- Estimated Trophy Difficulty: 8/10 (Depends on difficulty you choose) (Official Difficulty Rating)
- Offline: 35 (1, 4, 10, 20)
- Online: 1 (1)
- Missable trophies: None, Retry in Casual mode or new Career
- Glitchy Trophies: One, "On a String", Refer to guide.
- Does difficulty effect trophies: Yes, 3 trophies need to be done in Legend: "Donuts", "A Thumping" and "Marathon Man"
- Minimum number of Playthroughs: 10 season career mode.
- Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 350+ hours (Not Counting Online).

Road Map

Rugby League Live 2 is the second rugby league game to Trublu's franchise and takes a much more in-depths look at the career of the NRL player. The games has a massive 10-Year Career Mode; you can sign sponsors, hire top flight coaching staff, negotiate player contracts and set player training programs to build the ultimate team.

Step 1 – Career Mode
As with most games, you might as well start with Career mode; "Golden Handshake" is the longest trophy of this game. There are quite a few other trophies that also unlock in Career mode. Refer to the guide below for each trophy, though when playing Career keep in mind that you need to make a profit every yearfor "Profitable", or your career ends.

Step 2 – Legend Difficulty
There are three trophies to obtain in this step. "Donuts", "A Thumping" and "Marathon Man", best achieved in Casual mode. Please refer to the trophy descriptions for further details.

Step 3 – Online
Even though this is Step 3, you can play online as soon as you think you're ready. There is only one online trophy, "Tech Head", which shouldn't take more than ten to twenty minutes to complete. If you're having trouble, ask a friend to help you out or try out the Official Boosting Thread.

Step 4 – Clean Up
You may or may not need this step, basically just complete the remaining trophies that you haven't been completed yet. All miscellaneous trophies can be achieved in Casual mode. Information on each trophy is below in the main guide.

[PS3T would like to thank simpgraus and haig84 for this Road Map]

Rugby League Live 2 Trophy Guide

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36 trophies ( 10  21  )

  • Complete all Trophies.

  • Create a player in the Footy Factory.

    Scroll right on the main menu and you will see Footy Factory. Select it, then Player Creator, then enter the player details and Save and Exit. Your trophy will unlock a few seconds later.

  • Win a match using manual player-switching.

    Select Casual Mode, then push (user options, it's at the bottom center of screen). Scroll the player selection option until you select manual, then click Advance and simply win the match. Player selection buttons are and . Once you have unlocked the trophy, use the same method above to change it back.

  • Win a video-referee decision in a Ranked Online match.

    This is the only online trophy in the game. The task is simple: challenge someone and try and score a try, 80% of try attempts go to video referee. If you are awarded the try, this trophy will unlock. However if unsuccessful, simply try again. You will get it sooner of later.

  • Win a match.

    This trophy can be done in two ways, either in Career or Casual modes. You will unlock this one without trying, most likely the first trophy you unlock. Simply win a match by score more points than your computer opponent.

  • Win a match in extra time.

    This trophy can be done in two ways, either in Career or Casual modes. I would suggest doing this one in Casual mode, that way if you mess up, you can just try again. This time you need to be the same score at the 80th minute, you will then go into extra time. Once in extra time, simply score a point. I would highly recommend you try to do "Cool as a Cucumber" at the same time.

  • Score a try from a grubber.

    This trophy can be glitchy (if you kick a grubber too close to the try line it will not pop), however it still unlocks. This can be done in either Career or Casual modes. I would suggest doing this one in Casual mode, as you will need to practice this a few times. How I did mine was to break the line and about 15 metres from the try line, pushed and held . Once charged enough to reach the in-goal area, you should be able to score. (As I said before, you will need to practice your grubber kicks for a little while before you will be able to do this one).

  • Score 10 tries in a match.

    This trophy can be done in two ways, either in Career or Casual modes, you should be able to do this in 10 minute matches. Very simple trophy, just break tackles and fend your way (Fend is ), and score ten tries. "Sharp Shooter" can be done at the same time.

  • Score a field goal from 30 metres out from the try line.

    Highly suggest doing this one in Casual mode. It will take a bit of luck to get this one. How I did mine was I ran up to the 30 metre line and got tackled, passed the ball and then held for power. Your field goal kicker need to be almost dead front and outside the 30 zone. (Takes a bit of practice but is possible).

  • Have a 100% conversion rate from 5 conversion attempts in a match.

    This trophy can be done in two ways, either in Career or Casual modes. You should be trying to do this trophy with "Unstoppable". All you need to do is score five tries and convert them, very easy if you score under the posts. Once you have five, the trophy will unlock.

  • Convert a try from the sideline.

    This trophy can be done in two ways, either in Career or Casual modes. This one requires you to score a try in the corner next to either sideline, then kick the goal from the sideline. My tip is to kick it from no more than 20 metres out, and to use the wind for help. You will most likely need to have a few practice shots, as sometimes the angles can be a little hard.

  • Force the opposition to play 65% or more in their defensive half.

    Very simple trophy that you will most likely get one without noticing, you unlock this one by simply playing as much of the game in your opponent half. Score a few tries and you will have the 65% target.

  • Convert a try with a forward.

    Before you score a try push start and go to Team Manager > Assign roles > select a forward as the kicker. Back out, then score a try under or near the posts. If done correctly, the player you selected will have the shot at goals. Kick the goal, and if you selected a forward, this trophy will unlock.

  • Intercept 3 passes in a match.

    For this trophy, it's best to try and earn it via Casual mode. The score doesn't matter; you just need to be ready to intercept three passes. To intercept a pass, you need to be in the attacking line when the ball is passed, then run into a gap - if you're lucky, they might pass you the ball (you will know if you get the ball, as the camera will change around).

  • Complete 7 passes or more in a single tackle phase.

    You will need to do this on Easy difficulty. Simply done in Casual mode, just keep passing the ball using or .

  • Kick a 40/20.

    This will take some practice. Getting a kick off is not easy, even on Casual mode. A good method is to have the wind in your favour, place a kick inside your 40 metre line, then place the kick to their 25 metre line. Doing this, you'll want to try to make the ball bounce to go over the sideline past their 20 metre line.

  • Tackle the ball carrier into touch.

    This trophy is not that hard to obtain. You will first need the opposition to be holding the ball near the sideline, then select your closest player to the ball carrier using or and tackle him over the sideline.

  • Tackle the ball carrier in their defensive try area.

    Not too hard to achieve, place a grubber kick using on or just in their try line. Let the opposition pick the ball up, then tackle the ball carrier in the goal area - this will cause a line drop out.

  • Perform a try-saving tackle close to the try line.

    I highly suggest doing this trophy in Casual mode. When defending on your try line, make a last ditch effort try-saver. Basically, be the only tackler that can stop the player. Press to perform a tackle. If done successfully, the trophy will ping while you're getting up from the tackle.

  • Perform 10 offloads to receivers in a match.

    This trophy is obtained by passing the ball to a team mate while being tackled. Just as they start to tackle you, press or depending on what side your team member is closest to. You will know when you do it correctly; the commentary will say something like "offload in the tackle" or "a one hand offload". Just complete ten in a match and this trophy is yours.

  • Successfully evade 3 tackles in a row on Veteran difficulty.

    For this trophy, select Casual mode, then select Veteran difficulty, and when you get the ball, try and fend/break three breaks. You will mostly get two breaks without much trouble, its the third one you need to time right. If you did it correctly, the trophy should pop within five seconds of the last evade.

  • Get a completion rate of 80% or more in a match.

    This trophy is easily completed by holding the ball and not making any mistakes (i.e knocks ons). A hand over counts as a completion, as does a kick.

  • Win the World Club Challenge in Career mode.

    There are two ways to do this trophy, the quick way or the long way. It's up to you.

    The quick way is to create a second career, and then choose Manly Sea Eagles. The very first game you play is the world club challenge, just win and this trophy is yours. Alternatively, you can take the long way, which requires you to complete a one career season. After you have won the Grand Final, start year 2, then you will be able to play the world club challenge. Just win that.

  • Turn a profit every year in Career mode.

    This trophy requires you to complete 10 seasons and make a profit, which is easier then it sounds. You have a yearly sponsor and your club cost depends on the team and players you sign, simply sign a deal worth more than what you have to play the players; don't just expect your bonus to help. Plan it so that if you don't get the bonus you'll still make a profit.

  • Win an NRL or Super League Premiership.

    This trophy is unlocked by winning the Grand Final in Career mode. Refer to "Flawless Victory" for more details.

  • Keep the opposition scoreless in a match on Legend difficulty.

    This trophy is the easiest of the Legend trophies. In match settings, you need to select a Casual Mode Game > Select Teams > Select Legend. Start a match and don't let your opponent score any points, you will however need to score at least one point for the trophy to unlock.

    Please Note: A Zero all (0 - 0) Score will not unlock this trophy.

  • Win a match by more than 25 points on Legend difficulty.

    This trophy is a huge pain, you need to score more than 25 points and hold your opponent at zero. If they score, you need to score 25 points more than they do. I would recommend you play this in Casual mode with Brisbane vs. Crusaders {Championship 1 team}. You're best off selecting a 20 minute match to give yourself enough time to score enough points.

    Please Note: This trophy will take quite a bit of practice.

  • Win 3 consecutive matches with 1 team in an NRL or Super League Season.

    You will more than likely unlock this one without trying, while playing Career mode simply win three matches in a row. There really isn't anything to this trophy.

  • Kick a field goal to take the lead with 5 minutes left on the clock.

    This trophy is easily done in a Casual game, just play out a scoreless match (i.e. 0 - 0), the game will then go into extra time. When you're close enough to the goal poles, have a shot - it doesn't matter when you do this, as the extra time is only 5 minutes long , so doing it in extra time you will unlock this trophy.

    Please Note: Remember to have extra time on in Match Settings.

  • Score a 85+ metre try on Legend difficulty.

    This trophy is a real pain. You have to receive the ball on your 10 metre line and score at the other end,. This trophy can only be done on Legend difficulty, (Casual > Selects Teams > Match Setting > Select Legend). I would suggest you play with the following teams - Brisbane vs. Crusaders {Championship 1 team}. Depending on which team starts, you need to receive the ball first, and then run the ball along the sideline, fending and break tackles as needed. Once in clear space, hold to run faster. It doesn't matter where you score, as long as you score. Don't worry too much about converting, if you made it your trophy should have just unlocked. If not, keep retrying.

  • Successfully kick a conversion/goal kick that hits the post.

    This trophy is based on luck, but there is a method. Play a Casual match, and under Match Settings, change the stadium to Etihad Stadium. You will first need to score a try before you can attempt this once. Then when you get to kick for goal, aim towards the upper right using the . If you fail, simply try again.

  • Score a hat trick of tries with one player.

    A very simple trophy, score three tries with the same player in one game. You will mostly likely be able to get this one when going for "Unstoppable".

  • Score a try in the first set of tackles after another try has been scored.

    You will most likely earn this trophy in Career mode without even trying. To unlock this trophy, you need to score a try and straight after the restart, score another try within 5 tackles. Very easy on Easy difficulty.

  • Win the Dally M or Man of Steel award in an NRL or Super League season in Career mode.

    This trophy requires you to win the Player of the Year award. It really isn't as hard as it sounds. Each match, a player gets voted the man of match and gets points for the effort. After each round, you can check the current leaderboard for the Dally M medal. Scroll left to Records, then Press to scroll between pages.

  • Complete a 10 year career.

    This trophy will take you the longest to complete, at least 350 hours (there are about 35/36 games per year). Just keep playing matches. The more you win, the better off you'll be. The only real problem with this trophy is you need to have money left in your budget at the end of each season. Refer to "Profitable" for more details on budgets.

  • With 1 team go through an NRL or Super League season without conceding a loss.

    You can easily complete this trophy in your very first career season; all you need to do is make sure you don't lose a game. Just win all games you play in season 1. There are about 35 matches to win.

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