Statement Pieces Trophy in Saints Row

  • Statement Pieces


    Customize a weapon, a vehicle, clothing item, and your skin with a Cutting Edge material.

    How to unlock Statement Pieces

    First off, to unlock Cutting Edge materials you need to purchase the Cutting Edge venture available after reaching Criminal Empire Tier 3, purchasing it for $400,000. Once you've talked to the manager, head to any of the Cutting Edge photo locations now appearing on your map, you need to find any 14 of these to complete the venture but for this one anyone will do. The clues given are fairly straight forward so you shouldn't have issues finding them. Once you find one you can customise the items as follows:
    • Weapon - Friendly Fire > Customise > Material
    • Vehicle - Garage > Customise > Paint > Paint Styles
    • Clothing - Style App > Any Outfit Piece > Material
    • Skin - Style App > Skin > Skin Types

    Note that this may a little buggy, I had to switch my skin to a different material before it unlocked for me, so if you don't unlock it right away try and find another material and switch that.

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