The Collector Trophy in Saints Row

  • The Collector


    Obtain 85 items in the Collectibles app.

    How to unlock The Collector

    As of this guide being written there are 120 collectibles available in the game. They are items you can use to decorate the church, are unlocked after 'Office Decor' and are obtained in three ways:
    • Mission completion - completing story missions, ventures and side hustles will occasionally award you with collectibles, so you'll have a decent chunk just by getting the other trophies.
    • Photos - The main source of collectibles, there are wacky sculptures and interesting items all over the map, they will glow blue if they are a collectible. You'll need to take a photo of them for them to count.
    • DLC - While absolutely not required for this trophy or platinum, some DLC have collectibles included which count towards this trophy. The Festive Felonies free DLC has some, for example.
    I'd suggest leaving this for late in your platinum run but also keeping an eye out for glowing blue items as you play, as between mission related collectibles and the easy to find ones, you'll have a good amount of them already. To clean up you can either check the collectibles app and hover over missing collectibles to find which district they are in and a rough location, or you can just use a guide like the one below from PS5Trophies:

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