Offload King Trophy in Rugby League Live

  • Offload King


    Perform 1000 Offloads

    How to unlock Offload King

    This is another time consuming trophy. To perform an offload, you must get tackled by only one player and press or . The ball can either be caught cleanly, be caught badly or hit the ground. The game only counts an offload as when the ball is caught cleanly.

    There is a few glitches in the game that can help you with this trophy.
    • Offload and punt the ball. Catch the punt for another offload.
    • Offload and score a try. Catch the kick off for another offload.
    • Offload, kick the ball into the opposition's goal and tackle them. Catch the drop kick for another offload.

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  • Use the all star team turn of all penalties. Im getting around 20 a game on 10 minutes

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