Power Players Trophy in Saints Row

  • Power Players


    Unlock Criminal Empire Tier 3.

    How to unlock Power Players

    Story related and cannot be missed

    After unlocking Tier 2, you'll then have to place all 6 Ventures that you've unlocked so far, plus complete any two of them. The quickest at this point is Chalupacabra and Eurekabator. Once you've done this you can play the Body of Evidence mission where you'll need to defend an ally and destroy some evidence, once the mission is complete you'll unlock Tier 3 and this trophy.
    • Cutting Edge- There will be numerous photo points marked on the map, you can hover over the icons to get a hint of what you need to photograph, you need any 14 of them to complete the venture.
    • KAKTS Radio- First you need to call each of the 4 factions in turn and take out the miniboss at max noteriety, then you'll have to wingsuit bounce off of 16 marked towers. These are all in reach of weather stations but you can make it easier using an aircraft if needed.
    • The Big One- This one requires completions of the classic Mayhem missions from old Saints Row games, where you cause destruction with various weapons. There are 6 of these missions.

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