• Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10 (Personal Estimate) Platinum Difficulty Rating Poll
  • Offline trophies: 44 (35, 6, 3)
  • Online trophies: 2 (1, 1)
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 20 hours minimum (for Twenty-Twenty Vision) Estimated Time to Platinum Poll
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 + Freeroam
  • Number of missable trophies: 2 (Top Gunner, Terminal Hog)
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Everything can be completed on Casual
  • Do trophies stack?: PS4/PS3 have separate trophy lists
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats

Welcome to Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell, the standalone expansion for Saints Row IV. This game as a whole is extremely easy, and the main story is rather short. The actual story missions can be completed in around 3 - 4 hours of gameplay, then the rest of your time will be spent finishing all the challenges in the game for The King of Hell, which requires you to find every collectible, upgrade all the weapons, and kill lots and lots of demons. If you are a fan of the Saints Row games and are alright with some fairly fun grinding, then this platinum should be no problem for you.

Step 1: Finish the Story Missions

First off you should work through each allies' set of quests as you see fit to get Satan's Wrath to maximum. Once it gets to certain levels you will automatically be told to do certain missions, then when it is at maximum you will go and fight Satan. This step should only take you 3 - 4 hours to finish.

In this step you will earn
Fallen Angel
Level One Demon
Satan Punchers

Step 2: Complete all Quests and 100% City Takeover

In this step you should now work on finish up all of the quests for each character and then finish all the rest of the open world activities and diversions. Pay attention to the missable trophies as well in this step related to Extraction Facilities and Spires.

In this step you will earn:
Top Gunner (Missable)
Terminal Hog (Missable)

Step 3: Collectibles and Challenges

This is without a doubt the longest step, in which you are working on the trophy The King of Hell, which requires you to finish every single challenge in the quest log. Along the way you’ll pick up most of the remaining trophies other than a few misc ones. You should also get the kill trophies out of the way now while working on the challenges.

In this step you will earn:

The Wings of Angels
Get Stoned
Purple Demons
The Seven Deadly Weapons
The Devil's Dues
Fell from Heaven
The King of Hell
The Book of More, Man
Hazardous Dukes
Soul in One
Soul Drain
Sloth Love Chunk
Nailed It
Shut Your Eyes
Hell Buoy
Put Up Your Dukes
Cluster Luck
Barn Burner

Step 4: 20 hours and Cleanup

At this point you should only have some misc trophies left to do, along with the total time played and co op depending on whether you did that earlier. If you have finished everything else and just have the 20 hour trophy left you will just need to idle your way to your platinum.

In this step you should earn:
Fly, You Fools
Plague of Gat
Seraphim and Cherubim
...My Dear Watson
Epic Flight Quest
Twenty-Twenty Vision
Double Trouble
Extra Crispy
Gnarly Wave
Shooting Star
Out of the Frying Pan
Soft Shoe
Let's Bounce
Are You Crazy?
Raise the Roof
Saints' Creed
Scorched Savior

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Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell Trophy Guide

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46 trophies ( 35  )

  • Collect all other Saints Row: Gat out of Hell trophies

    Simply put, awarded for earning every other trophy in Gat Out of Hell.

  • Get your first Supernatural Powers

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    This trophy is earned at the start of the game after you gain one of the four supernatural powers.

  • Complete all open world gameplay in two districts of the city of New Hades

    This trophy is earned for taking control of all areas of 2 districts in New Hades.

    See ...Double-Hockey-sticks.

  • Conquer all of New Hades with 100% City Take Over

    This trophy is earned for taking control of all of the districts in New Hades, which means doing all of the activities shown on the map, which include:

    • All Torment Fraud Instances
    • All Rampage Instances
    • All Hellblazing Instances
    • All Mayhem Instances
    • All Survival Instances
    • All Marshalling Grounds Instances
    • All Pledge Rush Instances
    • All Extraction Facilities
    • All Altars
    • All Spires

    Once you have completed every activity and have 100% New Hades takeover you will earn this trophy.

  • Fly for 250,000 meters

    This trophy is earned for flying a total of 250,000 across your playtime. You will most likely get this or get very close to this just from general playing and while cleaning up all collectibles. You can view your total flight distance on the third page of the stats screen.

  • Be airborne during Supernatural Jumps or Flight for a combined 10 minutes of gameplay

    This trophy is earned for being in the air for a total of 10 minutes from jumping or flying. You should get this very early in the game just from general gameplay.

  • Stonify and Shatter Kill 100 Demons with the Stone Blast Supernatural Power

    This is earned by using the Stone Blast ability to freeze regular enemies, and then shatter them in any way. Husks do not count toward this total. You’ll know you have killed any enemy properly this way because you will get a “Shatter Kill” exp bar on the top of your screen. Simply kill 100 total enemies this way to earn the trophy.

  • Kill 150 Demons with the Stomp Supernatural Power

    This is earned for using the Stomp ability to kill regular enemies. Husks do not count toward this total, but you are able to use any of the three stomp elements to do this. You’ll know you have killed any enemy properly this way because you will get a “Vacuum Stomp Kill”, “Holy Stomp Kill” or a “Super Stomp” along with “Demon Kill” exps bar on the top of your screen. Simply kill 150 total enemies to earn the trophy.

  • Have minions kill 100 Demons with the Summon Supernatural Power

    This is earned for using the Summon ability to summon demon helpers to kill regular enemies. Husks do not count toward the total, but I believe all three of the elements of summon count toward this total, as long as the kill is actually performed by the summoned demon. Using the “Detonate Summoned Imp” ability does not seem to count toward this. Simply have summons kill 100 total enemies to earn the trophy.

  • Kill 100 Demons using the Coldfire Aura Supernatural Power

    This is earned for using the Coldfire Aura ability to kill regular enemies. Husks do not count toward the total, and only the Coldfire element counts. If you have the “Fire & Ice” upgrade on Coldfire that freezes enemies you can shatter the enemies while they are frozen and this will count toward the total, and is recommended because it is much faster than waiting out the actual damage dealt by the burn effect of the ability. Simply kill 100 total enemies this way to earn the trophy.

  • Kill 25 Demons with each of the Seven Deadly Weapons

    The Seven Deadly Weapons are several special “super weapons” that are gained by doing specific things in the game. They are as follows:

    • Uriel’s Edge - Found in Satan’s Palace by warping to it after completing all Marshalling Grounds missions.
    • Gallows Dodger - Given after completing 7 Dex Revenge instances
    • Diamond Sting - Bought from any Sinterpol Armory for 100,000 Wages.
    • Boom Chicka - Given after opening all of Blackbeard’s Treasure Chests
    • Armchair-A-Geddon - Found during a quest done for Dane Vogel
    • Ark of the Covenant - Dropped by a special enemy that will occasionally spawn instead of an Arch Duke at notoriety level 6.
    • Last Supper - Given after finding all three Tacos stands

    You will get more than 25 kills with each weapon while working on The King of Hell, so you won’t need to go out of your way for this trophy.

  • Upgrade one weapon to the max

    This trophy is awarded for purchasing all upgrades for one of the 20 weapons in the game. You will get this for sure while working on The King of Hell, as there is a challenge for upgrading all 20 of the game’s weapons.

  • Purchase 113 Supernatural Power Upgrades

    This trophy is awarded for purchasing all upgrades for your supernatural powers, which are all of your halo powers: flight, supersprint, and the assigned special attacks. You upgrade your powers using soul clusters, and you need every single one to be able to purchase all of the power upgrades, as well as the clusters you purchase in the upgrades menu with wages.

  • Kill 1000 Demons with any combination of Supernatural Powers

    This trophy is earned for killing 1000 enemy Demons with your supernatural powers. This will most likely be one of the last trophies you earn, as this only counts against hostile demons. Killing husks with powers doesn’t count toward this trophy.

    While working on the challenges for each power you will get the majority of the way to this trophy, but if you do have to grind kills I suggest running around with the Holy Stomp power and just spam it in groups of enemies. When it’s upgraded it will one shot almost everything, so you can easily take out large groups of enemies with each stomp. It also doesn't cause vehicles to explode which can take away from your number of power kills.

  • Complete ALL of the Challenges

    This is the main trophy that you will spend most of your time working toward during the game. You have to complete all 101 challenges that are shown in the Quest Log section of the menu. These challenges consist of finding all collectibles, kills with every power and weapon, and various other activities you can do in the world. All the challenges are not unlocked right away, though, so don’t fret if you have less than the required number remaining available. To unlock all of the challenges, you need to first finish every city event to unlock all available power elements, as well as purchase every weapon in the game as each weapon has a challenge associated with it. Once you have gone through the list and finished every challenge for the “Completed All Challenges” challenge, you will unlock this trophy.

    Notes About Specific Challenges

    All Weapon/Power Challenges - Husk kills do not count for the power or weapon challenges, only kills of regular enemies do. The only time you should worry about killing husks other than to gain notoriety is to farm money.

    A good place to work on the kill challenges if you haven't saved an altar or other enemy spawning mission is in the Rebellion Square area of the map, shown below. (Thank you to Melia for info and image).

    If you stay around this area you will instantly gain notoriety again after kill the spawned enemy at notoriety 6. Do note that Legionaries do not seem to spawn in this area, so grinding those may become an issue after.

    Rampage Crushes - The vehicle to use for this is the large monster trucks that are used as the main police vehicle by the demons in the game. Once you get in one you will be prompted to start the Rampage diversion, but you don’t actually need to. Simply drive over smaller vehicles to crush them to add to the total.

    Rambulance Kills - These are the ambulances that spawn in the game that like to run people over instead of helping them. Like the vehicle crushes you don’t need to start the Rambulance diversion when you enter the vehicle for it to count, simply run over innocent souls. Both Husks and enemies count for this, so feels free to hit everything.

    Halopowered Beatdowns - These are the attacks you do when you use while having no weapon equipped while sprinting. You’ll enter into a mini cutscene that shows you character killing the attacked enemy in some brutal fashion, and this counts as one beatdown.

    Energy Caster Lighting Arcs - This is probably the most annoying weapon challenge to do. You first need to buy the ultimate upgrade for the energy castor weapon, which causes electricity to arc from shot enemies to ones nearby. This can be frustrating as most of the enemies don’t bunch up close enough for this. I found the easiest way to do this was to do it with enemies that come out of the currency vehicles that randomly spawn around the map. Shoot the truck with any weapon (I preferred two sniper rifle shots) to get the enemies to stop and get out. As soon as they get out shoot a couple of Energy Caster shots at them. Because they are so clustered when they get out you can easily get 50 or more arcs with each truck.

    Upgrade All Weapons - For this challenge you will need a lot of money, and unless you spend a lot of time playing co op with another player doing stuff on their save you will most likely need to grind money. The easiest way to do this is with the Diamond Sting weapon with Jackpot upgraded fully, and the Vacuum stomp ability with the collect upgrade. Simply shoot every enemy and Husk you come across with the Diamond Sting to have them drop wages, then every so often use the Vacuum stomp to suck up the wages spread around on the ground.

    Kill Legionnaires - These will randomly spawn during notoriety level 5 along with the tanks. 2 may also spawn with Dex on occasion. You should be able to get more than enough kills while working on the rest of the weapon and power challenges if you are grinding kills around the map.

    Kill Tragedy Demons - These demons are just like the regular demons except they wear white masks. They are only found in the North-East part of the map in the 'Entertainment' district (The Den). Simply gain notoriety in this area and these demons will spawn with the regular demons that come to attack you.

    Kill Bro Demons - Just like Tragedy Demons, these ones are just a different looking version of regular demons. They spawn in the area around Vlad's castle and during the pledge rush side missions.

    Gat/Kinzie - Find All Commentaries - These are shown on your map with the same icon as tomes. You have to play as each character to get their set of 30 commentaries, but both have their commentaries in the same place as the other character.

  • Find 64 Tomes

    Tomes are basically audio collectibles scattered around the map that look like a floating book that is on fire, and are colour coded depending on who they are for. Each of your allies has 5 books in their respective region of the map, then there are 39 Damned Souls Orientation Guide (D.S.O.G.) books scattered across the entire map. If you see any of them while working on the story you can pick them up, but you shouldn't really worry about them until you have the Collectible Finder and start working on all of the collectibles.

    Both the tomes and Gat and Kinzie’s commentaries show on the map as a brown book with light coming from it, so you will have to look for all of those when you are finding all the collectibles. There isn't a separate counter for any of the collectibles, they are just called “Collectibles” on the world map and a x/x number is given for each region. Because of this it is recommended you work on these at the same time as you are finding all the soul clusters, so that you can pick up everything as you go through each area.

    Note about Tomes (and Glyphs) in Co op: While playing in co op if one player collects a Tomes or Glyph that neither player have, it will count as collected for both players, regardless of how far away they are from each other when the Tome or Glyph is collected. (Thank you kfree7 for finding this out.)

  • Play for at least 2 hours as Gat and 2 hours as Kinzie

    This trophy is earned for playing a cumulative time of two hours with each character. You can switch between them at any time in the Ultor lobby and they both hold the same weapons and upgrades at all times, so you can switch to whichever one you want at any time you wish. If you want to play through the whole story as Gat (the game is about him after all) I would recommend switching to Kinzie when you start working on collectibles so that you can find her Commentaries at the same time as earning the time toward this trophy. Time in co op also counts toward the 2 hours if you are the player playing as Kinzie.

  • Buy your first Upgrade from the Upgrade Store

    This trophy is earned simply for buying any upgrade from the upgrade section in the menu. As soon as you buy your first one the trophy will pop.

  • Kill 25 Arch Dukes

    Arch Dukes are the large miniboss enemies that have as flaming sword and shield, and spawn at the end of Marshalling Grounds activities as well as the majority of the time when you reach Notoriety Level 6. There are only 5 Marshalling Ground missions, so you will have to get the rest of the kills by killing ones that spawn at Notoriety level 6. You will for sure get these kills done while working on all of the weapon and power related challenges.

  • Find 100 Soul Clusters

    This trophy is earned after you find a total of 100 Soul Clusters.

    See Soul Drain.

  • Find 100% of all Soul Clusters

    This trophy is earned for finding every soul cluster in the game, of which there are 940 and are all required for the trophy Fell from Heaven. If you want to work on collecting some of these before finishing the story to upgrade your powers you can, but you shouldn't start to really work on finding all of the clusters until you have reached level 15 and purchase the Collectible Finder upgrade. With this all clusters show up on your minimap as blue rough diamond shapes, so you will need to fly around the map to find all of them. You should work on getting all Tomes and Commentaries as well when you are working on finding these, as there isn't a separate counter for each type of collectible in each region on the world map. If you press while viewing the world map it will also show the locations of clusters and other collectibles, so you can mark them with your GPS to find them.

    Note about Soul Clusters in Co op: While playing in co op if one player collects a Cluster that neither player have it will count as collected for both players, regardless of how far away they are from each other when it is collected. (Thank you to sum1_worsethan_u for finding this out.)

  • Choose a new element for all of your Supernatural Powers

    You get new “elements” for your powers by completing Altar missions in the game world, which then give you a new type of attack on your supernatural powers which you switch to by double tapping the directional button corresponding with the power. To earn this trophy you will have to wait until you have gained a new element on each of your four powers, then switch to a different element at the same time on all four powers. Note that if you have the Saints Wings special wing skin available you also have to have to have that selected for the trophy to pop.

  • Fly from the roof of Snowball's Chance to Sinterpol HQ's roof, without landing

    This trophy earned for flying from the top of the Snowball’s Chance Casino (large white building that looks like an upside down cone) to the rooftop of Sinterpol HQ in one go without touching ground in between. Once you have upgraded your flight this is easy to do as long as you know which roof you are going to. This can be completed in either direction (starting at Sinterpol HQ and going to Casino), of which going to the Casino is probably easier due to it being a much larger and easier to spot target.

    The following video by Maka shows the locations on the map to fly between as well as an explanation of how you should go about your short flight between the two buildings.

  • Spend over 20 hours in Hell

    This trophy is earned simply for being in game (not paused or in the menu) for 20 hours total. Depending on how efficient you are with challenges or how much time you mess around in co op you might not get this done naturally. If you do need to idle time you can simply plug in your controller and hang out in the back of the lobby of the Ultor building to get the rest of the required time if you don’t want to play the game for the remaining time. You don’t actually need to be doing anything for the time to count, just in game with the game unpaused, and the game won’t pause or boot you as long as your controller doesn't turn off.

    You can see your total playtime on the first page of the stats screen.

  • Play Saints Row: Gat out of Hell Co-op for 3 hours

    This trophy is earned for simply being in co-op for a total time of three hours. Same as with Twenty-Twenty Vision, you do not actually have to be doing anything for the time to count, just simply being in a game with someone else.

    You can see your total co-op playtime on the first page of the stats screen.

  • Get 250 kills with the Essence of Sloth

    The Essence of Sloth is one of the 7 Deadly Weapons, and it is earned by doing a quest for Dane Vogel. He tells you that you should go find a chair, and when you go to the location of said chair your will be prompted to sit in it and will be given the Essence of Sloth.

    The Essence of Sloth is an armchair that you slide around on that shoots either miniguns with or a missile barrage with . You simply need to get a total of 250 kills while using it to earn the trophy. You do need to get 100 kills using the missile barrage secondary, so once you are able to purchase the unlimited ammo upgrade for the class it would be recommended you use the missiles for the majority of the kills to get that challenge done as well.

  • Get 100 kills with the God's Hammer

    God’s hammer is a melee weapon given to you by Blackbeard the first time you meet him. For this trophy you simply need 100 total kills with the weapon. I would recommend not working on this trophy until you purchase the Smite ability for God’s Hammer, as you need 100 kills with this upgrade on the hammer for an in game challenge. Once you reach 100 total kills with the Hammer you will earn this trophy.

  • Get 250 kills with the Essence of Wrath

    This Essence of Wrath is a special weapon that is dropped by a special enemy that only spawns randomly at level 6 notoriety instead of an Arch Duke. Once you kill this enemy you will be given the Essence of Wrath. This weapon basically functions like a Ghostbusters style protopack that can suck up enemies and then uses them as ammo. This weapon isn't overly great unless you fully upgrade it, so while working on this trophy is is recommended you mostly use the suck ability with to kill enemies, as it is a 1 hit kill on all Gat sized enemies and there is a challenge for suck kills as well. Once you reach 250 total kills with the Essence of Wrath you will earn this trophy.

  • Kill 50 of your own summoned Imps

    To be able to kill your summoned Imps you first need to purchase the “Detonate” upgrade for them in the power upgrade menu. Once you have purchase this you can explode your summoned Imps whenever you please by pressing . If you like you can simply summon imps then immediately detonate then to get to the 50 kills. Once you have reached a total of 50 detonated imps you will earn this trophy.

  • Die in the lava

    Earned simply for standing in lava until you die. This can be done anywhere where there is lava, simply walk into it or land on it and stand on it until you die to earn the trophy.

  • Car surf on a Comet while it explodes

    This trophy is earn for car surfing on a Comet, one of the small grey exploding cars, as it explodes. This can be mildly annoying to do as it is difficult to land precisely on top of one as they like to drive erratically, and they also have a tendency to throw you off before they explode. Once you are on top of the Comet though and it starts moving you will be prompted to press to start Car Surfing. Once surfing simply keep your balance as long as possible and hope that the Comet explodes before you get knocked off.

    You can also do this trophy in co-op with a second player, if you have them get in a Comet and have you surf on top, it will still count for the trophy if it explodes while you are surfing on it, which may be slightly easier to pull off than dealing with the erratic AI.

    The following video by Maka shows how you can do this solo, as well as in co op with another player.

  • Have five Imps attached to you at one time

    This trophy is earned by having a total of 5 Imps, the small short red demons, attached to your body at one time. The earliest you can get this is on Blackbeards ship when he is telling you about his crew that he summoned that will start attacking you. A number of these imps will spawn out from areas on the ship, where you are supposed to kill them. If you want to though, run around near the Imps and they will proceed to attach to you. It will show a prompt for you to shake them off, but don’t do that. Wait for more to come at you, and once you have a total of 5 attached to you (one on each limb and head) you will earn the trophy.

  • Shoot down a Spire missile with a blast while hovering


    This trophy is earned for shooting down the missile from a spire with your Blast power whilst you are hovering in place. There are a limited amount of Spires in the game, and once you destroy them all there aren't any more, so make sure to do this before destroying them all.

    Before you do this you’ll need to have unlocked the Blast ability as well as purchased the Hover flight upgrade. Once you’re ready to do so go close to a Spire and jump into the air, then try to shoot the missile as soon as it is launched from the Spire. If you hit the missile directly you should then unlock the trophy.

    The following is a video by Maka showing the method to get the trophy.

  • Take down an Extraction Facility while on a motorcycle


    This trophy is earned for capturing the last control point of an Extraction Facility while on a motorcycle. You don’t need to be on a motorcycle the entire time and you don’t need to capture all of the points with the motorcycle, only the last one. This is missable because there are only 4 Extraction Facilities in the game, so if you capture them all you will have to load a previous save or do this in co-op.

    The easiest way to do this trophy is to take out all of the enemies inside the Facility first before you try capturing points. Bring a motorcycle inside with you then place it somewhere safe while you take out enemies. You might want to bring it with you to each point so that you don’t risk it despawning, but you can also park it near the middle and leave it there until you need it. There are only a limited number of enemies inside the Extraction Facilities, so once you kill them all capture two of the points on foot then capture the last point while you are riding the Motorcycle to get this trophy.

    This can also be done in co-op, and will count for the person who captures the last point as long as they are on a motorcycle while they do so.

  • Fly continuously for 60 seconds

    This trophy is earned for flying continuously without touching the ground or any walls for a 60 second period. You may get this naturally after you upgrade your flight abilities, but if you don’t simply head to a high building (such as the Ultor building) and start flying. If you do this while your flight is fully upgraded you won’t use any stamina while flying, and have 5 flaps that you can use to push yourself along, which means you should have no issues flying for 60 seconds continuously.

  • Fly for 500 meters while on fire

    This trophy is earned for flying a total of 500 meters while you are on fire. You can set yourself on fire various ways, but I found the easiest way to do this for the trophy was simply to fly under any of the small lava flows that fall from many of the floating platforms around the game world. You can simply fly back and forth through these to set yourself on fire over and over to get the required distance.

  • Kill an Arch Duke with a melee attack

    This trophy is earned for landing the killing blow on an Arch Duke with a melee attack. You don’t need to all damage to it with melee, just kill it that way. Arch Dukes spawn either in the Marshalling Grounds missions after you change all the points, or the spawn most of the time at notoriety level 6. This is probably easier to do in a Marshalling Grounds missions as there won’t be any enemies spawned once the Arch Duke spawns, and it’s health bar will always show up. Once it spawns use any weapon you have to get it’s health down to a low enough level, then switch to your fists and punch it to death. If you have your melee upgraded you should have no trouble taking it out with a couple hits.

  • Knock a vehicle into the lava

    This trophy is earned for knocking any vehicle into lava. This can easily be done once you purchase the Unstoppable super sprint upgrade, which allows you to push around vehicles. This can be done anywhere in the game world, but if you would like an easy place you can do it on the small road on the North-West corner of the map in the Sinners Circle area. This road is surrounded by lava on either side, so if you run into a vehicle on that road you are nearly guaranteed to hit one into the lava.

  • Stay in contact with the lava for 10 seconds without dying

    This trophy is earned for standing on lava for 10 continuous seconds without dying. This can be done at any time, but is best done after purchasing the Fire damage resistance upgrades and possibly some health upgrades. Once you have done so simply stand in any area of lava for ten seconds and you will earn the trophy.

  • Collect at least five Soul Clusters without touching the ground

    This trophy is earned for picking up a total of 5 soul clusters without touching the ground. This can be done at any point in the game as long as you still have soul clusters to pick up. If you are doing this during your collectible cleanup and have already upgraded your flight you can very easily get 10+ soul clusters in one flight without touching anything. This is impossible to miss as the groups of purple clusters that spawn a group of 4 that you have to collect count as 5, so you will get this trophy the first group of those that you collect. (Thank you to ZombieLover84 for pointing this out).

  • In Torment Fraud, hit 5 vehicles in a row without touching the ground

    This trophy is earned by hitting a total of 5 vehicles in one ragdoll instance in Torment Fraud without touching the ground. This trophy is the most frustrating thing to do in the game, due to how the game mode functions being very counter intuitive to trying to hit 5 vehicles in a row. If you are set on fire or explode a vehicle during the ragdoll it does still count as a vehicle hit, and as long as you hit 5 without touching the ground you will get the trophy.

    I found the easiest place to do this is in the Easy difficulty Torment Fraud on the East side of the map. This one spawns the most vehicles and has some intersections that are good vehicle chokepoints.

    Once you start the activity, you will want to move to the below displayed intersection.

    It does not have a punishment bonus area and a good number of vehicles can cram up at the bottom of the ramp coming off the highway. Once there are a few there you need to get in as quickly as possible and ragdoll into as many as possible. If there are multiple garbage trucks stuck at the bottom of the ramp as shown you can hit multiple of them by sliding over top or hitting the sides. The trophy will pop as soon as you hit the fifth vehicle in one ragdoll, so you will know when have hit enough.

  • Get a Comet into the Ultor lobby

    This trophy is earned for driving a Comet into the lobby of the Ultor building. You can do this starting right from the beginning of the game when you are dropped into hell, as the first thing you are prompted to do is go to the Ultor building.

    To do this easily, wait outside the doors of the Ultor building until a Comet drives by that is not on fire, then quickly steal it. Drive it over close to the doors of the Ultor building, then get out and open both doors on one side. Once both doors are open, simply get back into the car and drive it inside to earn the trophy.

    Note about co op: If you do this in co-op with two players and neither have the trophy both will earn it at the same time if both are sitting in the Comet when you drive it into the lobby. (Thank you kree7 for finding this out).

  • Smack into the ceiling 10 times while wall running

    This trophy is earned for running into a ceiling a total of 10 times while wall running. To do this you first have to purchase the Wall Running Super Sprint upgrade for 10 soul clusters which is unlocked at level 4. Once you have purchased it, you can earn this trophy by running up a wall with a ledge on top so that you hit it a total of 10 times. You can easily do this in the lobby of the Ultor building, as the walls are high enough that you can run into the ceiling 10 times continuously.

  • Find 75 Barnstorming Diversion locations

    Barnstorming locations are the only collectible that aren’t displayed by the collectible finder, thankfully though there are a total of 138 in the game so you only need to find a little over half of them for the trophy and challenge. A Barnstorming location is basically any location that has two walls on either side and a roof over top, so that you are flying through the opening in between. You should be on the look out for locations such as this while doing collectible cleanup, as a large number of soul clusters are in these such locations, so make sure to always fly through these areas to pick up the location.

    Do take note of certain areas/buildings that have multiple places very close together. Places such as the rundown buildings in the Languish Lane area in the North-West area of the map are good places to search for Barnstorming locations, as each of these buildings has multiple holes in it that count.

  • Stand on the tallest mast of the 'Queen Anne's Revenge'

    This trophy is earned for touching the top mast of Blackbeard’s ship, the 'Queen Anne's Revenge', which is located on the very south end of the map. You do not actually have to stand on top of the mast, simply touch the top of it to earn this trophy. You can do so by wall jumping up to the top, or by flying to it.

  • Beat the game

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    This trophy is earned for beating all of the main story missions of the game, and is awarded after the credits when you are shown the completion screen for the final story mission.

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