Hero of the Moment Trophy in Rugby League Live 2

  • Hero of the Moment


    Perform a try-saving tackle close to the try line.

    How to unlock Hero of the Moment

    I highly suggest doing this trophy in Casual mode. When defending on your try line, make a last ditch effort try-saver. Basically, be the only tackler that can stop the player. Press to perform a tackle. If done successfully, the trophy will ping while you're getting up from the tackle.

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  • Wait for the opposition player to come close to your try line and tackle them short and you will get this one.
  • I've saved like 10 sets of 6's close to the line and yet still cant unlock it ? any tips or ideas ?
  • when their ingoal tackle them back in the field of play, tackle them out or make them held up.
  • This one is driving me crazy! Did it take u long?
  • Nup it took not long at all
  • Took me a while to get this one but finally did. It was a pain in the ass

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