• Estimated trophy difficulty: 9/10 (personal estimate) (Trophy Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 57 (49, 6, 1, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 150+ hours (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 5 (expect to do 6)
  • Number of missable trophies: technically 0 with NG+ and multiple playthroughs necessary, but 2 are tricky enough to warrant the label "missable" (Can Never Have Too Many Friends, Scarlet Fever)
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available.
  • Additional peripherals required?: None


After bringing HD ports of two previously-unreleased classic SaGa titles to English-speaking territories (Romancing SaGa 2 and 3, originally for Super Famicom), Square Enix pulled through by releasing the 10th major title in the SaGa franchise, two years after its debut. The debut version of this game, simply titled "SaGa Scarlet Grace," was a PSVita exclusive released in 2017. The "Ambitions" version, available on PS4 and other platforms, was localized for English-speaking audiences (as well as many other regions) and published in December 2019. The "Ambitions" re-issue also features new content and a lot of fine-tuning to the game's design and mechanics.

If you're coming to this guide before starting this game, you are the ideal candidate for using the Road Map below. If you are already in the middle of your journey through this epic SaGa, you may be better served by skipping to individual trophy guide descriptions. If you know nothing about the game, and perhaps have not even purchased it yet, but are considering getting it and doing a Platinum Trophy run, be warned! This can be a very difficult challenge. Below are some important parameters to consider:

1) The minimum number of playthroughs to get the platinum trophy is 5. It is certainly, and most easily proven, to be 5. It is likely, however, that you will run 6 or more times, because missing the smallest item could result in the need for an entirely separate playthrough. Recruiting all characters and spawning/defeating the Scarlet Fiends is a route not easily optimized, so prepare to build up many endgame parties.

2) You may be thinking, "it can't be that bad, going through multiple playthroughs if you have New Game+, right?" Wrong. What carries from one cleared game to the next is unlocked in two steps. After your first playthrough, you unlock a "fast battle" and "fast world travel" mode, and you carry over information (cleared text boxes about enemies, techs, tips, etc). A hidden "trophy progress" status also carries over, and this is obviously important for things like the character recruitment trophy. Additionally, your party and all recruited characters carry over techs/incantations learned (and ranks), defeat status of Scarlet Fiends (incl. Inferna/Celesta Quintstones in inventory), roles, formations, Benisons assigned to those formations, and development materials. The second and third clears appear to add nothing new to the list of carry-overs. After the fourth clear (so long as you've cleared all four protagonists, no double-dipping), you unlock the ability to carry over all equipment and your Smithy rank is maintained. Things that never ever carry over? HP, weapon levels, and magic levels. Thus, every time you start a new game, you will still be grinding through battles, though the game becomes significantly easier in playthroughs 5+ with all of that endgame equipment available in your inventory.

3) If you're about to start the game, or wondering how the game functions in terms of story progression: basically, there are four story arcs or "scenarios" in this game. Among the fan community they are referred to as the Sigfrei arc, the Phoenix arc, the Earth Serpent (or Savnok) arc, and the Scarlet Shards arc. Each character will be exposed to three of those four scenarios per playthrough, and you secretly have a choice in a lot of how that plays out. For the female characters Urpina and Taria, they have "discrete" first chapters with no overlap. Urpina completes Earth Serpent first, Taria completes Phoenix first. Then, for those characters' second and third chapters, you are able to select them at the beginning of the next chapter by wandering away from their home province and finding the start of one of the other chapters occurring. Should you not get the chapter you want, load from the previous save and walk to another province and see what happens. Much of the optimal routing involves getting these chapters right for Taria and Urpina. As for Balmaint and Leonard, they have two variants of what I would call a "continuous" chapter system. Balmaint's full story centers around Sigfrei, but there are two built-in "intermission" times to complete any of other common chapters: again, limiting him to two of the three. As for Leonard, his main story arc is the Scarlet Shards, and unlike Balmaint, there are no intermissions. Leonard will run into the Earth Serpent and can defeat him in a simple form, same with the Phoenix. He also has interactions with Sigfrei in some provinces, but not with any resolution. All this to say: the levels of complexity here are definitely helping SaGa Scarlet Grace live up to the infamy of other SaGa titles.

4) As with most other SaGa titles, new skills are learned by "sparking" or "glimmering" them. A lightbulb appears over the person's head when they, for no apparent reason, learn a new skill. Of course, there are methods behind the madness, various calculations and algorithms to determine the likelihood of sparking new techs as you go. The "rank" system for each tech rewards players for re-using the same tech, lowering the cost to use it in battle.

5) There is a difficulty-setting option in the main menu which can be changed at any time and has no effect on trophies you earn. However, the easy difficulty ("Weak") does not make the game much easier, though the hard difficulty is noticeably harder. Throughout the game, all enemies scale their levels to yours, with a handful of exceptions (the arena, the Scarlet Fiends, the hidden Celestial battles, and the final boss).

6) There is absolutely no currency in this game. Instead, equipment upgrade occurs through use of elemental ore and specialized items to be used at blacksmiths. As for character healing, all characters return to max HP after combat, but they do have an LP counter like in other SaGa games. When LP reaches 0, they do not experience perma-death ... instead, they remain unusable for a certain number of battles (typically 10). LP can be restored at certain towns, at the cost of half your total accrued ore of the element associated with the character you are healing. Hot Springs and other special events also exist as rare LP-healing opportunities.

7) Above, I stated that you should expect to sink 150 hours or more into this game. In my view, this is a very kind estimate, and assumes 5 very streamlined runs through the game. Given that I had to find my way on my own, I will state that my time in-game surpassed 1000 hours and took place over 8 full plays, plus a few backtracks and abandoned NG+ runs. Hopefully this gives you a sense of what you're up against.

Finally, take note of the save slots. You have 20 save files; use them wisely. You also have an autosave, which is incredibly helpful in the face of a game crash, power outage, or stupid decision that you immediately recognize as being stupid. The autosave activates whenever changing provinces, entering/exiting towns, completing cut scenes, entering battles, etc. Basically, whenever you make some kind of change or progress to the game, autosave kicks in.


Supplemental guide: 100% Platinum Walkthrough -- The below road map gives you a general flow for the most optimized route. For specific details, including actions to be taken during chapters and characters to be recruited in each playthrough, use this supplemental guide.

Supplemental guide: character recruitment -- A specialized guide for recruiting every character in the game. I developed this specifically to help with the road map; be sure to save a copy to check off characters as you recruit them, or print the printer-friendly version and mark them off with a pen as you go. Nothing in the game tracks this openly for you, it's all hidden in your save data, so you're going to want to keep track of this for your sanity.

Supplemental guide: Techs and incantations -- Another table I developed just for this guide. Though not nearly as frustrating as character recruitment, keeping track of every weapon and magic skill you have used can be quite the burden. You may also find yourself asking, "what am I missing?" or "how do I unlock this tech?" Hopefully this guide will help.

Supplemental guide: Benisons -- Though most players will achieve the trophy associated with collecting all 12 Benisons by accident, there is a chance that you could go through 3, even 4 playthroughs and still be missing one or two of them. For guidance on how to increase your chances of making an exact Benison that you've missed appear mid-battle, this guide should help.

Supplemental guide: The Scarlet Fiends -- You may have seen trophies about Inferna Quintstones, Celesta Quintstones, and beating the Firebringer in his ultimate/true form. To make all of that happen, you are going to have to keep track of your progress with the Scarlet Fiends (or start from scratch after pulling your hair out). This digital-friendly and printer-friendly table has all the information you need to locate, spawn, and defeat the 20 Scarlet Fiends in their easy (Inferna) and hard (Celesta) forms.

Kamikouryaku (God Gamer) Japanese database -- If you know the language, or you don't mind utilizing an in-browser translate function, this is an incredible tool to have at your disposal. When I got stuck, which was often, this was my go-to for understanding this game in the finest detail. This game database got started with the Japanese-only PSVita release in 2017, giving the Japanese gaming community plenty of time to amass information and test theories. The site has also been updated significantly for the "Ambitions" version release on PS4, Switch, PC, etc.

Datamine (PC version) -- Fans playing the game on PC utilized tools to dump loads of information from the game into a series of Spreadsheets, and they have been sorting it into worthwhile tables for months. They even used Character data to develop a helpful character recruitment table that utilizes a simple key/legend to show which characters are available for recruitment for which protagonists. If you're looking for information, and you can't find it in this trophy guide or in the Kamikouryaku database, you can be sure to find it here.



Step 0: Knowing what not to write home about

If you are serious about going on this journey, you should know that there are a whole lot of "gimme" trophies that you are almost certain to obtain across the five required playthroughs. I am going to list them here. If you are nervous about these trophies, or wondering why you do not have them yet, refer to the trophy guide further below. Otherwise, just put these trophies aside and focus on the specified, optimized routing in the next five steps.

The "gimme" trophies are:
A New Ally
Rout the Louts
All for One
Chain Reaction
A Legend in Your Own Right
United We Stand
Wait Your Turn!
Float like a Butterfly...
Favored by the Celestials
Arms Race
Seasoned Champion
One among Many
Flux Hunter
Where to Next?

Step 1: Off with his head! (Balmaint)

For specific details on how to complete Balmaint's playthrough to pick up the right characters and nab the trophies below, do be sure to follow this 100% Platinum Walkthrough, which provides in-depth information.

Generally, in this playthrough Balmaint will be recruiting as many characters as possible while taking the Scarlet Shards route for ch.2 and Earth Serpent for ch.3. He will also pick up all five elemental weapons and do the partner "event" quests for the other three characters. Once complete, you will obtain:

Protecting House Julanius
Marriage, Schmarriage
Genghis Kahn
Shoddy Construction
Iron Stomach
Scorched Earth
Nature vs. Nurture
Wet Behind the Ears
To Catch the Prey
The Floor Is Lava
Fire and Brimstone
A Second Fall
Wait. HOW Many?
To the Victor Go the Spoils
Armaments for All!
Heavy Metal
A New Mage Rises
Good Fortune, Witch Hunters!
On Wings of Wax
...We're Going Home
Quenching Flames

Step 2: Pretty-boy protagonists hunting Scarlet Fiends (Leonard)

For this playthrough, you will find that Leonard eschews the "chapter" system entirely. He is dead set on those Scarlet Shards, and the other scenarios come and go like ordinary side quests. In fact, you can technically push for the end-game scenario to occur rather quickly; however, to obtain as many trophies and characters as possible, you'll want to milk the Leonard run for all its worth. This, in fact, is exactly what is called for in the 100% Platinum Walkthrough.

In completing Leonard's scenario, you should earn:

Behind the Scenes
The Movable Object
A New Warrior Rises
Scarlet Ambitions

Step 3: Stepmother knows best (Urpina)

For our third run, we're going with Urpina. Load your clear game data from Leonard, select Urpina, and you'll see the new game + options appear. Anything that's default set to "No," be sure to switch to "Yes," and continue onwards!

As an overview, know that this is the first of two runs for Urpina. For this run, we will do chapter 1 Earth Serpent (this is default and cannot be changed), chapter 2 Sigfrei, and chapter 3 Scarlet Shards. We will be keeping Antonius alive; this split in the plot creates a rift in which characters can be recruited, and is the reason why Urpina must be played through twice.

For additional details on how to handle this playthrough for ideal character and trophy acquirement, be sure to use the 100% Platinum Walkthrough. By the end of this playthrough, you'll have made substantial progress toward the character and scarlet fiend trophies, as well as:

Double Trouble

Step 4: Let's do the pottery warp again (Taria)

Taria's run is the shortest of the playthroughs in this guide. You will grab a handful of unique recruits for her path and finish off the final boss in a relatively low-level state, and that's not a problem. For this run, the route is Phoenix ch.1 (by default), Scarlet Shards ch.2, Earth Serpent ch.3. For more details, check the 100% Platinum Walkthrough.

Once complete, you will earn:

Four People, Four Paths

Step 5: The royal family, part deux (Urpina again)

It's the final run. We use Urpina again to pick up the last few characters, and then power-level her to finish off the Scarlet Fiends and the True Firebringer. For this run, the path is Earth Serpent ch.1 (by default), Scarlet Shards ch.2, Phoenix ch.3. During ch.1, you must let Antonius die this time to recruit a different set of characters.

This is also the clean-up run to finish out any of the other cumulative trophies. Follow the 100% Platinum Walkthrough for extra guidance. Once you are done:

Always in Our Thoughts
Can Never Have Too Many Friends
Tactics SaGa
Pack It Up...
Scarlet Fever
Trading Partners
Trial by Fire

[PST Would Like to Thank pgann for this Roadmap]


SaGa Scarlet Grace: Ambitions Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

57 trophies ( 49  35  )

  • Acquire all other trophies.

    You know the drill. Get all the other trophies and then enjoy your Platinum!

  • Complete the game as all four protagonists.

    Self-explanatory. This will take four playthroughs, and is earned at the same time you receive the trophy for your fourth individual silver trophy.

  • Complete the game as Urpina.


  • Complete the game as Leonard.


  • Complete the game as Taria.


  • Complete the game as Balmaint.


  • Have all possible allies join your retinue.

    Arguably the hardest and most time-consuming trophy towards the Platinum. The reason the minimum number of playthroughs is 5 is because of this trophy. For optimal routing, it is important to only run one character twice, and that character is Urpina. In one Urpina run, you must choose during the first chapter not to destroy the Emperor's Saw and to let Antonius die, as well as recruit and regularly use Elysed, avoid recruiting Adill, and then recruit Black-Robed Figure and Sasha. In another Urpina run, keep Antonius alive, replace Scarlet Shards ch.3 with Sigfrei or Phoenix for ch.3 to grab additional characters, and when given the option to pick a family member at the beginning of chapter 3 to join you, choose your stepmother (Hilda), as this is the only chance to recruit her.

    Also important to note: the heroes themselves need to be recruited, as do their partners (though the partner recruitments have their own trophies associated). During Leonard's playthrough, you can recruit the other three characters, though the window for recruiting Urpina is narrow and easy to miss (after Imperial Library, before entering Northeastern Boundary). Leonard can be recruited by all other characters if they clear the hidden shrines at the right time in Marchiam Yaxart.

    For details on recruitment requirements for all 78 characters, and track progress for yourself (as the game does not track this progress for you in any menu or screen across save files), utilize this table:


  • Have someone join your retinue for the first time.

    Self-explanatory and generally unavoidable.

  • Claim victory in one round.

    Self-explanatory and generally unavoidable.

  • Have five allies participate in a United Attack.

    This will probably happen by accident within the first few hours of play. If you wish to set this up for yourself, during a battle with two enemies, have your five units in turn order such that one of the two enemies takes its turn at beginning or end, and the other is somewhere in the middle. Have all parties target the enemy in the middle and kill it in that turn. Full-party United Attack will then ensue.

  • Perform three United Attacks in a single round.

    This will probably happen by accident before the end of your first playthrough. Setting this up manually can be very tricky. Typically, it would require a fight with four or five enemies, then weakening three of them, and then killing one individually where turn order allows for a domino-effect United Attack chain. However, another likely possibility to earn this trophy may be in a challenging battle where you perform your first United Attack upon the death of one of your own allies, and the other two come as you target weaker enemies.

    It should be noted, and this is a Tip that appears in the game: which enemy gets targeted is dependent on the Intelligence stat of the character closest to the front that's part of the United Attack. The higher their Intelligence, the more likely they are to target an enemy that, when killed, would create another United Attack, or at the very least, target an enemy that will die on that turn. Low Intelligence increases the likelihood that your United Attack will target an enemy surrounded by other enemies in turn order, which could then trigger an enemy United Attack on you. Note that enemy United Attacks do not count towards the 3-chain for this trophy.

  • Emerge victorious from 100 battles.

    Self-explanatory and generally unavoidable. If through some miracle you do not fight 100 battles in your first playthrough, know that this counter continues through subsequent playthroughs.

  • Perform 100 United Attacks.

    Self-explanatory and likely to occur within the first playthrough. If you do not perform 100 UAs in your first playthrough, know that this counter continues through subsequent playthroughs.

  • Receive benisons 100 times.

    Benisons occur based on a variety of factors, but no matter how you play the game, it is likely that you will achieve this trophy within the first playthrough. If you do not receive 100 Benisons in your first playthrough, know that this counter continues through subsequent playthroughs.

  • Successfully perform fifty interrupts.

    Achieving this trophy really depends on how you choose to approach combat. The best weapons for frequent, low-cost interrupt techniques are Shortsword (Lightspeed, Matador) and Club (Seismic Strike, Gale Strike). If you do not perform 50 interrupts in your first playthrough, know that this counter continues through subsequent playthroughs.

  • Successfully perform fifty counterattacks.

    Achieving this trophy really depends on how you choose to approach combat. The best weapons for frequent, low-cost counter techniques are Martial Arts (Jolt Counter) and Greatsword (Optical Slash). If you do not perform 50 counterattacks in your first playthrough, know that this counter continues through subsequent playthroughs.

  • Use all techs.

    Note: there are three very specialized techs that Urpina can acquire during her version of Scarlet Shards (ch.3) in Hibernia. They do not need to be acquired or used as part of this trophy.

    However, there are a total of 109 techs to learn and use, and the game does not track for you which you have used in combat in any kind of menu. To that end, you may wish to use the supplemental table below:


    It is impossible to complete this trophy in a single playthrough because of special techs that are only available via "endgame trade" weapons. These techs reside on weapons that are, generally, only available through the trade of a Commemmorative Medal and another, even more rare accessory (such as Fine Ring or Ancient Tome). Without these items present in your inventory, the weapons will not even appear for trade. Two exceptions exist for these rare weapons: Eternity Staff can be obtained by clearing the Imperial Library / Collector's Nest subquest, and Frying Pan is automatically equipped to Leonard's partner character, Elisabeth. For the other six weapon types, you will need to purchase the items via trade, and there are only just enough Tomes / Rings available in one playthrough to get them all, requiring careful attention to other rare town trades. Because equipment carry does not begin until the fifth playthrough, it is wise to intentionally purchase one or two with each playthrough so that you can achieve this trophy with a casual approach.

    Again, an important note: the tech must be used in a battle and then won to continue. If you spark a tech and then lose a battle, but then you continue the battle, you need to use the tech at least one more time as you continue for it to count. A good way to ensure you've definitely used a tech is to raise its level to Rank 1. Additionally, each weapon type has a unique endgame weapon skill that is not "sparked," but is instead tied inextricably to the weapon (for example: Axe weapon Cataclysm has skill "Malefic Eclipse"). Be sure to use these at least once as well!  

  • Use all incantations.

    There are a total of 20 incantations (magic spells) in the game: four for each of the five elements (Natura, Ignis, Terra, Aes, Unda). Learning all incantations on one character is certainly possible, though time-consuming. If you choose to wait until near endgame, after recruiting many characters, it is likely that all or almost all of the 20 spells will be available to cast among the magic users you've recruited. Use each incantation in a battle (that you win, so you can save and continue!) and this trophy is yours. Note that usage tracking occurs in a hidden table across your save data, so you can continue progress toward this trophy across playthroughs.

    Given that there is nothing obscure, arcane, or "missable" about these incantations, it is likely unnecessary to track these incantations on your own. But, should you wish to, it is included in this Tech & Incantation list:


  • Receive all benisons.

    There are a total of 12 Benisons in the game, one for each of the 12 Celestials. Though the game does not track which you have received directly, once unlocked they are saved to the Formation you are currently using. New Benisons can overwrite the previous Benison, however; thus, one way to effectively track Benisons is to intentionally acquire them while utilizing Formations you do not commonly use until all Benison slots are filled for that Formation, and then change Formations, until you have gotten all of them.

    The list of Benisons, and ideal conditions you can set to help make them occur, can be found in this table:


  • Emerge victorious with all formations.

    Because formations are learned via recruitment of certain characters, this trophy can be seen as a sub-goal toward the full character recruitment trophy, Can Never Have Too Many Friends. The full list of formations, and which characters have which formations, is contained within the following table:


    Note that, like the techs and incantations trophies, this is not merely a matter of acquiring all Formations. With each Formation, you must win at least one battle in each Formation. This can prove challenging with some of the more specialized Formations, including "Dragon's Rage" and "Poison Pill." Note, also, that there are four unnamed stances in the game that occur for special events (such as "Taria is enraged at Constantine" or "Protect the Gradion baby from La Chasse"). These formations do not count toward the trophy.

  • Acquire 50 types of weapons.

    This will typically occur in one playthrough. Between the equipment found on each recruited character and the necessary smith-upgrading you will do to get through the first playthrough, it is highly unlikely you would have less than 50 weapons cycle through your inventory.

  • Acquire 50 types of armor.

    Like Arms Race, this will typically occur in one playthrough. Between the equipment found on each recruited character and the necessary smith-upgrading you will do to get through the first playthrough, it is highly unlikely you would have less than 50 pieces of armor cycle through your inventory.


Secret trophies

  • Complete Mondo's event and have him join your retinue.

    After clearing the game with Urpina, or in starting a game where marking Urpina's events as "cleared," Mondo's event becomes available. To recruit Mondo, whenever he appears on the world map, speak to him. If he appears on the map, then other soldiers of House Julianus will appear in that same region map. You must find them and help them with whatever mission they ask of you (in one example, House of Swords challenges you to a sparring match outside of Saqqara in Provincia Cindrea). After clearing five of these quests, Mondo will join you.

  • Complete Elisabeth's event.

    After clearing the game with Leonard, or in starting a game where marking Leonard's events as "cleared," Elisabeth's event becomes available. To recruit Elisabeth, whenever she appears on the world map, speak to her. She will generally claim to be running away. In the same region where you find her, you will find one or two generic characters standing by other landmarks. One will be a member of house Adams (Elisabeth's friends and caretakers, also Leonard's initial party members), the others will be followers of Savnok interested in where she is. In all cases, no matter who is looking, claim that you do not know where she is. After at least five confrontations, depending on your protagonist, Elisabeth will have an end event where she is cornered by followers of Savnok and you have the opportunity to rescue her. After doing so, she will join you.

  • Complete Kahn's event and have him join your retinue.

    After clearing the game with Taria, or in starting a game where marking Taria's events as "cleared," Kahn's event becomes available. To recruit Kahn, whenever he appears on the world map, speak to him. He will ask you if you've met a rogue group called "The Killers." Your response does not appear to matter. What does matter is that whatever region you see Kahn in, a generic character will also appear next to some landmark in that same region, and you need to interact with it. With the Killers, you are generally challenged to battles with them. Win the battle, and move through the game normally. After a minimum of five encounters like these, eventually you will speak with Kahn in a location and instead of having to meet with more Killers, he will explain who he is and join with you.

  • Complete Arthur's event and have him join your retinue.

    After clearing the game with Balmaint, or in starting a game where marking Balmaint's events as "cleared," Arthur's event becomes available. To recruit Arthur, whenever he appears on the world map, speak to him. He will have a dialogue with his "bodyguards" Patricia and/or Marion about nefarious plots to overrun whatever region you're currently in; then he will ask you if you're familiar with the region. Default response is "no," feel free to answer in this way. After interacting with Arthur, a generic character will appear next to another marker somewhere in the same region's map. Interact with this character, and in almost all instances you will be forced into some kind of battle, which you must win. After doing this at least five times throughout the game, eventually Arthur will feel comfortable enough with you to explain more about who he is and then join your party.

  • Have Camelia (also known as Tsubaki) join your retinue.

    Tsubaki is one of two playable characters added exclusively to the "Ambitions" upgraded version of SaGa Scarlet Grace, which may explain why her recruitment has its own trophy. Recruitment requirements are complicated. First, something to avoid: Camelia becomes unavailable if you use a ship to reach Corner Isle for Phoenix quest line, if Arch Witch is in your party, or if you have completed the "birdman village" event (Orville joining party). So when you go to recruit her, do not do any of those things. Next, you have to have run into Camelia at least once in your travels (four opportunities: Gradion baby, Kreisa witch event talking with fisherman Erreich, meeting her at True Macha Shrine in Yaxart, or meeting her at Taria's workshop - which is only available with Taria or Leonard). After any one of these meetings occur, you can then enter Birdman Village and Camelia should appear in a dialogue. Finally, go to the Hole of Chaos (northeast portion of Southeast Boundary). Do not let Camelia attempt the battle with the chaos monsters on her own; instead, choose to defeat it and when she realizes she is the last of La Chasse, she offers to join you. This works well with Taria, Balmaint, or Urpina. Because of the way Leonard's chapter is laid out, the required flags to achieve or avoid can easily get lost, so it is recommended to recruit Tsubaki with any character other than Leonard.

  • Have Sabit join your retinue.

    Sabit is one of two playable characters added exclusively to the "Ambitions" upgraded version of SaGa Scarlet Grace, which may explain why his recruitment has its own trophy. Sabit will appear in towns at the five provinces of the elemental weapons, but his recruitment point is the courtyard of the Black Market (Azhuacan). Here, he will examine specialty weapons and reward you with materials each time. Once you have presented the right kinds of weapons, he will offer to join your party. Note: which weapons you need to present change significantly with each protagonist. For Balmaint and Taria, he only needs to examine a Katana type greatsword, a Twister type longsword, and an Estoc type shortsword, and he will join. More weapons are needed for Urpina and Leonard to recruit. Because equipment begins to carry over after the fourth playthrough, Sabit becomes progressively easier to recruit in the fifth playthrough and beyond.

  • Have Urpina learn to dual wield.

    This trophy is semi-missable, and can only be completed by Urpina. Your earliest chance to complete it is during the first chapter, when first entering Cerenaif. Instead of following Antonius and the followers of Savnok to the town of Zegna, you can go to Nipelo and Mondo will tell you that ahead is Marchiam Ria, where Antonius learned how to dual-wield. You can go now, or you can decline and come back at any time. However, the quest is missable in this way: once you enter Ria and begin the quest line to learn dual-wielding, if you leave town and play the regular game through to completing another chapter, you could be locked out. So make sure to finish what you start. Generally, this subquest involves asking about dual-wielding at every town in Ria, meeting the Sprite character Griffin (also recruitable), and freeing at least one faerie that should lead you to the Cocoon for a lengthy cut scene. Once the quest is complete, you will be able to wield two longswords and you will also earn this trophy.

  • Imhokiel Dam has been destroyed!

    Destroying Imhokiel Dam is a prerequisite to forcing the Scarlet Fiend in Cindrea to spawn, which you will need to do at least twice if you are pursuing the Quintstones (and platinum) trophies. Thus, knowing how to force the dam to break is important. Generally, the choice to destroy the dam comes into play by completing the region-specific portion of the common chapter quests for the Phoenix (who will land at the dam) or the Earth Serpent (whose golems will attack the dam). Technically, you can skip actions in this region for both of the aforementioned chapters to keep the dam intact. Should you want to break it, simply use the Phoenix Feather in Cindrea while running the Phoenix chapter, or attack the golem soldiers and/or examine the dam while Erakleos fights the golems during Earth Serpent chapter, and events will unfold such that the dam breaks.

  • The volcano has erupted!

    The volcano, located in Provincia Thracini, is simple to erupt, though you can accidentally lock yourself out of erupting it depending on what battles you choose to fight in this region. Fighting at the "stone" markers will increase volcanic activity, as will defeating the dam monsters and opening the gateways to free the Loch-Ness-looking creature. However, fighting enemies at the Spring markers will significantly decrease volcanic activity. If you choose to clear all three Springs, especially after clearing some Stone or Dam battles, the volcano cannot erupt. Thus, avoid the Springs, fight 5 to 7 battles across the Stone and Dam enemies (and opening the gates, which is a battle-free increase in volcanic activity), and the volcano will erupt. This is the first step toward obtaining the Ignis Elemental Weapon, and generally worth doing in any playthrough.

  • The tower has collapsed!

    The tower, in the trophy description, refers to the Prayer Tower that is actively being built when you first enter Provincia Maurehua. This trophy is most naturally achieved in Balmaint's route, wherein you encounter it very early, and after the Tower is fully built, you are given a simple dialogue option to protect the tower from fiends or let them attack it. Choose to let the fiends have the tower, and the trophy is yours. For characters other than Balmaint, you will notice during construction phases that fiends are appearing near the tower. Continue visiting mines and other markers to help with construction, but do not clear the fiends that appear near the tower, and eventually they will take the tower on their own.

  • You caught the fabled tatzelwurm!

    The tatzelwurm (Tsuchinoko in Japanese) appears as one of the rumors in Bicyniro. However, it may not be what you think. There is always a rumor in the town of Caprese that suggests a cryptid (bigfoot / sasquatch / yeti) may exist. That rumor is not the one for the Tatzelwurm. This rumor occurs in the town of Anchiano, and the rumor will not occur unless you are on the Scarlet Shards chapter (this means Leonard automatically has access to this rumor). After hearing the rumor about the Tatzelwurm, go to the "X" and believe the rumor. The Tatzelwurm will appear once and then run. Follow it and check again, and you will be presented with the option to Kill or Capture. Choose "Capture" and the Tatzelwurm trophy is yours! Note that, even in the Scarlet Shards chapter, the option to capture the Tatzelwurm may not appear for Taria.

  • Antonius has passed on.

    Allowing Antonius to die is a prerequisite for recruiting the Black-Robed Figure, so you will achieve this trophy if you are attempting to recruit all characters. The option to let Antonius die occurs near the end of Urpina's first chapter, at the end of the chase sequence. As Urpina, you follow Antonius and his captors from Rhonicum, to Cerenaif, to Mare Ilfee. In Mare Ilfee, you will first encounter the followers of Savnok in Old Wise, where they will offer Antonius in return for destroying the Emperor's Saw. Decline this choice. Then, at Sugar Castle Lighthouse just to the north, you will fight more battles and then be presented with the choice to kill Antonius ("I don't have a choice...") or keep him alive ("I can't!"). Let him die, and you get this trophy.

  • The Grand Empress Dowager has passed on.

    Allowing the Dowager to die is a prerequisite for recruiting Lord Stabiae, so you will achieve this trophy if you are attempting to recruit all characters. This trophy is only available to Balmaint and Taria. First, when you access your first "common" chapter (chapter 2), it cannot be the Earth Serpent / Savnok chapter. You must save that for chapter 3. While in chapter 2, cause the volcano in Thracini to erupt. Then, in chapter 3 (which you have forced as Earth Serpent chapter), enter Thracini from Mare Ilfee, and you'll see that the town of Elhuacan is surrounded by earth golems. Go to the town and fight the golems, but you will learn that you came too late and were unable to save the Dowager from her fate.

  • Eat five wild strawberries.

    In Provincia Kei there are three fruit-like stalks located in the north, just south of the Bullio Gate which leads to Megdasse. Every time you enter this region, the field resets. Two of these plants are Mandragoras, which will automatically decrease 1 LP from your five active party members. One is a wild strawberry, which automatically increases 1 LP for all five active party members. To get this trophy quickly, just hop in and out of Kei, eating the strawberry. How to tell which is the real strawberry? Look closely: two of the stalks are identical, but the third one is horizontally flipped, like a mirror image. That third one is your strawberry. Once you've eaten five, this trophy is yours!

  • Fly in the air.

    This trophy is a prerequisite for recruiting Orville, so you will achieve this trophy if you are attempting to recruit all characters. When you enter the Southeast Boundary for the first time, this is the first thing you encounter: entering Birdman Village, watching a man attempt to fly and then crash, and then speaking with him to learn that he needs Moa feathers (but will also take Cockatrice feathers). After these events, the "Moa" bird will appear in the center of the Southeast Boundary map. Each time you approach the Moa, it will run in one of three directions, and hide in one of three bushes. Where the Moa hides is the same every time: he is one spot clockwise from the Cockatrice. The Cockatrice is easily spotted because a deer stands outside this bush (and it will turn to stone if you wait long enough). If you feel like fighting battles, you can approach the petrified deer, but if you want to collect Moa feathers quickly, just move one spot clockwise from the deer and it will be the Moa. (For those wondering, the third bush is always empty, except for the first time you select it; the first time it reveals a smaller bird in a cage, which you can free, leading to a short side quest elsewhere in this region). Once you have enough feathers (5 to 7 will do), return to Birdman Village, watch Orville crash again, speak to him to give him the feathers, then return to the village another time. Now he will fly successfully! After this, he will offer to let you fly. Say "yes," and you will get this trophy. For those wondering: no, you yourself can never successfully fly in a circle or reach the islands. You always crash.


  • Beat all challengers in the arena.

    The Arena is located in the Northwest outer region of Azhuacan. You can challenge the arena whenever you like, but its enemies do not scale like the regular enemies throughout the game; in this sense, it is more like the Scarlet Fiends, and is thus more appropriate to save for later in a playthrough. When you attempt the Arena, you will have to fight three rounds in a row against three different groups of five elite fighters. Which groups you get is entirely randomized, but if you have played Romancing SaGa 3 and fought in that game's arena, these enemy teams will be very familiar to you. With enough levels and experience, these fights are not particularly difficult, so clear them and enjoy your trophy (as well as other material rewards!). Note that you can re-do the Arena as many times as you want, but those rare equipment rewards will be replaced with materials (Dragon Scale, Fiend Blood, etc). We recommend clearing the Arena once per playthrough for the equipment.

  • Best the Firebringer.

    You may be expecting this trophy the first time you clear the game. And you may get it! But that actually depends on a variety of factors with the decisions you made with your character up to this point. If you end up facing the Firebringer in a weakened form, you will not get this trophy. One way to ensure a "standard" Firebringer is, when playing as Balmaint, to answer Sigfrei in the final confrontation that you will fight the Celestials (as opposed to praying to them or ignoring them). Additionally, know that collecting Inferna quintstones and using them in Ei-Hanum will guarantee a weakened Firebringer, which can make multiple playthroughs somewhat quicker, but will also avoid this trophy in full if you've not yet obtained it.

  • Best the Firebringer in his ultimate form.

    To challenge the True Firebringer, you must first collect all 20 Celesta quintstones and then use them in the final room (Ei-Hanum). You will be warned that "something bad is about to happen." And yes, it is. When you begin the battle, you will not notice anything different. In the Firebringer's first two forms, everything is the same as always. But in his third and final form, the Firebringer becomes virtually impossible. Without intentional work done ahead of time to plan an appropriate party, you have no chance of winning. Even with five characters with max health, max weapon/magic levels, optimal equipment, rank III techs/incantations, and 5 roles equipped, you will probably lose. You need to prepare for the specifics of the fight itself. To stand a chance, you need to start by giving yourself optimal fire resistance.

    This may be obvious to some, but be sure that your equipment is optimized for fire resistance. Great elemental resistance comes from Dragonscale Armor and Sunsilver Robe for your main armor piece. For auxiliary armor, the Insulator gloves are excellent, and the Rainbow Shawl is also a good piece to use.

    Now, about those five roles each character can equip. Prepare to sacrifice three of them for all characters to create the ultimate in fire protection! This makes for a lot of preparation but is absolutely worth it. The three roles you need to learn are Barrier, Mentalist, and Maestro of Flame. Of these three roles, the one you will likely struggle with the most is Barrier. It has great use, however, not just for this final fight, but for all of the Scarlet Fiend battles, if you get a whole party of five to learn it. Barrier offers each character "all ally resistance and damage up" (small) with the tradeoff of Max BP Down (large). However, the Max BP Down (-2) cannot stack across allies, so if you are using a formation with Max BP 11, it will be reduced to 9, but all party members will get the full stacked benefits of the damage and resistance up.

    To learn Barrier, it takes two skills, and both can be tedious to learn. The first is Shelter, the basic protect skill for Spear equipment. Technically, characters equipped with a spear can learn this conditional tech at any time, but to increase your odds, working your way up to learning Mizuchi and Spiral Charge appears to increase those odds. However, learning too many skills too quickly actually reduces the rate at which you will learn any other skill. In other words, while you want to increase your Spear weapon level to increase your chances of getting Deflect, if you learn every other skill along the way, even end-game skills like Arm of Light and Triumverate, it will probably create a significant lag in how long it takes for the game to spark Shelter. Finally, as an added annoyance with this skill (and this is part of why you want to increase your weapon skill level some), Shelter can't just be learned, you need it increased to Rank I. So once you do learn it, go into battle with lots of enemies (worms and bugs are good), and Shelter over and over until you get that rank-up!

    The second half of learning Barrier is learning the Aes spell "Armor Blessing" (and increasing it to Rank I). For any mage(s) in the party, this is not a big deal. But for the melee characters? This is a huge problem, because the first spell you learn in the Aes series is Holy Grail, a spell you can only cast when at least one party member is dead ... so getting skill-up for this is very tricky! Good news, though: if you have not yet recruited the Arch Witch in Azhuacan, you could stop by and see if she's offering Aes skill-ups, and whenever she is, give it to one of your weapon-based characters so they can learn this spell more quickly. You technically only need to get the skill level to 1 to avoid having to ever cast Holy Grail. Ultimately, you need to get Aes to about level 5 so that Armor Blessing can reach Rank I. Another way to get skill-ups for Aes magic is to complete the guild mission in Belike. However, if you are playing as Balmaint, you'll remember that this town is going to be destroyed, and depending on how you play with other characters, Belike can meet that same fate. Thus, it is important to get your opportunity to teach Aes to party members early if you plan on using this run as your "True Final Boss" run!

    When taking a completely magic-less character into battle, their starting spell will be the earliest spell for whatever element the character aligns with (the color of the pentagon next to their name in all menus). For characters who aren't Aes-based, equip a standard staff and then cast that magic to level it to 5, and pour flux into the first spell until the second spell unlocks. Once you've unlocked the second spell, equip an Aes-only staff (Caduceus) and pour flux into the second spell. You should have a miniscule or small chance of learning Armor Blessing this way. If the text is grayed-out, that means your Aes level is 0, and you need to increase it by learning and casting Holy Grail, or using the two methods outlined above. Once you've finally unlocked Armor Blessing, this is a far easier thing to cast than Holy Grail, and you can cast it all the way up to Aes level 5, which is what you need for the flux you absorb for Armor Blessing to carry you to Rank I. With this, and Shelter Rank I, you have Barrier. Hurray! Now quick, get it for the other four characters!!

    Again, this seems very tedious, and it is. But when you face the True Firebringer and see the kind of numbers he puts out for Vermilion Sands (AoE fire skill), you'll see why this is important. Next, to learn Mentalist. This is probably the easiest of the three roles to learn. All you need are Dimensional Break (Axe) and Shadow Weave (Bow), no rank-ups required. You can literally pull this off within the first one or two battles you attempt for each character, even with a weapon level of 0 (though 1-5 is preferred). To learn Dimensional Break, use the basic attack "Treecleaver" until you spark "Maim." Then, keep using Maim and you will quickly spark "Dimensional Break." If you learn "Vertical Smash" before "Maim," you can choose to reset, as sparks slow down in frequency per weapon (per character). The good news is that while Treecleaver can spark VSmash or Maim, when you start using Maim the only skill you can spark is Dimensional Break, so you are well on your way! Of course, be sure the weapon you equip has Maim and Dimensional Break on them. For Shadow Weave, simply equip a bow that has Shadow Weave to learn, and start shooting away. With the basic attack, there are only two things you can spark immediately, either Quick Nock or Shadow Weave. Again, if you get Quick Nock and want to save time, you can reset and try again. Or, you can keep going and learn both skills. No harm, no foul. Either way, once you have both skills, you have Mentalist, which gives you a Large elemental resistance boost!

    Finally, "Maestro of Flames." The effect on this one is fantastic: Large bonuses to heat resistance and heat damage. That latter part may seem silly, but if you are using either of the two skills that make this role possible in your final battle, you will notice some big numbers coming from these techs. The two techs you need are Incendiary Arrow (Bow) and Rising Nova (Longsword). Both of these need to be increased to Rank I. For Incendiary Arrow, equip a bow that has the skill listed, and just keep using the basic attack until it sparks. Then, keep leveling your bow skill level and using Incendiary Arrow until you get Rank I. As for Rising Nova, this too is learned with the basic Longsword skill (Sonic Slash), for any weapon that has the skill listed with it. Same story as bow: level up the skill level and keep using Rising Nova until you reach Rank I!

    When all five of your planned party members have these three roles, you now *stand a chance* against the Firebringer. What you do from here depends on what you have available near endgame and how you want to handle the Firebringer.

    One fairly solid strategy, though timeconsuming to prepare, is to have two endgame mages in your party that will both cast Hypergravity simultaneously. While they cast, Two other characters (either Longsword or Club) will protect the mages while a fifth character -- your damage-dealer -- will take out the two floating-sword adds and/or attempt stuns and debuffs on the Firebringer himself. Should you survive to the fourth turn, you will knock down the Firebringer's BP by 8 in one fell swoop. You can repeat this process to ensure he is down to 1 BP, though he regains 1 BP each turn. Your other option is to keep him floating in the 3-5 BP range by continually throwing Hypergravity in with one spellcaster, and then using Rain of Life with the other. You will likely need at least one use of Tailwind as well (BP+2), especially if you're using Ereklaos Guard, because you'll have survived one hit of Galactic Rift, which knocked your own party's BP down by 3.

    Another strategy is to bank on luck: Stun luck, that is. There are roles to increase the chance of landing Stun, and base stats such as Dexterity and Acuity can also increase your chances of stunning. You cannot use Sweep since Firebringer is floating inside some kind of meteor...thing... in the final battle. So that narrows you to Heaven and Earth (Longsword), Tumble (Martial Arts), or Triumverate (Spear) -- the latter of which is an unlikely option given its high BP cost. In any case, a party of three Stun-based attackers, with one protector role and one mage to keep you alive for more than a few turns, may be able to keep the party afloat long enough to finish the battle.

    Personally, I did neither of the above strategies. I eschewed stunning and said no to the Hypergravity strategy, and went all-out offense. My endgame party featured shortsword, bow, and axe attackers, a longsword protector, and Arthur (from Balmaint's quest) as my healer. I used Ereklaos Guard, I had the three aforementioned roles equipped to all of my characters, and I also used as many endgame roles as I could to make the fight work. One particularly useful role I had was for my protector and my shortsword attacker (who stood in the second of the two "block for BP" spots in the formation), Shield Master. This gives a Large increase to shield block rate, which is what you need for more BP. While Firebringer himself never uses attacks that allow for full blocks, his two swords absolutely do. Thus, while protecting Arthur while he prepared Rain of Life, I laid down Speed- and Attack- with my axe-wielder in the first two turns. As for shortsword and bow characters, their main purpose was to have the ability to act before anyone else with their high Mobility stats and "Initial Position Up" roles. I could use them to remove conditionals from the swords and, after a few rounds, utilize their powerful endgame abilities in my favor. For example, after one sword fell and I got a United Attack, I used Millionaire with my bow wielder, which took out the second sword (granting another UA) and dealing so much damage to Firebringer that he had hit 1 HP and had to regenerate. And this last part is key to any strategy. The Firebringer will revive *twice* in this final fight, and if you time it right, you essentially get a free stun on him, and you can stun Galactic Rift to save your bacon! Between Millionaire, shortsword's Southern Cross, and Axe's Unbridled Frenzy, I was able to time my damage-dealing in such a way that I would intentionally take a hit from Vermilion Sands or his single-target fire attack and then pull out the revive-stun when he attempted Galactic Rift. Once he was in his third and final form, I gave up on healing, positioned my Longsword protector (who was low on HP) in center and blocking my shortsword user, and went heavy with damage. After that round, longsword protector died and I got a full UA on it, so I was able to do full attacks with three characters *and* get a single-turn heal from Arthur. However, I did not even need it, as my heavy-offense team knocked the Firebringer out in this last turn, which I believe was a total of 10 rounds.

    So you see, even with hours of preparation, nothing is simple. Even with the relatively safe Hypergravity strategy, you can fail that easily if your starting positions are bad and the enemy targets your unprotected attack character and wipes them on turn 1. Take my advice. This fight brought a lot of heartache, and it was only when I gave in and used the well-researched trio of roles praised in the Japanese walkthroughs that I even had half a chance and learned how to survive the Firebringer in his true form. Bring the heat: we got heat resistance.

  • Collect all the celesta quintstones.

    The Celesta quintstones are acquired by defeating Scarlet Fiends in their reincarnated form. There is one in each region, some of them have different spawning conditions than their first form (though most will automatically appear after the first), and they have fixed levels. Fixed at very, very high levels. Please utilize this guide to locate, spawn, and defeat the Scarlet Fiends:


  • Collect all the inferna quintstones.

    The Inferna quintstones are acquired by defeating Scarlet Fiends in their first form. There is one in each region, and they have fixed levels. Generally, any party with 600+ HP and weapon levels 30+ can defeat the first Scarlet Fiends without much trouble. However, forcing them to appear can be frustrating. Please utilize this guide to locate, spawn, and defeat the Scarlet Fiends:


  • Best Marigan.

    There are a handful of opportunities to fight Marigan across all four playthroughs. When playing as Leonard, once the Earth Serpent scenario is activated, return to Yaxart and defeat all of the golems, and you will then confront Marigan. When playing as Taria, if you complete the Earth Serpent scenario as chapter 3, you will face Marigan during the endgame boss rush before the Firebringer. Defeating Marigan is only slightly harder than most bosses. Note that he will rejuvenate his weapons back from however many you removed to four (typically with two shields) at the beginning of each turn. You can defeat these weapons to chain United Attacks, or you can focus all of your damage directly on Marigan.

  • Best Macha.

    Macha is far easier to locate than Marigan. For all characters, in all instances, simply complete the Shrine pilgrimage in Yaxart, including the Macha hidden shrine (using the flames from Forbidden Point on the unlit altar). Upon entering Macha's True Shrine, you will face Macha. She can run away early, so if you want to fully defeat her, be prepared and take out those elementals quickly. Note that Macha can also show up at other points in the story depending on character and scenario chosen for various chapters. But she is guaranteed to arrive at Macha's True Shrine (unfortunately, the same simply isn't true for Marigan).

  • Fight against 100 types of foes.

    Though this may not happen in your first playthrough, it is likely impossible to avoid if you clear the game with all four characters. If you actively wish to pursue this trophy, look at the preparation screen before entering battles on the map. If one or more enemy slots appear as "???", that is a new enemy for you, and you should fight it to push towards completing this trophy.

  • Have one tech reach max rank.

    If your end goal is the platinum trophy, you will have plenty max-rank techs by the time you're done with this game. The max rank for techs and incantations is III. Increasing rank for techs happens by using the tech frequently in battles and increasing the associated weapon level. Common low-BP techs that can quickly reach rank III include Maim (Axe), Matador and Lightspeed (Shortsword interrupts), Sweep (Spear), etc. The default attack tends to take longer than other, specialized skills, so focus on those if you want a Rank III skill early on. They tend to unlock around Weapon Level 35 or higher.

  • Have one incantation reach max rank.

    This may be tedious, but it is very easy and almost self-explanatory. Incantations rank up by having the magic "flux" from each battle poured into one magic-users individual incantation. There is text on this select screen that tells you if your magic level (Ignis, Aes, etc) is too low to increase rank. Generally, you cannot reach Rank III until you are above level 30 in any elemental magic category. However, once you break Rank II, you can still put flux toward Rank III so that you are essentially at Rank 2.99, and the moment you have access to Rank III, one flux infusion after your next battle will get you there. For new players, recommended incantations to take to Rank III include Wildfire (Ignis), Hypergravity (Terra), Holy Grail (Aes), and Rain of Life (Unda).

  • R&D


    Develop all items.

    The trophy description here is a little vague. It is not referring to upgrading equipment at the Smith. Rather, it is referring to the item development mini-game that begins at the small town in the southeast corner of Northeast Boundary. Collect all the straw you want from that NPC, convert that straw into compost in Megdasse, and so on. The items in this mini-game carry across every save file, so this is one you can slowly work towards. The longest part of this process is developing the city back in Northeast Boundary. Not only do you need to make one of every building in that list, you also need to achieve its three "Famous Goods," which randomly appear as you develop more. For Northeast Boundary in particular, we recommend gathering up a large stock of Bricks and Granite for the first building, saving the game, and then making them individually until a Famous Good appears. If it takes too long, reload your save and try again.

    Take note that not all 20 areas have a development town of their own. Specifically: Numadica, Azhuacan, Ria, and Southeast Boundary do not have participating towns. Thus, there are 16 locations in total. Some are less important toward your end goal (Bicyniro's food, Gradion's workers), and others are necessary to work in large amounts (Kei's tools, Normi's minerals) which then lead to more specialized goods (Termina's alchemy, Thracini's artisanal work). Just regularly stop in to each region's R&D shop (the gear icon) as you pass through to see what previously-undeveloped things you can make. After making one of everything, you can focus on stockpiling for famous goods appearing, especially in Northeast Boundary. Once you've made one of every item in this minigame and unlocked the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Famous Goods in all 16 R&D shops, you will be rewarded with this trophy.

  • Exchange items at all towns within a single playthrough.

    Unlike many other trophies, this trophy must be achieved in a single playthrough. Among the "single playthrough" trophies, this one is the hardest. It is also nearly impossible to achieve in your first playthrough, so do not even try. There are a handful of towns where there is only one item to trade for: typically, it is an accessory, and there are specific items needed to get that accessory. There are many of these in Ria and Cerenaif, but the biggest obstacle is in the tiny town of Ashina in Numadica. The trade here requires two each of three different accessories. One of them, the Nail Amulet, can be commonly dropped from the Machina Drake (conveniently available with infinite respawns at the ballista in Numadica). However, the other two only come from one-time battles, one-time events, or equipped on characters that can be recruited only once. For the sake of ease, we recommend waiting to do any significant trades until you begin your first NG+ playthrough that includes carry-over of all equipment. Near the end of that playthrough, methodically work your way through the towns in each region, trading as you go. Remove equipment (especially accessories) from characters if you have to for the trades. Also, there are many trades that will require one or more pieces of equipment that you can upgrade with Smiths. For example, one trade in Cerenaif calls for two "Wisteria" bows. You can trade infinite base-level bows in Walomir Quarters (Megdasse) and work to upgrade them to Wisteria. This is the case for all equipment trades, except for the accessories. Finally, a warning: do not attempt this trophy if you allowed any towns to be destroyed during this playthrough. Possible towns that can be destroyed without recovery include Belike (unavoidable for Balmaint) and Anchiano. Many other destroyed towns can be revived, including Saqqara, Nanim, and Pescara.

  • Perform tasks at all Mercenaries' Guilds within a single playthrough.

    Unlike many other trophies, this trophy must be achieved in a single playthrough. Among the "single playthrough" trophies, this one is relatively easy, though you can still lock yourself out of it. Specifically, the town in Numadica, Belike, can be destroyed during Sigfrei chapter, and during Balmaint's playthrough it seems to be unavoidable. Thus, if you attempt this trophy while playing as Balmaint, be sure to assign a player to the guild and clear enough battles for them to finish their job before clearing Sigfrei's events in Numadica.

    Note: for new players, the "Guild" features (footprint icon) in towns will not appear until you have reached a certain Smith rank. Smith rank begins to carry over in subsequent NG+ playthroughs, so players will notice they can do these jobs from the beginning of the game in later playthroughs. To get this trophy, one safe way to make it happen is reach near endgame with a large party and the whole map accessible, then methodically travel to each town in each region, and assign a character to each Guild mission. With only one exception (Cerenaif), every region has at least one guild, and many guilds exist on region borders (Josgad Stable, Owtie Arbor, Yumen). Send your characters out to each one, and once they're all out, go fight 10 battles and then bring them all back through the "Missions" menu, and this trophy is yours.

  • Collect 30 items from gathering events within a single playthrough.

    Unlike many other trophies, this trophy must be achieved in a single playthrough. Among the "single playthrough" trophies, this one is the easiest of all, and is always attainable so long as you have access to all 20 regions on the world map.

    Starting at chapter 2 in your playthrough, "Collector's Nest" huts will appear in a handful of regions (Jusitania, Maurehua, Thracini, et al). Enter one and an Imperial Librarian will ask you for anywhere from one to three items (depending on your current world map access). If you ask about the items, she will give you hints as to what region you may find them in. These items appear in the region's world map as shiny, flashing objects to pick up. There are a total of 30 to find, with the first few including Ionium and Starsand (Jusitania), and the last few including the Emperor's Shroud (Azhuacan) and Fae Wings (Ria). Her hints make this treasure hunt mini-game particularly easy. If she says it's in a cold place, it's Normi or Northeast Boundary. If it's in a desert, it's Numadica (at least three of the items are in Numadica, oddly enough). Collect them all and you'll get this trophy!

    Additionally, we highly recommend you complete this side quest every single playthrough if you are hoping to get the platinum trophy. This is because, as she rewards you with each set of 3 items, you will pick up an Ancient Tome and Fine Ring each playthrough as part of her rewards set (as well as an Eternity Staff). These items are necessary for accessing rare weaponry as trades, and these rare weapons have exclusive Techs to learn from them, which you will need to complete the use all techs trophy Pack It Up.... If you do not collect the rare weapons and start learning these techs throughout each playthrough, it will take more than 5 playthroughs to earn the platinum. So get into the habit of completing this side quest!

  • Acquire the elemental weapon of ignis.

    Immediately after causing the volcano in Thracini to erupt (defeating enemies at rocks and the dam, but not at the springs), walk up to the Volcano and an egg pops out. Approach the egg, and you will fight a fiery dragon. Win that fight, and the Ignis Elemental Weapon will fall from the sky for you to claim.

    Note: as with all of the special elemental weapons, the actual type of Ignis weapon you get (Axe, Club, Longsword, et al) is random, though it may be determined by hidden tables calculating different factors about your party such as weapon levels or base statistics.

  • Acquire the elemental weapon of unda.

    In Marchiam Normi, you will find an engraved stone near Westdorf speaking of the heroes Sim, Ula, and Crum. After reading about them, you can begin the slow and steady progress to unlock this weapon. First, start fighting either of the two infinitely-spawning fiends west of Ostdorf. Each time you defeat one, a chunk of ice will float toward Westdorf, and if you don't have any honey for the polar bears, a jar of honey will also come down toward the coast for you to nab (though you may not need any for this particular quest). After you have cleared enough enemies for three ice tiles to run in a row from the west coast along Westdorf, even if they have not yet connected to the rest of the ice tiles, run up them and you will find a dead, frozen body. Finding this body triggers a battle. Fight the battle, and then a ghost ship will appear east of Westdorf. Go to that ship, fight another battle. Now a bottle with a map in it will float to the shore. Claim that bottle, and three caves will appear along the edges of the vast open snowfield by Westdorf. Go into each of these three caves and fight the battles (all marked "Hard"). After each one, a Snowman will appear near the memorial site. Once all three Snowmen are there, talk to all three. You will learn that they are Sim-Ula-Crum, and for freeing their spirits, they thank you by sending down the Unda Elemental Weapon. Enjoy!

    Note: as with all of the special elemental weapons, the actual type of Unda weapon you get (Axe, Club, Longsword, et al) is random, though it may be determined by hidden tables calculating different factors about your party such as weapon levels or base statistics.

  • Acquire the elemental weapon of terra.

    This is arguably the easiest of the elemental weapons to obtain. Once you gain access to Marchiam Numadica, do the following: (1) enter the Sea Cave in the southwest region and complete the battle there; (2) enter Shaams' Cave along the northern wall and fight the battle(s) there; (3) five stone etchings will appear on the map, go around and read them to learn how to translate stuff; (4) return to the Sea Cave and answer the five questions correctly (Gio = Grant, Jes = Justice, Weak = Eleh, Sun = Arre, Evil = Beh), and the Terra Elemental Weapon will descend from the sky for you to pluck, alongside this trophy!

    Note: as with all of the special elemental weapons, the actual type of Terra weapon you get (Axe, Club, Longsword, et al) is random, though it may be determined by hidden tables calculating different factors about your party such as weapon levels or base statistics.

  • Acquire the elemental weapon of aes.

    The Aes weapon is a little time-consuming, but not particularly difficult. The entire quest takes place in the Northeast Boundary. First, before worrying about building mineshafts at Finemundi, talk to the fisherman. If asked to pray for a fish, go ahead and do that, and take it to Adamas' Shrine (hidden at first, revealed when talking to the NPC at the unknown city). If the fisherman prompts you for advice to go shallow or drag along the bottom, choose "drag along the bottom" and you'll get a special key. Next, you need to destroy the Glacier Wall. Depending on your character and chapter/scenario, this happens a variety of ways, but it always involves speaking with Luna, an imperial librarian in the small hut close to the Glacier Wall. With some talk, and sometimes requiring leaving the region and returning, you'll find bloody footprints and the glacier wall either partially or fully destroyed. Clear through all of that. In the next area is a ghost ship, which you need to clear (if you're already clearing it, say, for a Scarlet Shard, know you will need to clear it *again* with an Easy-Hard battle combination). In doing so, you will read a note suggesting that a special item is buried in the grounds of the Northeast Boundary. This is important to read before getting too far in the mining. Next, use the key to unlock the door to the far northeast, then inspect the giant fiend in the block of ice. Now, return to Finemundi and build at least five mines, one from each element. You can probably do up to 8, but more than that is excessive and may require additional unnecessary battles, depending on character and chapter/scenario. Now, fight battles either in the sources of spiritual energy, or if they are fiend-free, you can go north to the two enemies next to the frozen one, as they respawn infinitely. Fight battles until the newly excavated mines have their icons change to show the carts filled with material (this takes 5-8 battles to achieve). If all goes well, one of these will have the Bronze Heart in it instead of elemental ore. If that does not occur, be sure to retry all steps, and perhaps close all mines and re-open them. With Bronze Heart in hand, return to that frozen fiend and give it the Bronze Heart. The ice melts, you fight a big dragon, and after you win, it's Aes Elemental Weapon time!

    Note: as with all of the special elemental weapons, the actual type of Aes weapon you get (Axe, Club, Longsword, et al) is random, though it may be determined by hidden tables calculating different factors about your party such as weapon levels or base statistics.

  • Acquire the elemental weapon of natura.

    The Natura weapon is the most finnicky weapon to obtain. Its location is Hibernia, and the actions necessary to gain this weapon generally involve having the Sacred Grove fall to a corrupted version of the Sublime Spiritual of Natura. It appears that this can only occur during a Sigfrei chapter, and that it can never occur when the protagonist is Urpina (regardless of whether Elysed is in her party). One guaranteed way to get this weapon, however, is to play as Balmaint. Balmaint is forced through all Sigfrei scenarios, including the one in Hibernia. Balmaint is also the only character who can recruit Elysed and get the weapon. Play out the scenario naturally and Sigfrei will get his way. As the cut scene ends and you automatically move back to Kei, you will get a text box stating that you've obtained the Elemental Weapon of Natura even though you never saw it drop to the ground for you to pick up (as was the case with all other elemental weapons).

    Note: as with all of the special elemental weapons, the actual type of Natura weapon you get (Axe, Club, Longsword, et al) is random, though it may be determined by hidden tables calculating different factors about your party such as weapon levels or base statistics.

  • Visit all places the world has to offer.

    This trophy description is rather vague. Had this been a requirement to visit all fixed markers, or even all towns, that would be frustrating. However, all it takes to acquire this trophy is to visit all 20 regions in the world map, which you are probably going to do in every single playthrough. For newcomers, the province that is most easily missed is Marchiam Ria, as there is no clear exit toward it from other provinces, and there is no need to go there in many chapters/scenarios. To access Marchiam Ria, go to the town of Nipelo in Provincia Cerenaif and select the option to board a boat to another province. While the town of Zegna has a boat that takes you to Mare Ilfee, Nipelo has its own boat that takes you to the cove-like region that is Marchiam Ria. For a full list of the provinces, they can be found alongside the Scarlet Fiends in this handy table:


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