On a String Trophy in Rugby League Live 2

  • On a String


    Score a try from a grubber.

    How to unlock On a String

    This trophy can be glitchy (if you kick a grubber too close to the try line it will not pop), however it still unlocks. This can be done in either Career or Casual modes. I would suggest doing this one in Casual mode, as you will need to practice this a few times. How I did mine was to break the line and about 15 metres from the try line, pushed and held . Once charged enough to reach the in-goal area, you should be able to score. (As I said before, you will need to practice your grubber kicks for a little while before you will be able to do this one).

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  • My suggestion is that you make a break and do a little grubber, regather and simply score.

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