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    Win the Dally M or Man of Steel award in an NRL or Super League season in Career mode.

    This trophy requires you to win the Player of the Year award. It really isn't as hard as it sounds. Each match, a player gets voted the man of match and gets points for the effort. After each round, you can check the current leaderboard for the Dally M medal. Scroll left to Records, then Press to scroll between pages.

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  • Does this have to be your created player, or just a member of your team?
  • With any player win the Dally M or Man of Steel award in a Nrl or Super League season in Career Mode. I suggest scoring lots of tries and points with the player to boost Dally M points.
  • I played 2 seasons in a row and won this both times...didn't get the reward tho? Although i did sim a couple of the games, would that have affected it? because i also won the comp and didn't get the trophy for winning the nrl either.

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