A Car Named Simone Trophy in Saints Row

  • A Car Named Simone


    Perform a quadruple backflip with Super Air Control.

    How to unlock A Car Named Simone

    Super Air Control is a Signature Ability available on some vehicles in the game. For example there is the Ant buggy that you'll unlock through a Pony Express side hustle in the south east, the Idol motorbikes or a few others that aren't as useful for this trophy.

    You'll need to first unlock Super Air Control by performing a double backflip in your chosen vehicle, you'll probably want to give it nitrous and off-road capabilities if needed as the best places for these are in the desert. Once you've successfully done a double backflip you can head to a garage to add the ability to the vehicle. This will allow you to spin faster by holding l1.png while you are in the midair, making this trophy possible.

    There are a few ramps that can give you enough air to do a quadruple backflip, I found a couple in Kavanagh County Territory, the location I got this trophy at (with a motorbike) is shown in the below screenshot.

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