Heard You Like Wheels Trophy in Saints Row

  • Heard You Like Wheels


    Unlock all vehicle special upgrades.

    How to unlock Heard You Like Wheels

    There is a total of 10 types of special upgrades or 'Signature Abilities' for vehicles. With the exception of two that are unlocked automatically, you have to perform a challenge to unlock them for that vehicle. You only need to unlock each Signature Ability type once, thankfully you don't have to get the signature ability for every vehicle in the game.

    I'd suggest waiting until you've finished the story, ventures and Side Hustles before going for this trophy, as with the exception of one, you'll unlock vehicles with all of the possible abilities through mission completions, saving you from searching for eligible vehicles.

    The abilities are as follows:
    1. Air Boost - 3 360 spins, aka holding lsw.png/lse.png on a big jump, see A Car Named Simone trophy_bronze.png for a good location. This doesn't have to be in one jump.
    2. Ball & Chain - 100 Towing Payload Smashes, you need to add a towing cable to a vehicle, tow a car or eligible item and smash the towed car into anything destructable.
    3. Bowelrod Roar - Unlocked automatically on a vehicle unlocked through the LARP plotline.
    4. Crab Steering - Sideswipe 8 Enemy Vehicles, call a gang or police and let them chase you in your vehicle, sideswipe when you can.
    5. Ejector Seat - Car to Wingsuit, basically go fast in your vehicle, hold triangle.png to get on the roof then quickly press cross.png to wingsuit while the car is still moving.
    6. Infinite Boost - See Free Refills trophy_bronze.png 
    7. Jump - Perform 3 barrel rolls aka holding cross.png+lsw.png/lse.png on a big jump, use the same location in A Car Named Simone trophy_bronze.png. This doesn't have to be in one jump.
    8. Kneecappers - Near-Miss Streak of 8, this is the one you won't have a vehicle for automatically, you can grab a go kart at the track in the west of El Dorado, then just drive back towards the bridge and you should have enough cars around to get this.
    9. Super Air Control - See A Car Named Simone trophy_bronze.png 
    10. Tank Gun - Unlocked automatically with the tank in a late story mission.
    Once you've unlocked all of these you'll get the trophy, you don't need to equip it or even have the car in your garage for it to count.

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