Landlord Trophy in Saints Row

  • Landlord


    Place a criminal venture.

    How to unlock Landlord

    Story Related and cannot be missed

    At the end of the mission titled 'Networking' you'll be introduced to ventures. You'll pick a lot, pick a venture out of the three unlocked, it doesn't particularly matter which right now, then the trophy will pop.

    The ventures unlocked at this point, plus the requirements to complete them are:
    • JimRob - This actually unlocks earlier and doesn't count towards this trophy, but it counts for Work Ethic trophy_bronze.png and is needed for All Mine trophy_gold.png. You need to steal the marked vehicle and return it to the garage to complete it.
    • Bright Future - You need to retrieve 5 Toxic Waste vans either from certain points on the map or driving randomly around the city. If you crash they'll start exploding, you only need to have one when you drop it off to count, but you get more cash if you have more intact.
    • Chalupacabra - You need to complete 4 short missions where you have to take out a crew, steal the food truck and take it to the venture.
    • Shady Oaks - You need to complete 6 instances of Insurance Fraud. If you've played the older games you'll know what you're doing, throw yourself in front of vehicles, hitting as many vehicles as you can in one combo will make this easy.
    • Castle Kraken - You'll have to complete the LARP questline starting with 'The Dustmoot' to unlock this one, completing all the missions will complete the venture.

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