• Estimated trophy difficulty: 1.5/10 (personal estimate) (Estimated Difficulty)
  • Offline trophies: 13 (1, 11, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 1-2 hours (personal estimate) (Estimated Time)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: half the list
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: N/A
  • Do trophies stack?: NA/EU stacks
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A
  • Additional peripherals required?: N/A


Sagebrush is a lo-fi indie game developed and released in 2018 by Redact Games and ported to PS4 in 2019. It is a walking simulator, telling the story of a woman who goes to an abandoned New Mexico compound that used to be inhabited by a suicide cult (think Heaven's Gate).

Sagebrush is designed to be a short game, taking no more than two hours to complete. Trophy-wise, it's also a very easy platinum, provided you get all of the missable trophies prior to the point of no return (entering the chapel on the top of the hill). Thankfully, outside of the point of no return, none of the missable trophies have a specific window of time in which they need to be unlocked. Overall, a disturbing and thought-provoking story, with non-challenging gameplay and an easy platinum.

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Trophy Walkthrough – by me!


Step 1: Play the game until you can enter the chapel at the top of the hill

While the entire game world is available to you, the game itself is fairly linear, so the collectibles and miscellaneous trophies can be gathered/unlocked in any order.

By the time you're ready to enter the chapel, you should have collected 10 of the game's 12 tapedecks.

By the end of this step, you will have earned the story-related:

Welcome to Black Sage Ranch
The Waning Light
The Sun is Gone
The Eighth Star

And the missable:

Genesis 1:3
Genesis 3:16
Barnstorming With the House of David
Poking Around
Piecing It Together

Step 2: Finish the game

Simply finish the game. Here is where you will listen to the final two tapedecks to clean up the collectibles trophy. Note that if you missed anything prior to entering the chapel, you will have to start a new game for another shot at unlocking it.

By the end of this step, you will have earned:

I Love You All So Much
A New Day

And finally... Perfect Heaven ! Congratulations!

[PST Would Like to Thank themindisacity for this Roadmap]

Sagebrush Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

13 trophies ( 11  1  )

  • Get all the trophies

    Well done!

  • Dusk falls on Black Sage Ranch

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    You will unlock this when you pick up the trailer master key from the pedestal in the red room in the Rectory.

  • Gain access to the full compound

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    You will unlock this when you pick up both keys from the side of the bookcase in the Community Hall and use the fence key to unlock the gate and enter the rest of the compound.

  • Night falls on Black Sage Ranch

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    You will unlock this when you check on the body in the mines and read the note that was with it.

  • The Sun Rises at Black Sage Ranch

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    You will unlock this during the game's ending cutscenes.

  • Find the Golden Seal

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    You will unlock this when you open the safe in the upstairs bedroom of the Rectory and pick up the contents inside. The combination is 3564.

  • Relive the final moments of the Flock

    Once you enter the chapel on the top of the hill, you will find a tapedeck (Archivist) on the altar. Listen to it and you will unlock this trophy.

  • Find the Flashlight Batteries

    The flashlight batteries are located in a shed in the farm area past the cornfields. The key to the shed is located in the Community Hall, next to the key that opens the gate that allows you into the compound. Once in the shed, simply pick up the batteries and you will put them into the flashlight you apparently were just carrying around, giving you more light as well as this trophy.

  • Find the Pregnancy Test

    In the trailer area, you will see some small shacks that represent toilets and showers. One of them has a pregnancy test in it – interact with the pregnancy test to unlock this trophy. The specific toilet stall is close to the red school building and Violet's trailer.

  • Collect 4 Audiotapes

    See Archivist.

  • Collect 8 Audiotapes

    See Archivist.

  • Collect all audiotapes

    There are twelve audiotapes scattered around the compound. Ten of them are outside of the chapel on the hill and must be gathered before entering the chapel. The final two are inside the chapel. Once you find one, you must interact with it and listen to the entire thing before moving on. I have listed them all below, in the likely order you will get them:

    1. Community Hall – on one of the picnic tables in the dining room
    2. Farm Area – in the shed (Genesis 1:3)
    3. Brother Andrew's Trailer – on the table by the door
    4. Violet's Trailer – next to the sink
    5. School – on a desk in the front row
    6. Rectory – in the red room, on the pedestal next to the trailer master key (The Waning Light)
    7. Brother Leonard's Trailer – on the bed
    8. Lillian's Trailer – on the bed
    9. Cleansing Room – on the table to the left of the podium on the upper level
    10. Mines – next to the body
    11. Chapel – on the altar (I Love You All So Much)
    12. Chapel – in the bunker area, in the room with the TV and bed, on a table
  • Near the fire pit (a tree with some benches), you should see an open area with some baseball bases. Home plate is closest to the chapel on the hill. Once you've found it, stand on home plate with the chapel at your back, and simply run the bases (run to the right). You don't need to interact with the bases or anything, just run close enough to them that the option to interact with them actually pops up on screen. Once you cross home base again, this trophy will unlock.

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