Wrecking Ball Trophy in Saints Row

  • Wrecking Ball


    Kill an enemy with a towed object.

    How to unlock Wrecking Ball

    New to the series is the ability to tow vehicles and objects with pretty much any vehicle. There are a couple of missions such as Networking and Idol Threat where you will be tasked with towing an object with enemies around where this trophy is easiest, but there's also one of JimRob's chop shop missions and the tow truck venture where you'll have access to a vehicle with towing. Alternatively you can add a tow cable to any vehicle.

    Once you actually have a vehicle with a tow cable, you'll have to cause some trouble if outside of a mission to get enemies on you, or if you have threats available on the map you can head there. Unfortunately destroying a hostile vehicle doesn't seem to count so it'll have to be an enemy on foot, if you're struggling to find someone you can rile up the cops and drive around until you find a roadblock. You'll have to hit and kill an enemy with the object swinging behind you which can be a little finnicky but you should get it in no time.

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