A Young Empire Trophy in Saints Row

  • A Young Empire


    Unlock Criminal Empire Tier 2.

    How to unlock A Young Empire

    Story Related and cannot be missed

    This trophy will unlock after completing the missions Aggressive Recruiting and Drawing Heat, the latter of which unlocks after purchasing and placing the first three ventures. Simply complete the missions to unlock this trophy and the next batch of ventures, which are as follows:
    • Eurekabator! - You have to test a neat gadget in each mission, there are only three of these needed to complete the venture.
    • Laundromat - You'll have to head to a crime scene then dispose of a body in the trunk in a variety of ways, there are 6 of these missions.
    • Wuzyerz Repo - You'll have to repo a marked item with a vehicle with a towing cable, you can use the tow truck or attach a cable to a faster vehicle if you wish, there are 7 missions.

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