Marathon Man Trophy in Rugby League Live 2

  • Marathon Man


    Score a 85+ metre try on Legend difficulty.

    How to unlock Marathon Man

    This trophy is a real pain. You have to receive the ball on your 10 metre line and score at the other end,. This trophy can only be done on Legend difficulty, (Casual > Selects Teams > Match Setting > Select Legend). I would suggest you play with the following teams - Brisbane vs. Crusaders {Championship 1 team}. Depending on which team starts, you need to receive the ball first, and then run the ball along the sideline, fending and break tackles as needed. Once in clear space, hold to run faster. It doesn't matter where you score, as long as you score. Don't worry too much about converting, if you made it your trophy should have just unlocked. If not, keep retrying.

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  • Once again make a team with 17 created players. Make their ability 0%. CHange difficulty to Legendary and then play. You have to score a try from behind your 15m line and run 85m + and score to get this trophy.

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