Golden Handshake Trophy in Rugby League Live 2

  • Golden Handshake


    Complete a 10 year career.

    How to unlock Golden Handshake

    This trophy will take you the longest to complete, at least 350 hours (there are about 35/36 games per year). Just keep playing matches. The more you win, the better off you'll be. The only real problem with this trophy is you need to have money left in your budget at the end of each season. Refer to "Profitable" for more details on budgets.

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  • so your going to have to play about 300 games?
  • Anybody know if you have to play a 10yr career, or are you able to sim the matches?
  • For this trophy you obviously have to play a 10 year career and you can't simulate any games. For this trophy you have to be very patient and I suggest you don't score too much tries as it is time comsuming.
  • on which difficulty did u complete this 1 ?
  • Amature

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