It's a Bird! Trophy in Saints Row

  • It's a Bird!


    Complete all wingsuit challenges.

    How to unlock It's a Bird!

    GLITCHED - It is highly recommended to not play co-op until you've gotten this and Jack of All Trades trophy_silver.png (or create a back-up save to return to if you do). Co-op is extremely broken and tends to permanently freeze your challenge progress. You'll either need to reload a past save before the challenges bugged, or start a completely new save. Furthermore, at least one of these challenges can refuse to progress even if you've never played co-op, again forcing you to start over or load an old save.

    There are three challenges related to the wingsuit that you need to complete. You'll unlock the wingsuit early on, and you'll unlock things like wingsuit bouncing and wingsuit airdrops as you complete the story. You can also unlock and equip the 'Trampoline' perk to make things easier, and don't forget you can boost once per flight with square.png!  The challenges are as follows, note that the units used for the challenges aren't included in game so it could be meters or feet, i'm unsure:

    Wing It
    • Bounce boost off 4 people in 30 seconds - This can be a little tricky, you'll need a fairly populated area or you can replay a Wingsuit Saboteur such as the El Dorado one and fly from building to building bouncing off people by spamming l1.png.
    • Wingsuit launch off 12 vehicles - You have two options for this, you can either climb on top of a vehicle (hold triangle.png) you are driving and press cross.png to launch, or you can press triangle.png to land on vehicles while already wingsuiting then launching straight back off it. If you are doing this post game, you can set a waypoint on the map and any car you have driven will autopilot so you can easily launch off it.
    Terminal Velocity
    • Free fall 1000 - I'm not sure what unit this is in, but either way you can either fly a helicopter as high as it will go, jump out and only deploy your wingsuit last minute, or head to one of the rooftop access points and repeatedly jump off there.
    • Get 5s airtime in Lakeshore North - Super easy and you'll probably get this naturally, this is the northmost district on the west side, there are numerous staircases you can use to get a little bit of air at a time.
    • 1000 in Lakeshore South - Again not sure what unit they're using here. You can use the same methods as free falling except wingsuit the entire time.
    I Can See My House
    • Wingsuit distance of 5000 - This might come naturally if you enjoy traversing with the wingsuit, if not you can reach the height limit in a helicopter then jump out, repeat as much as needed.
    • Winguit 50 near the ground - Simple and there's a good chance you'll get it while going for the other challenges, just keep wingsuiting from weather towers or off cars and you'll get enough.

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