Fiesta Time Trophy in Saints Row

  • Fiesta Time


    Hit a launched piñata with the Piñata Stick.

    How to unlock Fiesta Time

    Both of these weapons are unlocked through the completion of missions and can't be bought. To unlock the Piñata Launcher, you'll need to purchase the Let's Pretend Tier 4 Venture then complete their missions involving scoping out heists and being a getaway driver. After talking to the manager at the end you'll unlock this. To unlock the Piñata Stick, you'll have to give a one star rating to La Bogeda in Marina West in the @ATCHA Side Hustle. If you've completed it already but didn't give it one star, you can still return to the location and replay it, it's just south of the Venture location in this area. 

    The Piñata Launcher is a 'Big Gun', and the Piñata Stick is actually a Visual Mod for the Crowbar, so you'll have to go and buy that from a Friendly Fire, making sure to change the Visual Mod. Once you've actually got the weapons, shoot the launcher at the ground, then hit the resulting Piñata with the stick to get this trophy once it explodes.

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