• Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10 (Platinum Difficulty thread)
  • Offline trophies:
    • PS3 and PS4: 21 (8 , 4 , 8 , 1 )
    • PS Vita: 20 (6 , 5 , 8 , 1 )
  • Online trophies: None
  • Online pass required?: N/A
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 3-5 hours (Estimated Time to Platinum thread)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 Rugby World Cup and 1 Custom Tournament (10 games total, though more may be required for clean up)
  • Number of missable trophies: N/A
  • Glitched trophies: no glitched trophies known
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, certain trophies must be earned on Hard difficulty so see the walkthrough below.
  • Do trophies stack?: N/A
  • Extra controller required?: Yes  Team Work requires two controllers (trophy not present in Vita list)
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A

Rugby World Cup 2015 is a sequel to Big Ben Interactive's Rugby 15 and its release was timed to coincide with the 2015 Rugby World Cup. The game is also unlicensed, meaning that although you will find all the familiar teams you will not find any players you recognise. If you have played Rugby 15, then you will know that the gameplay mechanics and graphics are not as good as other rugby titles. This game feels similarly sluggish and slow and the controls are sometimes non-responsive, so once again please factor this in when going for your trophies.

If you are unfamiliar with rugby video games or even rugby in general then please watch the video in this post for a brief overview of the rules. A glossary is also provided as you may not be familiar with many terms and expressions mentioned throughout the guide.

The Platinum for this game is very similar to that of Rugby 15 with the list being virtually identical. You will need to play the majority of your games on Hard difficulty which isn’t very challenging once you understand the mechanics of the game. You will need to play through the entire Rugby World Cup on Hard difficulty which will result in you earning the vast majority of the trophies in the game. Once you can win games on Hard, you will obtain the Platinum quite quickly with the only challenging aspect of the game is learning the mechanics. No trophies are missable in the game. 

  • All trophies can obtained in any order. The following walkthrough is a Guide, especially if you are unfamiliar with rugby games.
  • Unless otherwise stated, playing on Easy will make specific trophies a lot easier. There are a few that will require you to play on Hard difficulty, which is the hardest difficulty in the game.
  • Unless the trophy description states otherwise, playing as a high ranked team such New Zealand against a low ranked team such as Namibia will make all miscellaneous Hard related trophies much easier to obtain.
  • Most trophies can be obtained whilst playing a match with a short half length (such as 5 or 10 minutes) but if you are struggling to meet the requirements within this time frame, then set the match length to longer as trophies related to specific actions will unlock upon completion, you do not need to wait for the match to finish.
  • You can adjust player settings to improve a specific team. There is a reset feature for when you are finished and need to reset any adjustments you have made. From the main menu go: Options > Edit Playerand choose the team you wish to adjust. Now select the player you wish to adjust and under Attributes, move their skills for each attribute.
  • If you are losing the match you can completely quit the game and load the tournament up (make sure you select continue) to replay the match from the beginning. Unlike in Rugby 15, rage quitting will not affect the Winning Streak trophy.
  • Unlike in Rugby 15 you cannot simulate matches. Unfortunately, you will need to actually play through and win each match in Rugby World Cup and Custom Cup modes.

Step 1 (optional): Familiarising yourself with controls and gameplay

Even if you are familiar with rugby games or rugby in general, it is recommended you play a friendly match to familiarise yourself with the controls and gameplay mechanics. Alternatively have a quick look at the Tutorial section on the main menu of the screen. You may unlock some trophies from steps during this introductory match.

Step 2: RWC 2015 on Hard as a team that is not New Zealand

During this step you will obtain the majority of the trophies in the game. As a team that is not New Zealand, play through the Rugby World Cup on hard difficulty whilst scoring as many points with a single player as possible for the  New Tries Record and the  New Points Record trophy. To make getting at least 127 points and 9 tries during the whole World Cup easier we recommend scoring with the person who takes the conversions, usually the number 10 (though you will need to double check this). You should also try to get 5 conversions or penalties in a row for the  Place Kick Perfection trophy as well as 10 tries in a single match for  Try Haul. Your main aim is to get maximum points in the pool stage and ultimately to win the World Cup.

During the World Cup finals stage, you will likely play against New Zealand because they are the best team in the game. They are the only international team that is rated above 90 by default and beating them will unlock you the Serious Rugger trophy. If you play the World Cup as New Zealand (or do not end up playing against them) then you will have to play an extra friendly match against them.

By the end of this step you should unlock the following trophies:

 First Try
 Break On Through
 Bonus Worthy
 Place Kick Perfection
 Serious Rugger
 Try Haul
 World Champions
 Maximum Points
 New Tries Record
 New Points Record

Step 3: Custom Cup on hard mode

You need to win at least 10 matches against the CPU on Hard for  Winning Streak. If you have followed Step 1 and won every match in the World Cup on hard then you will already have 7 wins in a row. From the main menu, go to Custom Cup and create a tournament with 20 teams and make it so that there are 5 pools with 4 teams in each with no playoffs. This means you only have to play 3 games. Playing through and winning each game on hard (with a large score) will net you maximum pool points, and if you have the most points (and best points for/points against differential in the case of a tie) you will win the Custom Cup.

By the end of this step you should unlock the following trophies:

 Winning Streak

Step 3: Miscellaneous trophies

Although it is possible to unlock everything in a minimum of 10 games (7 for the Rugby World Cup and 3 for the Custom Cup), there may be a few miscellaneous trophies that have not naturally unlocked from the previous steps. None of these pose much of a challenge once you are familiar with the game. These miscellaneous trophies will likely come through natural gameplay, but some may require some effort, such as Serial Pest . We recommend Friendly matches because they are the easiest to set up.

By the end of this step you should unlock the following trophies:

 With The Breeze
 Big Touch Finder
 Team Work 
(this trophy is not present in the Vita list)
 Long Droppie
 100 Metre Dash
 Best Behaviour
 Ruck Raider
 Serial Pest
 Trophy Tackler

[PST Would Like to Thank dcollins22 for this Roadmap]

Rugby World Cup 2015 Trophy Guide

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21 trophies ( 1  )

  • Earn all Bronze, Silver and Gold Trophies

    Once you have earnt all other trophies in the game, then you will unlock the Platinum trophy. Congratulations .

  • Score a try

    This will likely be the first trophy you unlock. To score a try, you must cross into the other team's goal line and touch the ball down by pressing either  or . The easiest way to score a try is to give the ball to your backline (numbers 9 to 15) and run around the outside of the other team's players. We suggest playing on Easy difficulty and playing as a team with a high rank such as New Zealand against a team with a low rank, such as Namibia. Another tip is to run with the ball towards the opposition and offload (pass the ball) before you are tackled to the ground. Passing before you are completely tackled will save you from having to constantly win back the ball at the rucks. This trophy will unlock shortly after you have scored the try.

  • Run and score a try directly after breaking out of a tackle, vs CPU (Hard)

    For this trophy you must break through a tackle and score a try whilst playing on Hard difficulty. Breaking through a tackle simply means that a player on the opposite team tries to tackle you but they are unsuccessful and you keep on running with the ball. There is no specific way to break through a tackle, and there are no buttons that help you do so. It is completely random, but luckily enough it happens very often. Just be sure to play as a high ranked team, such as New Zealand, against a low ranked team, such as Namibia. This will help you break through tackles as your players will be stronger and tougher than the opposition. This trophy will unlock shortly after you have scored the try.

  • Score four tries in a match, vs CPU (Hard)

    You must score 4 tries in a match against the CPU while playing on Hard.
    See First Try  and Break On Through  for tips on how to score tries. Playing as a high ranked team, such as New Zealand, against a low ranked team, such as Namibia, will make this easier. 

  • Score a penalty goal or conversion from 55+ metres, vs CPU (Hard)

    A penalty goal and a conversion involve kicking the ball off the ground between the goal posts and over the cross bar. A penalty goal can be awarded when the opposite team gives away a penalty and a conversion is awarded when you score a try. You must obtain one of the two from a distance of 55+ metres whilst playing against any opponent CPU team on Hard difficulty.

    Out of the two options, this trophy is easiest obtained from a conversion as you can choose the distance between where you kick the ball to the goal posts, where as a penalty goal can only be kicked from where you obtained a penalty. Once you score a try (scoring directly under the posts will make it easier) and are choosing the distance for your conversion, you will notice a distance indicator in the top right of the screen. Make sure this is at 55 metres before you take your kick. When taking a kick at goal you will need to factor in the wind speed and direction (represented in the top right corner of the screen), as well as the power of your kick. 

    An alternative way to obtain this trophy is to give away a penalty at least 55 metres out (hands in the ruck is an easy one) and then quickly switch teams. You can choose from various options (such as run, kick, punt or scrum) but choose to kick for goal. If you successfully kick the penalty you will unlock this trophy. You can them swap sides again. Be aware, however, that swapping sides may interrupt your progress for other trophies.


    • When kicking the ball you need to pull back on  and once the meter at the bottom of the screen reaches the top in the green area you need to push forward forward on . The direction in which you push forward will affect the direction and trajectory of the ball.
    • Play as a high ranked team as they will have a more accurate and powerful kicker, such as New Zealand.
    • Turn wind to Random or High before starting the match as having the wind behind your back will greatly help in kicking the ball the required distance.
    • You can give away a penalty (hands in the ruck or not releasing the ball are easy ones) and then quickly switch teams so that you are the one taking the kick and not the computer. Be aware, however, that switching teams may reset the progress for other trophies.
  • Score on 5 place kick attempts in a row during a match, vs CPU (Hard)

     place quick is required when you either score a try and are going for a conversion, or are attempting a penalty goal. For this trophy you must successfully score 5 place kicks (conversion and/or penalty goals) in a row without missing whilst playing on Hard difficulty against the CPU. Kicking a goal involves the use of the . You pull back  to start the kick meter and then push forward  when the meter is in the green area. The direction you move  will determine the direction the ball will travel. There is no difference in the mechanics of place kicking between Hard and the lower difficulties. The challenge lies in having sufficient time and skill to score 5 tries and have 5 place kick attempts.


    • Score your tries as close to the goal posts as possible to make each kick considerably easier.
    • Turn wind off at the menu screen before starting the match as this will reduce the difficulty of each of your kicks.
    • Play as a high ranked team against a low ranked team to ensure that you score plenty of tries so you will have 5 place kick attempts.
    • Set the half length to at least 10 minutes to ensure sufficient time to score 5 tries.
  • Punt into touch for a territorial gain of 50+ metres

    For this trophy you must kick the ball into touch (over the sideline) 50+ metres from your current location. In order to kick the ball you must hold down  and position your player with the  to face the location or direction in which you want to kick the ball. The easiest way to obtain this trophy is in the freeplay section of Tutorial mode. Simply hold down  to kick the ball down the field so that it rolls into touch. Another way is when the opposite team kicks off to you or when you recover the ball following them kicking during play, because you have plenty of time and space to position yourself for the kick. The best players to kick the ball with are the flyhalf (number 10) or the fullback (number 15).


    You must actually gain at least 50 metres of territory. What this means is that the ball must not go into touch on the full if the breakdown begins outside your own 22 metre zone. If the breakdown is outside it must land in the field of play and then bounce into touch. If you kick the ball out on the full outside of your 22, you will not gain any metres because play will go back to where you kicked the ball from.

  • Successful lineout throw by human-controlled players on same team


    Please note that this trophy does not exist for the PS Vita; it is for PS4 and PS3 only as the PS Vita does not support multiple local players. You will need two controllers in order to obtain this trophy

    A lineout is a set move that occurs when the ball is either kicked or carried over the sideline. When playing with two controllers, one player will be throwing the ball in and the other will be jumping in the lineout to catch it. This can easily be done with you controlling both controllers. Simply press  to throw the ball in with one control and then press  ( for PS Vita) with the other controller to jump and catch it. You must successfully throw the ball and catch it to unlock the trophy. If you throw it in and either mistime the jump and miss the ball or the opponent team wins the lineout then you will not unlock the trophy. We advise playing on Easy difficulty because the opposing team are unlikely to jump and contest for the ball, which makes winning the lineout much easier.

  • Score a drop goal from 40+ metres

    In order to perform a drop goal you press and hold  whilst aiming the kick at the goal posts. In order to aim your kick simply point the  in the direction you wish the ball to travel. There is no arrow indicator on screen, you can only judge by the direction in which the player is moving/facing. Furthermore, the longer you hold  the more power your kick will have and thus the further the kick will go. For this trophy you must obtain a drop goal from 40+ metres.

    When going for a drop goal you will need to have adequate space and time to execute the kick. If defending players are close by then they will tackle you before you get a chance to kick the ball. As such the best method of performing a drop goal is to run around the entire team and once clear of defenders line yourself up with the goal post running straight towards it and hold . Just make sure that you are at least 40 metres from the goal posts and that you are controlling a player that is good at kicking, such as the scrumhalf (number 9), flyhalf (number 10) or the fullback (number 15). If the ball successfully goes over the cross bar between the goal posts then the trophy will unlock.

  • Score a try after running the ball directly from behind your own goal line

    For this trophy you must score a try by running the full length of the field. This is from your own goal line to the other team's goal line. This is most easily done on Easy difficulty whilst playing as a top ranked team such as New Zealand against a low ranked team such as Namibia. This will ensure your players do not get tired and slow down and that you have a greater chance of breaking through tackles. Another opportunity for this is when the opposition attempts a penalty kick but misses. You can run with the player who catches the ball around the opposition (we recommend giving yourself a lot of space so that you do not risk being tackled) from your in-goal area to the opposition's. This trophy will unlock shortly after you have scored the try.

    If you are having trouble you can follow this method:

    • Obtain the ball and run back into your own goal area.
    • Pass the ball whilst in your goal area ( +  for PS3 and PS4 and  +  for PS Vita) to one of the faster players, such as the wingers (numbers 11 and 14) or the fullback (number 15).
    • Run towards the sideline to get around the other team players and run towards the opposite end of the field.
    • Once you reach the opponent team's goal area press  or  to score a try.


    In order for the trophy to count the player in which you score the try with must obtain the ball whilst in your own goal area. You cannot run back into your goal area and then run back out, therefore you should start from a breakdown near your own goal line.

  • Do not concede any penalty infringements in a match

    You must not concede any penalties during a match. You do not have to win the match, and you can play on any difficulty you like. We advise playing on Easy and setting the half lengths to 5 minutes because the shorter the game, the less time you have to potentially concede a penalty. Please refer to Serial Pest for a list of ways in which penalties can be given in the game. Just be sure to avoid performing these throughout the match. This trophy will unlock at the end of the match.

  • Win 5 ruck turnovers in a match, vs CPU (Hard)

    In order to win a ruck turnover you must be the defending team and tackle the opposition player. Once a ruck has formed you must then win possession of the ball. To do this you need quickly push forward against the opposing team. This can be done by pushing forward on the  on the PS3 and PS4 ( for PS Vita). We found that pushing completely forward on the  wasn’t very successful. It is best to lightly push  forward until the controller starts to vibrate and then keep it that position.

    Once the meter next to the ruck turns green you must then press  (or ) to win the ball and take possession of it (see below screenshot). If you take too long the opposition will keep possession of the ball. Alternatively, if you are too quick and press  (or ) before the meter is green (when it is red or yellow) you will penalised and the opposing team will receive a penalty. After winning a ruck turnover, simply give the ball back to the opposing team by kicking it and repeat it again. Once you have successfully won 5 ruck turnovers the trophy will unlock.

  • Win a match against an international team rated 90+, vs CPU (Hard)

    This will likely be one of the the more difficult trophies in the game. However, you should not have any troubles with it once you are familiar with the gameplay mechanics. New Zealand is the only team in the game that has a ranking of 90+. As such, you must play and defeat them on Hard difficulty. Feel free to use whatever team you like but we suggest playing as South Africa, Australia or Ireland since they are the next highest ranked teams. It does not matter what length you set the match to but to ensure that you give yourself plenty of time to score points, we suggest setting the half lengths to 10 minutes.


    • Keep possession of the ball. By holding on to the ball, you will limit the possibility of the other team scoring points.
    • Do not give away penalties. The opposition team will kick penalty goals from anywhere in your half which will award them with 3 easy points.
    • Contest every breakdown. Get the ball out of the ruck as quick as you can to reduce the chance of the opposition stealing it.
    • Keep passing the ball. You can pretty much pass the ball to anyone in your team just before you are about to get tackled and you will keep moving forward. Just press  and  ( for PS Vita) in the direction you want to pass. Keeping the ball alive in this manner will reduce the number of breakdowns and the potential for the opposing team to take control of the ball.
  • Score 10 tries in a match, vs CPU (Hard) (5 or 10 min halves)


    You must score 10 tries in a match against the CPU while playing on Hard with 5 or 10 minute halves. See First Try and Break On Through for tips on how to score tries. Playing as a high ranked team, such as New Zealand, against a low ranked team, such as Namibia, will make this easier.

  • Win 10 matches in a row, vs CPU (Hard) as the lead controller

    For this trophy you must win 10 consecutive matches on Hard difficulty against the CPU. You do not need to attain all 10 wins in one sitting, you can quit the game or turn off the system and continue next time you play. It does not matter what length of game you play. For time's sake though, we suggest playing on 5 minute halves. Furthermore, playing as a high ranked team, such as New Zealand, against a low ranked team, such as Namibia, will ensure you have the highest possibility of winning the match. 

    It is best to do this when you play the Rugby World Cup mode as playing all games in this competition and winning will result in you having 7 wins (see World Champions), then just play Custom Cup for the remaining 3 wins (see Customary). Your current winning streak is displayed in the top right corner of the screen at the main menu.

  • Play through and win the RWC 2015 mode, vs CPU (Hard) as lead controller

    The Rugby World Cup is a competition between 20 international teams. It comprises a pool stage, followed by knockout quarter finals, semi finals and then the final. In order to unlock this trophy you must play through the entire Rugby World Cup on Hard difficulty and win. This will involve playing a total of 7 matches. You can set the difficulty and length of each match before you start so make sure you have selected Hard before starting each match. We suggest playing as a high ranked team to make winning the competition much easier. For general tips for winning a match on Hard difficulty, please see the Serious Rugger trophy. Once you have won the final of the Rugby World Cup the trophy will unlock.

    Unfortunately you cannot simulate the entire tournament and win and unlock the trophy. You must play the entire tournament from start to finish. This is not a problem though as playing each game is necessary for unlocking the Maximum PointsNew Tries Record and the New Points Record trophies.

  • Earn 20 pool stage points in the RWC 2015 mode, vs CPU (Hard) as lead controller

    In the RWC there are 5 teams within each pool. As such you have 4 games in which to accumulate 20 points. Each win will net you 4 points and you can earn a single bonus point if your score at least 4 tries in the match. As such you will need to win all 4 pool games with a bonus point to net a total of 20 points. Once you finish the fourth pool match with a bonus point you will unlock the trophy.

    General tips:

    • Extend the length of the halves to allow more time to score tries.
    • Play as a high ranked team to make the games easier.
  • Score 9+ tries in the RWC 2015 mode with a rugby player, vs CPU (Hard) as lead controller

    For this trophy you must score at least 9 tries with a single player over the course of the entire Rugby World Cup tournament. You don't need to score all tries within a single match, your progress is cumulative across all games in the World Cup. There are a total of 7 games in the RWC if you make it to the final. As such there is plenty of opportunity to score 9 tries with a single player. It is best to go for this trophy in conjunction with the New Points Record trophy. As such, it is best to use the goal kicker as the player you want to score the 9 tries with. This is usually the number 10 but you will need to check this.

    General tips:

    • Focus on scoring tries with the one player as opposed to different players.
    • Extend the length of halves of each match to allow more time to score tries.
  • Score 127+ points in the RWC 2015 mode with a rugby player, vs CPU (Hard) as lead controller

    For this trophy you need to score a total of at least 127 points with a single player across the entire Rugby World Cup competition. You do not need to score these points within a single game, your progress is cumulative across all games in the RWC. There are a maximum of 7 games that can be played in the RWC if you make it to the final. It is best to combine this trophy with the New Tries Record trophy.

    Points are awarded as following within a rugby match:

    Try - 5 points
    Conversion - 2 points
    Penalty Goal - 3 points
    Field / Drop Goal - 3 points

    General Tips:

    • Score as many of your tries with the kicker of your team.
    • Score your tries as close to the goal posts as possible as this will make your conversions much easier.
    • Set the wind to none to make goal kicking easier.
    • Extend the length of halves, especially against the easier teams, as it is easier to score more points against the lower ranked teams.
  • Create and win a competition in Custom Cup featuring 20 teams or more

    In order to set up a Custom Cup select the Custom Cup option from the main menu. The only settings you want to take note of are the number of teams (minimum 20). Make sure you select a high ranked team as the human controlled team. You will need to play through every game in the tournament and not simulate any matches. If you simulate a match you will not be able to unlock the trophy. Once you have completed the Custom Cup the trophy will unlock.


Secret trophies

  • Get awarded two yellow and/or red cards in a match

    Players in your team will be awarded a yellow card (10 minutes in the sin bin) or a red card (sent off for the game) for giving away multiple penalties throughout the match. You must be awarded one of each or two yellow cards within a single match. It does not have to be the same player that gets awarded the card, your team just needs to be awarded any two during the course of a single match. A penalty can be awarded for various infringements in the game, including:

    • Being offside at the breakdown. A yellow line in line with the ball at the breakdown will indicate if your players (or the opposition's) are over the offside line. 

      The following image shows the location of the offside line:

    • Having hands in the ruck - in order to be penalised for having hands in the ruck, you must press  (for PS Vita) at the breakdown before your team has gained control of the ball, i.e. before the meter has turned green.
    • Purposefully collapsing the maul or scrum (by pressing  during a maul or scrum)
    • Tackling a player who does not have possession of the ball

    Unfortunately, there is no specific or consistent infringement that will award you with a yellow or red card. As such, this trophy requires a decent amount of luck. What you will want to do is repeatedly give away penalties throughout the entire match and hope the referee awards you a yellow or red card. To make this slightly easier, we suggest setting the half lengths to a minimum of 10 minutes. This should ensure an adequate amount of time to receive the two yellow and/or red cards. This trophy will unlock once you have been awarded the appropriate number and coloured cards.

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