With The Breeze Trophy in Rugby 15

  • With The Breeze


    Score a penalty goal or conversion from 55+ metres, vs CPU (Hard)

    How to unlock With The Breeze

    A penalty goal and a conversion involve kicking the ball off the ground between the goal posts and over the cross bar. A penalty goal can be awarded when the opposite team gives away a penalty and a conversion is awarded when you score a try. You must obtain one of the two from a distance of 55+ metres whilst playing against any opponent CPU team on Hard difficulty.

    Out of the two options, this trophy is easiest obtained from a conversion as you can choose the distance between where you kick the ball to the goal posts, where as a penalty goal can only be kicked from where you obtained a penalty.

    Once you score a try and are choosing the distance for your conversion, you will notice a distance indicator in the top right of the screen. Make sure this is at 55 metres before you take your kick. When taking a kick at goal you will need to factor in the wind speed and direction (represented in the top right corner of the screen), as well as the power of your kick.


    • When kicking the ball you need to pull back on and once the meter at the bottom of the screen reaches the top in the green area you need to push forward forward on . The direction in which you push forward will affect the direction and trajectory of the ball.
    • Play as a high ranked team as they will have a more accurate kicker, such as New Zealand.
    • Turn wind to Random or High before starting the match as having the wind behind your back will greatly help in kicking the ball the required distance.

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