All Mine Trophy in Saints Row

  • All Mine


    Complete all 15 districts in Santo Ileso.

    How to unlock All Mine

    There are actually technically 21 districts in Santo Ileso, but this trophy only requires you to complete the city ones (aka the ones where you can place Ventures). There are 5 types of thing that need to be done in each area to fully complete it.
    1. Ventures - You need to place a Venture down and then fully complete it. It doesn't matter which venture is placed where. See Landlord trophy_bronze.png, A Young Empire trophy_bronze.png, Power Players trophy_bronze.png, Masters of Santo Ileso trophy_bronze.png and A Golden Age trophy_silver.png.
    2. Threats - Once you place a venture down, 5 threats will spawn in the district which you need to take out. These range from killing all of the enemies to destroying vehicles.
    3. Side Hustles - See Always Be Hustling trophy_bronze.png for more information on Side Hustles.
    4. Discoveries - These are the yellow icons on the map, they vary in what need to be done. See below for more details on these.
    5. Stores - You must buy an item from every store in the district (though some have none), see Shopping Spree trophy_bronze.png for more details.


    There are 9 different kinds of discovery, though only 7 are relevant to trophies as the other two are exclusive to the desert districts. They appear on the discovery tab on the map when you get near them, as you play through the game and do other things you should have driven close enough to the vast majority so they are easier to find. The types of discovery are as follows:
    1. Drug Pallet Pickup - Pick up the drug pallets, you often need to climb onto roofs and they come in groups of 3-4.
    2. Dumpster Diving - Simply interact with the dumpster to get a reward.
    3. Fast Travel - Take a photo of a nearby landmark to unlock a Fast Travel point.
    4. Hidden History - Start at the large signboard, activate four smaller ones then return to the large one.
    5. Photo Hunt - Take a photo of the nearby attraction. See Tourist trophy_bronze.png 
    6. Rooftop Access - You simply need to get close enough for them to show up on your map, you don't need to use them.
    7. Weather Station - You simply need to get close enough for them to show up on your map, you don't need to use them.
    Once you've completed a district the saints logo on the map will turn gold, complete all 15 for this trophy.

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