A Car Named Simone trophy_bronze.png for a good location. This doesn't have to be in one jump.
    2. Ball & Chain - 100 Towing Payload Smashes, you need to add a towing cable to a vehicle, tow a car or eligible item and smash the towed car into anything destructable.
    3. Bowelrod Roar - Unlocked automatically on a vehicle unlocked through the LARP plotline.
    4. Crab Steering - Sideswipe 8 Enemy Vehicles, call a gang or police and let them chase you in your vehicle, sideswipe when you can.
    5. Ejector Seat - Car to Wingsuit, basically go fast in your vehicle, hold triangle.png to get on the roof then quickly press cross.png to wingsuit while the car is still moving.
    6. Infinite Boost - See Free Refills trophy_bronze.png 
    7. Jump - Perform 3 barrel rolls aka holding cross.png+lsw.png/lse.png on a big jump, use the same location in A Car Named Simone trophy_bronze.png. This doesn't have to be in one jump.
    8. Kneecappers - Near-Miss Streak of 8, this is the one you won't have a vehicle for automatically, you can grab a go kart at the track in the west of El Dorado, then just drive back towards the bridge and you should have enough cars around to get this.
    9. Super Air Control - See A Car Named Simone trophy_bronze.png 
    10. Tank Gun - Unlocked automatically with the tank in a late story mission.
    Once you've unlocked all of these you'll get the trophy, you don't need to equip it or even have the car in your garage for it to count.
  • Hit a launched piñata with the Piñata Stick.

    Both of these weapons are unlocked through the completion of missions and can't be bought. To unlock the Piñata Launcher, you'll need to purchase the Let's Pretend Tier 4 Venture then complete their missions involving scoping out heists and being a getaway driver. After talking to the manager at the end you'll unlock this. To unlock the Piñata Stick, you'll have to give a one star rating to La Bogeda in Marina West in the @ATCHA Side Hustle. If you've completed it already but didn't give it one star, you can still return to the location and replay it, it's just south of the Venture location in this area. 

    The Piñata Launcher is a 'Big Gun', and the Piñata Stick is actually a Visual Mod for the Crowbar, so you'll have to go and buy that from a Friendly Fire, making sure to change the Visual Mod. Once you've actually got the weapons, shoot the launcher at the ground, then hit the resulting Piñata with the stick to get this trophy once it explodes.
  • Open the Style app for the first time.

    Super easy and can be earned as soon as you gain control after completing the first mission. Simply open your phone with tp.png and choose the Style app for this one.
  • Complete all 15 districts in Santo Ileso.

    There are actually technically 21 districts in Santo Ileso, but this trophy only requires you to complete the city ones (aka the ones where you can place Ventures). There are 5 types of thing that need to be done in each area to fully complete it.
    1. Ventures - You need to place a Venture down and then fully complete it. It doesn't matter which venture is placed where. See Landlord trophy_bronze.png, A Young Empire trophy_bronze.png, Power Players trophy_bronze.png, Masters of Santo Ileso trophy_bronze.png and A Golden Age trophy_silver.png.
    2. Threats - Once you place a venture down, 5 threats will spawn in the district which you need to take out. These range from killing all of the enemies to destroying vehicles.
    3. Side Hustles - See Always Be Hustling trophy_bronze.png for more information on Side Hustles.
    4. Discoveries - These are the yellow icons on the map, they vary in what need to be done. See below for more details on these.
    5. Stores - You must buy an item from every store in the district (though some have none), see Shopping Spree trophy_bronze.png for more details.


    There are 9 different kinds of discovery, though only 7 are relevant to trophies as the other two are exclusive to the desert districts. They appear on the discovery tab on the map when you get near them, as you play through the game and do other things you should have driven close enough to the vast majority so they are easier to find. The types of discovery are as follows:
    1. Drug Pallet Pickup - Pick up the drug pallets, you often need to climb onto roofs and they come in groups of 3-4.
    2. Dumpster Diving - Simply interact with the dumpster to get a reward.
    3. Fast Travel - Take a photo of a nearby landmark to unlock a Fast Travel point.
    4. Hidden History - Start at the large signboard, activate four smaller ones then return to the large one.
    5. Photo Hunt - Take a photo of the nearby attraction. See Tourist trophy_bronze.png 
    6. Rooftop Access - You simply need to get close enough for them to show up on your map, you don't need to use them.
    7. Weather Station - You simply need to get close enough for them to show up on your map, you don't need to use them.
    Once you've completed a district the saints logo on the map will turn gold, complete all 15 for this trophy.
  • Unlock Criminal Empire Tier 2.

    Story Related and cannot be missed

    This trophy will unlock after completing the missions Aggressive Recruiting and Drawing Heat, the latter of which unlocks after purchasing and placing the first three ventures. Simply complete the missions to unlock this trophy and the next batch of ventures, which are as follows:
    • Eurekabator! - You have to test a neat gadget in each mission, there are only three of these needed to complete the venture.
    • Laundromat - You'll have to head to a crime scene then dispose of a body in the trunk in a variety of ways, there are 6 of these missions.
    • Wuzyerz Repo - You'll have to repo a marked item with a vehicle with a towing cable, you can use the tow truck or attach a cable to a faster vehicle if you wish, there are 7 missions.

Secret trophies

  • Unlock Criminal Empire Tier 5.

    After unlocking Tier 4, you have a good amount of story to go, you must complete the main story before unlocking the final Venture - the Saints Tower. This will cost you $8,000,000. You may have enough by the time you complete the story if you've been completing all the ventures and doing other stuff so you have accumulated enough income to afford it. If not, complete all the ventures first then work on other trophies until you can transfer enough cash. Once you have enough you can return to the Venture table and purchase the tower. Talking to the building manager once you're at the tower will start the 'Best Friends Forever' mission/cutscene and will earn you both this trophy and We could go home, or… trophy_gold.png.
  • Complete all loyalty missions.

    Throughout the game after obtaining the church you'll gain some missions to complete that don't directly progress the story, they are usually centered around one of your three friends and completing them usually upgrades the weapons of those friends when they are in combat with you. They all appear in the missions app so as long as you're completing all the missions there you'll get this. I haven't marked this one as story related as I can't confirm whether you actually need to complete these missions to complete the game, but if anyone completed the game without getting this trophy let me know.

    There isn't anything in game noting a mission as a loyalty mission, but I believe the following are required:

    • Shootin' The Shit
    • The Dustmoot

    • Office Decor
    • Idol Threat
    • The Fast and the Foodiest
    • Idol Hands
    • Neenah's Car
    • The Forge
    • Art Appreciation
  • Sing karaoke with the Saints.

  • Betrayed by a friend.

    Story Related and cannot be missed.

    This trophy will unlock fairly late into the story, in the opening cutscene of 'After Party', the start of the chain of missions that finishes the story.
  • Get fired.

    Story Related and cannot be missed.

    This trophy is unlocked for completing the mission titled 'The Peter Principle'. There's a lot of enemies in this one, but again, simple stuff.
  • Name your criminal empire.

    Story Related and cannot be missed.

    This takes place at the eighth mission of the game, Take Me To Church, where you wrestle control of a new safehouse and begin the empire of the Saints.

DLC: The Heist and the Hazardous

3 trophies


    Secret trophies

    • Complete the Wanted job in Sunshine Springs.

      Story Related and cannot be missed.

      This trophy is for completing the first mission in the Heist and the Hazardous DLC, 'Stiff Competition'. First grab the burner phone, then head to the gun range. Fight through the linear path filled with enemies and you'll come to your target, he has a little more health than the rest but he's easy to take down regardless. Once this is done head out of the range and to the marked house to complete this mission.
    • Complete preparations for the Sunshine Springs heist.

      Story Related and cannot be missed.

      This trophy is for completing the second mission in the Heist and the Hazardous DLC, 'Identity Theft'. You'll have to head to the vantage point avoiding the guards (though on low difficulty levels the detection meter is slow enough that you can literally run straight there in front of the guards). You'll have a guard to take out and you'll then have to use your camera to scan the target by pointing it at his face. This has to be repeated two more times before you can escape the area to finish the mission.
    • Complete the Sunshine Springs heist.

      Story Related and cannot be missed.

      This trophy is for completing the third mission in the Heist and the Hazardous DLC, 'My Game, My Rules'. You'll have to go to the church but after a cutscene you'll automatically be in the mission area. The beginning of the mission is very straight forward, just keep following the objectives. You'll eventually return to your own body and you'll have to avoid a bunch of lasers. The first set you can make easier by shooting the box next to you, the second you can shoot a box on the other end of the laser field. Third, head round to the right to find a path over the lasers. Finally, head into the door before the fourth set of lasers, head to the end of the corridor and look out the window to see another box that will make the lasers easier. Grab the loot and put it in the car, you'll be fighting your way out of the building on foot though.

      Once you make it to the roof, you'll have a few more enemies to kill, then you can steal a helicopter. You'll have to defend Neenah and Kev from numerous vehicles, destroy some roadblocks and eventually shoot down some helicopters. Finally, you'll have to fly into the marked position with your magnet attached to catch your friends. When the dialogue ends you'll get the final cutscene, completing this DLC and earning you the trophy.

    DLC: Doc Ketchum's Murder Circus

    6 trophies

    • Attain Level 5 with all Murder Circus contestants.

      You must surpass level 5 with each of the contestants to unlock the trophies for completing finales, so this will come naturally on the way to those. See Viva La Reina trophy_bronze.png for more details.

    Secret trophies

    • Complete a Murder Circus Finale with Consuela.

      Doc Ketchum's Murder Circus is a rogue-lite mode based on the Boot Hill mission from the main game. For each run, which take around 10-15 minutes each, you have to complete four survival challenges where you or the enemies have a random buff on each one. You can also find 3-4 chests around that grant you additional weapons. In each run you'll get Boot Coins, which can be used between runs for making upgrades to your characters and additional weapons and perks for the chests. There are four characters, each with a different starting weapon, special ability and perk.

      To unlock the Murder Circus Finale, you must reach the maximum level of 8 with a character. You gain XP from getting kills and completing the survival waves. I'd recommend saving 5,000 coins before buying anything so you can buy the Prodigy upgrade that increases your XP gain on all characters. Depending on if you have this it can take 3-5 runs to reach level 8.

      Other than the XP Boost, i'd recommend using your coins on the blue skills as they are persistent across runs and don't require you to get them randomly out of the chest. The game is pretty easy anyway and the default weapons and the ones already available from the chest are good enough to get you by. One tip is to use takedowns whenever you can to heal yourself. The bonus objectives (x headshots, double kills, etc) are not required but are recommended where possible as they grant extra XP and coins.

      The next time you start a run with a level 8 character, it'll start as normal but the final survival challenge will contain a miniboss which is more like a damage sponge alongside a bunch of other enemies. Complete this wave to complete the finale and earn this trophy.
    • Complete a Murder Circus Finale with Chief Justice.

    • Complete a Murder Circus Finale with Daniel Li.

    • Complete a Murder Circus Finale with Artemis.

    • Dispatch the professor with a shot to the groin.


      The Professor (Genki) is the hidden final boss in the finale for Artemis, unlocked when he reaches level 8. During the fourth and final survival part of the finale he will appear along with a host of other enemies. I'd highly suggest backing up your save before completing this finale. This is because Genki can only be fought once as far as I'm aware, so if you kill him any other way than a shot to the groin you'll have to reload an old save or start a new one and get a bit into the game to reunlock the mode. To make matters worse, the game is rather particular about what counts as a groin shot so you can miss this even aiming for the groin.

      For the strategy to get this trophy, first take out all of the enemies except Genki so he's alone. Now whittle down his health until it's pretty low, you can use your rifle to start with but switch to an SMG or Rifle if you have one once he's down to half his health. Once he has low health, aim for the bottom of his crotch area (so in the center between his legs) and hopefully it will register as a groin shot and award you this trophy. If not, you'll unfortunately have to reload a save and try again.

    DLC: A Song of Ice and Dust

    5 trophies

    • Complete The Blue Wedding.

      Story Related and cannot be missed.

      This trophy will unlock automatically at the end of the first mission entitled The Blue Wedding. Note that you need to have completed the Dustland Content from the main game before this becomes available to you.

      After heading to the DustFaire and going through some cutscenes you'll be ambushed. For most of this mission you'll just have to fight through the linear path. You'll face a miniboss yeti (who you can just shoot to death) then you'll finally have to clear a few waves of enemies before you can escape.
    • Complete DustFaire Games.

      Story Related and cannot be missed.

      This trophy will unlock automatically at the end of the second mission entitled DustFaire Games.

      In this mission you have to play a few minigames to earn enough tickets for a Speak to the Dead potion. First you have to take out five coyotes hiding in an area. The area isn't very big so it won't be too difficult to find them, check all the corners. Once you return to the trader you'll have a few more to kill. Next is a quick race similar to the Trail Blazing activities from old Saints Row games. This isn't too difficult, hitting people and getting checkpoints will add to your timer while hitting red boxes will lose you time, I hit a couple boxes and even crashed and still made it in time. Finally, you'll have to question a few people to solve a little murder mystery. This is very easy as it's the one out of the five who's alibi doesn't match, aka Clarissa. She'll try to escape and you'll need to kill her. Now you just need to get the potion and speak with the Lore Master to complete the mission.
    • Complete The BowelRun.

      Story Related and cannot be missed.

      This trophy will unlock automatically at the end of the third mission entitled The BowelRun.

      This is a very simple mission. The start requires you to hop on a turrent and cover the BowelRod, then you'll stop and eventually have to save Gwen and clear the area. Finally you'll have to catch up with the BowelRod to finish the mission.

    • Complete Return of the Dust King.

      Story Related and cannot be missed.

      This trophy will unlock automatically at the end of the fourth mission entitled Return of the Dust King.

      This is a 'stealth' mission. Due to the LARP rules you can stand directly in front of someone and they won't be able to spot you, the only way you can get spotted is if you takedown someone in view of someone else. If you do get spotted, you don't fail but you'll have to do things the old fashioned way. Along the way you'll have to open some chests, and you'll end up driving to someone's house, talking to them and then driving back to the DustFaire. Now you'll have to climb a 'dragon' and shoot sacs along the way. You'll have to shoot a couple barrels to clear your way up too but the path is otherwise linear.

      Next one shot the enemy at the top then jump off the edge and wingsuit to the objective. Here you'll have to begin a ritual and fend off numerous enemies. You'll be able to collect the Ban Hammer, a super overpowered special weapon like Thor's hammer, after killing a few more enemies the mission will complete.
    • Complete The Battle of Ice and Dust.

      Story Related and cannot be missed.

      This trophy will unlock automatically at the end of the fifth and final mission entitled The Battle of Ice and Dust.

      In the first half of the mission you'll have to defend three points in the DustFaire area. As enemies attack the points they'll get closer and closer to being destroyed, you have to avoid letting all three of them fall to progress. This is pretty easy with your new weapon but don't worry if one of the points fall as you'll often be attacked in three places at once. Once this is done you'll have to head back to where it all started for the final boss fight. This is also pretty simple, you'll have to destroy the giant bones before you'll be able to damage the Chill Queen, after some damage she'll revive the bones and enemies so you'll have to destroy them again. If you focus on the bones and the queen this can be over very quickly. Once she is dead and you watch the final cutscene, the mission and DLC will be complete.

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    • What is the estimated trophy difficulty for Saints Row?
      The estimated trophy difficulty for Saints Row is 2/10.
    • How many offline trophies are there in Saints Row?
      There are 49 offline trophies in Saints Row.
    • How many online trophies are there in Saints Row?
      There are 2 online trophies in Saints Row.
    • How long does it take to get the platinum in Saints Row?
      The estimated time to get a platinum in Saints Row is 30-50 hours.
    • How many playthroughs is needed to get a platinum in Saints Row?
    • How many missable trophies are there in Saints Row?
      There are 0 missable trophies in Saints Row.
    • Does difficulty affect trophies in Saints Row?
      Difficulty does not affect trophies in Saints Row.
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      3: Jack of All Trades, It's a Bird!, Prankster

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