Masters of Santo Ileso Trophy in Saints Row

  • Masters of Santo Ileso


    Unlock Criminal Empire Tier 4.

    How to unlock Masters of Santo Ileso

    Story related and cannot be missed

    After unlocking Tier 3 you'll need to place the new Ventures on the map plus complete a total of 5 Ventures before you can play the Good Cop/Bad Cop mission. You just need to fly someone around with your helicopter, after which you'll unlock Tier 4 along with this trophy.
    • First Strike Dojo - The missions for these involve beating up rival martial arts gangs with your fists, there are 5 of these.
    • Let's Pretend - This one involves scoping out heists then being the getaway driver, you need to do each task 5 times for venture completion.
    • Planet Saints - You need to find 12 trucks randomly driving around the map, hijack them then return them to the venture. This one was the most tedious one for me as I often inadvertedly blew up the trucks trying to steal/return them.

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